The Middle-Age of Aquarius

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  1. Early American Historiography at the Dawning of the Age of Aquarius
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  3. The Middle Age Of Aquarius by David Samson, Hardcover | Barnes & Noble®
  4. The Middle Age Of Aquarius

In March, she wrote, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez shared her birth time with the astrologer Arthur Lipp-Bonewits, who then shared her birth chart with the world, creating an online sensation. There is now a plethora of guidebooks for how to use astrology and witchcraft to advance left-wing causes. The first need is simply to find a way to be spiritual.

Early American Historiography at the Dawning of the Age of Aquarius

People are always saying we live in a more secular age, but secularism never really comes. Humans are transcendent creatures who have spiritual experiences and instinctively appeal to supernatural powers. Even in the most secular parts of society, there is great and unfulfilled spiritual yearning. Second, there is a widespread need to slow down, to escape the pace of life technology wants and to live at a human pace. Third, there is a widespread need to express alienation. Interest in the occult rises during periods of transition and disillusion.

For many, the traditional organized religions are implicated in the existing power structures. Being occult is a way to announce that you stand on the fringe of society, that you stand against the patriarchy, against the heteronormative culture and against the structures of oppression. Political alienation manifests itself in the alt-right and the energized radical left.

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It makes sense that it would manifest itself in the spiritual realm, too. Fourth is the need for identity markers. We live at a time when many of the traditional sources of identity ethnicity, rooted neighborhood are being erased. Astrology tells you who you are and what traits you have. When I hear people talk about astrology, this is how they are using it.

Fifth is the desire to live within a coherent creed and community, but without having that creed impinge on your individual autonomy. Being an Orthodox Jew is a thick but binding life.

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The emerging spirituality is a hodgepodge spirituality. Each person borrows practices from, say, Native American, Buddhist, Christian, Jewish and SoulCycle traditions and blends them in a way he or she finds moving. Uteri are where they are supposed to be and not dragging on the ground — our poor mothers and grandmothers! Better diets, advances in medical care, anti-smoking environments and better access to exercise and open spaces in most cities mean we can get out there and look after ourselves.

And all this with money to spare. Those aged 45 to 69 own the most stuff; money, houses, toys, stamp collections whatever. We have the power! And so the markets are finally catching on.

The Middle Age Of Aquarius by David Samson, Hardcover | Barnes & Noble®

Enter the grey-haired models sporting interesting glasses and push up bras. Enter the wrinkly hands- the only part of the body steadfastly resistant to the earnest endeavours of the plastic surgeons — modelling expensive rings. Enter the movies telling tales of late love and later heartbreak.


Enter the large sized smartphones with readable font sizes. Enter music festivals and rock concerts with defibrillators close at hand.

The Middle Age Of Aquarius

Twentieth-century female baby-boomers used to liberation are hitting the 21st century with a plan to do more, be more, see more and live more than any generation of women before us. Women over 45 are not going quietly into old age. Finally, we are getting the media oxygen for this to be celebrated and not ridiculed. The invisibility cloak of the middle-aged woman has been tossed into the whumping willow.

Good Taste. We shall not be overlooked.

The 5th Dimension ≈ AQUARIUS ≈ Let The Sunshine In [720p HD]

Any more. At all.


Not ever. Next The Ambivalent Capitalist.

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