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  4. Harry is profoundly disappointed with DARK KNIGHT RISES!

There's no Gubernator. In modern updates of a work, the original may be unheard of. This avoids such awkward issues as why the plucky hero isn't constantly asked for autographs. It can become extremely awkward when the show is set amongst the showbiz industry, and the stars and writers become famous enough to be on the scene where the show finds itself.

Also, if a larger-than-life celebrity was chosen to play a nerd, a geek, or a loser for example, Hilary Duff in A Cinderella Story -- that would also be extremely awkward. To what extent this is done is a subject for discussions amongst fans. Do the actors themselves not exist?

April 2019 Reading Wrapup [47 BOOKS]

Do other works the actors have appeared in exist? If they do, who starred in them? It's probably best not to overthink these, but some impulsive connections are bound to occur. If taken far enough, such speculation can overlap with the Literary Agent Hypothesis.


In a recent and amusing example, actress Jeri Ryan divorced her husband to play Seven of Nine on Star Trek Voyager he refused to move to Hollywood with her. The divorce was contentious, and a lot of salacious dirt was spilled. When Jack Ryan ran for the U. Senate in , the release of the documents forced him to withdraw, allowing his challenger to win in a landslide against a last-ditch replacement.

The landslide victory propelled the challenger, Barack Obama , to a position from which he could then launch a campaign for President, and But the paradox is, do you think it says that in Voyager' s historical database? Of course not. Many a show or movie trying to be hyper-realistic does its best to distill this concept to an extent by refusing to cast a Celebrity Star because he or she is not obscure enough and would be too recognizable, as it strains Willing Suspension of Disbelief. Of course, if the star becomes famous because of said work, the same issues could still pop up.

After all, in this type of medium, the characters wouldn't necessarily resemble the actors who do the voices of them. Additionally, the paradox may be avoided if the work is a Period Piece set before the actors were famous. So, for example, no one in Raiders of the Lost Ark can wonder why Indy looks exactly like Harrison Ford because the film is set before Harrison Ford was even born. Perhaps, the paradox may also be avoided in works that take place in the far future -- when the actors are likely to be forgotten.

And it's avoided completely in Constructed World fiction, of course. Certain Setting Updates can face a similar problem: they have to be set in a world where no one will recognize the name of Sherlock Holmes , Superman , or Macbeth , but are otherwise culturally identical, or the tropes that they've since made popular, but is otherwise just like the real world.

That straight up shot of the city going to pieces and the light becomes the bat symbol? No, what happens is that Bane blows all the bridges but one. Basically turning Manhattan into an island. His back apparently has a vertebrae protruding out of socket, but after the prison chiropractor hits the vertebrae back in place, it just takes Wayne a few weeks to get back on his feet. When the film hits this section, logic goes every which way.


You never really get a sense of the passage of time. It is just at this stage that the film loses all sense of urgency.

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Instead they set up courts to make people walk on ice? Certainly not enough to justify what allegedly in going on at the very end of the film.

crisis filmic cuts Ebook

But more on that later. Joseph Gordon Levitt is the best single thing about the film. But what is it with heroes and atomic bombs these days. Everyone seems to be pulling an Iron Giant.

Of course any of that emotion is bullshit, because the way this movie takes back anything definitive throughout the rest of the film…. See see, we could do another one if we ever wanted to!

Harry is profoundly disappointed with DARK KNIGHT RISES!

Nolan is so caught up on making it real, that he only makes it real mediocre. We have a Utility Belt in this film that never has anything of particular use upon it. The choreography was not dynamic. The character motivations all feel like scripted bullshit.


By the time Batman is completely disabled by a 2. Then when they decide to unveil Talia al Ghul — and then just apparently kill her. And yeah — it just pissed me off. Talia Al Ghul is a great character. For all the talk about this being the END of Batman. For all the talk that this will be impossible to follow for any filmmaker.

The lack of impact this film gave me was genuinely shocking. At least if you know the kind of stories and action that are inherent to this property.

I found the film to be, essentially a mess. I expected a lot more out of this. A lot more. There is no apocalyptic vision on display here. That film was certainly a much sharper tale — and nobody comes close to delivering the iconic performance that Heath Ledger did. The film felt exhausted, Nolan repeats so many themes, as though he had nothing new to explore.

'Justice League vs the Fatal Five' Review

BUT nobody should ever try to continue their work, just start over from scratch. Nor the world. He is so much more than what Nolan has made him. So much more than Hollywood has even begun to hint at.