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I've been down so long, I've been hurt for so long There were times I thought I'd never see the break of day It was hard for me to see Your plan for me And I tried to believe struggling won't last always See night after night, night after night, night after night I prayed Lord, "Don't take Your joy from me" And then late one night, then late one night I read in Your love letter that it's gonna get better Don't You know that I've been looking for You?

You been so good to us You brought us from a mighty long way That's why we love You, come on. When my enemies tried to come for me And they thought that my world was coming to an end All the while You knew that I would make it through I feel closer to You now than when I first began.

Don't You know that I've been looking for You?

Liam Payne, Rita Ora - For You (Lyrics) Fifty Shades Freed

Here we go now, here we go now Don't stop now, let's go now In the front now, in the back now Let's go now, ladies. Spending afternoons together, a string of days with perfect weather, far too nice to stay inside. Lying in the grass I looked up at him sitting next to me.

He said the light was casting shadows under my nose. The sun was running his fingers through my hair to make it glow. And I looked at him, and said I wanted to know what he was thinking about.


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So he told me this story I was born in the center of the sun. The product of a nuclear reaction. All the other sunbeams, we were all the same. Preparing ourselves, for the long and lonely journey into space. I expected I would die years from now, on the dark side of a desolate moon with nobody around. Imagine my surprise, when I went into her eyes, and down her nose, across her lips, across her toes, across her hips, and she was so She was so But of all the light the sun gives off every second of the day, why was I lucky enough to fall upon the face of the loveliest girl?

Aimee Nolte : prepared piano, vocals, vocal effects [ Composer : Aimee Nolte] Your browser does not support the audio element. Aimee Nolte : piano, vocals, backing vocals, synth bass, organ John Reilly : woodwinds [ Composer : Aimee Nolte] Your browser does not support the audio element. Pack up all my care and woe Here I go, singing low Bye-bye, blackbird Where somebody waits for me Sugar's sweet and so is he Bye, bye, blackbird No one here can love and understand me Oh, what hard-luck stories they all hand me Make my bed, light the light, I'll arrive late tonight Blackbird, bye bye.

All too soon We had to part The moment you had touched my heart And with you went my dream All too soon All too sweet Was our affair And you put all the sweetness there What a shame that it's gone All too soon I knew the strange delights That only you in love could bring And as I reached the heights The bottom fell from everything You should know as well as I Our love deserves another try For we whispered goodbye And all too soon.

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Strange dear, but true dear When I'm close to you, dear The stars fill the sky So in love with you am I Even without you My arms fold about you You know darling why So in love with you am I In love with the night mysterious The night when you first were there In love with my joy delirious When I knew that you could care So taunt me, and hurt me Deceive me, desert me I'm yours, till I die So in love So in love with you, my love Instrumental track. Downbeat Magazine.

What separates Nolte from other vocalists and composers is the poetry and storytelling quality of her compositions, with lyrics reminescent of Joni Mitchell - just minus Mitchell playfulness. Desprite instrumentalists coming and going track to track, Looking is pretty even-keeled listen.

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And drummmer James Yoshizawa delivers throughout the recording with a soft, but steady, attention to mantaining the rhytm, making his performances incospicuos, until the listener realizes that his reliability helps drive the entire album. Aimee Nolte is a pianist, vocalist and composer whose skills and interests have made her popular on YouTube. Since , Nolte has been recording music.

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On this latest album, she sings lead and backup vocals, and extends her talents to piano, synth bass and organ. In addition, Nolte has done the arrangements and production for every song on the album.

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Legendary bass player John Clayton even appears on one song. The instrumentation adds to the tone and helps Nolte make her point.

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  7. About Aimee Nolte - Nolte began playing piano at the tender age of three years old. In , she graduated from Brigham Young University with a degree in jazz piano. She tackles the topics of harmony, arranging and jazz piano techniques. Not that Nolte calls it that. She discusses not only her pain, but what the perpetrator did to himself as a result. Her voice is high, but not stratospherically. Even as she scolds the perpetrator, the emotional quality never gets the best of her.

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    The cover art finds a playful cartoon image of the singer in a spacesuit on barren planet, shovel in hand, presumably digging for answers. Her vocals breeze along over a haunting woodwind orchestral arrangement before the song takes a sharp turn into delicate folk territory. They should have included Nolte in Joni Mitchell 75th birthday celebrations. Check it out. Ms Nolte, based in Los Angeles, has been successful on YouTube with over , subscribers, where she does both music and educational videos. This has led to her appearing as a guest at jazz festivals around the USA.

    A very modern way to become known, which I guess will become ever more usual.