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(men's) Kimono books and Kimono films

This system provides information concerning visualized patterns such as pattern elements color, alignment, and etc. Finally, the pattern elements generated by the customerpsilas likes are incorporated into the kimono grammar. In other words, the grammar of kimono pattern is constructed and refined on the basis of the results of this design system. The refined grammar can be used to analyze the existing kimono patterns as well. Through the continuing refinement and analysis of the kimono grammar, we could trace back the history of a kimono by its pattern, and by use of the cycling work people are able to preserve one of the cultural assets - the kimono pattern, its design knowledge and Japanese cultural heritage.

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Published in: 12th International Conference Information Visualisation. Article :.


DOI: Poiret, Frank Lloyd Wright tacked on to the end of the chapter. For example, Milhaupt does show the 19th-century designer Christopher Dresser to have held a sincere interest in Japanese art and even kimono production pp. But there is a quality which their works possess that transcends all other merits As transcultural objects operating on a world stage, many new and important meanings can be explored.

For example, their availability and affordability meant that middle-class homemakers in the West could demonstrate their taste and artistic prowess through acquisition and use. For example, Milhaupt demonstrates that increasingly trends in kimono design were dictated by the in-house design sections of department stores and that designers pushed kimono creation as an individual enterprise rather than group production.

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While the kimono was signalled as inappropriate for working women the during the war period, luxury kimono production was preserved because the government wanted to protect technical skills from dying out. In both the introduction and concluding chapter, Milhaupt stresses that in the 21st century, both in Japan and abroad, there has been resurgence in conventional and unconventional kimono wearing, where the kimono is not conceived of as a traditional garment but rather as an item of fashionable dress to manipulate.

In Japan she demonstrates how in the s there was a rise in kimono dressing schools as interest in wearing kimonos rekindled. As the final chapter functions to sum up the previous chapters, an investigation of the uses and meanings of the kimono in Japan and globally over the past 50 years is unfortunately rather rushed.

Cool Japanese KIMONO Dog wear PDF pattern and recipe

Kimono: A Modern History persuasively challenges the myth of the kimono as a traditional, static garment through a nuanced history of its fashion system from the 17th century to present time and sets the scene well for an in-depth look at global kimono fashion from the s to present day. Skip to main content. Kimono: A Modern History.

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Kimono books and Kimono films

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