Life and Testimony of Lisa Chaneyfield: Life after Dark

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ISBN 13: 9781479715251

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As you read these pages, don't regret the process. Realize that life's struggles are only to make you stronger and wiser. Accept Jesus into your life and your heart aches will become a testimony a source of encouragement to someone else. What the devil meant for evil God always works it out for your good. She is a loving wife, mother of six and grandmother of two. Missionary Chaneyfield is very active in her local church, where she attended since she was young.

She is also the president of the "Let's Talk Women Ministry" which was birthed out of a desire to share her story and give woman an avenue to express themselves and their struggles. Convert currency. Add to Basket. Compare all 7 new copies. Condition: New.

Life and Testimony of Lisa Chaneyfield: Life After Dark : Lisa Chaneyfield :

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