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  1. Why people believe weird things | Michael Shermer - TED
  2. Waarom is Govitas de juiste keuze voor mij?
  3. Officers Heard Shots Upon Entering Colorado School | NBC News
  4. Trump's Weird Lie About Raking in Finland: A Closer Look

Why people believe weird things | Michael Shermer - TED

Multiple people were injured and two suspects are in custody after a shooting was reported at a Colorado STEM school in Highlands Ranch. NBC News Digital is a collection of innovative and powerful news brands that deliver compelling, diverse and engaging news stories. We deliver the best in breaking news, live video coverage, original journalism and segments from your favorite NBC News Shows.

Visit NBCNews. The president says House Democrats are fighting a dirtier fight than Republicans did when they held the speakership. Jim Jordan Does any one know what type of weapon was used in this shooting? I'm suspicious of the fact that none of the broadcasts are mentioning it. I'm sure automatic weapons were used- they do not want to draw attention to that fact, because it will arouse interest to ban them. A spanish kid lost his live protecting his peers, this must be eating at all you trump supporters.

Waarom is Govitas de juiste keuze voor mij?

While my childhood ended almost a decade ago, I can't say I wouldn't be afraid to go to a school in the United States. It's , I'm hearing of shootings like every other week when here in England the last school shooting was 13 March in Scotland. Everyone is asking why does this happen?

Guns are not the problem, mental illness is. We've had guns in this country for s of years, this problem is a modern one.

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  • Officers Heard Shots Upon Entering Colorado School | NBC News;

It's mental illness, much like blaming guns for the problem instead of the cultural breakdown that's happening all around us. Wake up people, Liberal progressives are dangerous, much more than guns are. If you fear guns now wait till only the government has them. I am from Swizerland and Its very difficult to buy arms in Swizerland. You need hundred of documents and at least have to wait 15 years to get a permit for firearm.

Only in third world country like USA where students are not even safe inside schools. I believe Conservative Americans are the worst enemy of their own.

Онлайн новости Sam Harris’s Best Argument of all time, Part One свежий выпуск Россия сегодня

Conservatism in Europe is all about protecting the people and follows government rules. You wont see any conservative in Europe advocating gun rights. European Conservatives believe guns are dangerous and only selected law enforcement personnel should carry weapons. But in US its quite opposite, the american conservatist would sue the government for not allowing their under 21 year old to get an Automatic rifle. These idiots think having an firearm and allow to carry on street is the sign of their masculinity.

They would rather fight for gun rights then to fight for expensive health care.

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They don't realize that having firearms easily accessible to general population is the worst thing ever happened to socety. Its clearly obvious that more you have gun rights more you have shooting and homicide rate. To be honest i would never send my 17 year old in USA even for a day. USA is going down the drain thanks to their own suborn culture.

Its American culture and society where people are killed and punished by its own people and on the other side American bad leaders and military people are killing and punishing the people of other nations. This is the dirty face of Americans and their nation. That is why Americans are really killer by nature and by nation.

And the dirty faces of Americans are like gangsters, criminals, shooters and killers whether they belong to normal civilians, government officers or military human dogs. See MSM, there's enough stress in our country already so we don't need your attacks and fear driven reporting of the President which is selfishly just you wanting to make money. The problem is the little snowflake kids being raised these days. They're weak minded self serving idiots. Blame the parents. Suzanne Somers gives a short talk about how to detect breast cancer early on the GoVitasCom channel.

You can find a link to the video on the bottom of the GoVitas. Click on the blue button that reads, "GoVitasCom channel on Youtube" and watch the videos that will help you detect and prevent breast cancer early! There are ten nutrients in the first GoVitas product that are known to attack and eliminate cancer cells in breast tissue. An even more powerful and all natural product will be coming from GoVitasCom after the first fundraising crowdfunding.

Officers Heard Shots Upon Entering Colorado School | NBC News

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Email or Phone Password Forgot account? See more of Govitascom on Facebook. Until Sam invents something useful, he will go into the dustbin of history, just like all of the other blowhards who criticized great scientists like Isaac Newton. Steve - Sam really only has one point, "I don't believe in God because I've never seen him". Sam Harris is a Jew, for his mother is Jewish. And his father is an actor. No wonder he is an atheist, LOL!

Trump's Weird Lie About Raking in Finland: A Closer Look

Churn Blanston - Science is admittedly limited and the whole of reality does not fit within it's boundaries. Every single human experiences many truthful and factual events they can't support with the scientific method. Fred Azbell - IGR - Jet Plane - Shame on Sam for debating these small minds and then refusing to debate Bernardo Kastrup who is a step above Sam. Reach up Sam and give us a real debate.

Luny Bunny - Sam Harris proves that even with mental illness is not a professional failure because of their cultists. Angela Lopez - I love how even though Sam is a genius, he somehow manages to simplify complex concepts in a way that, not only gives the rest of us comprehension, but also makes us feel like he's fighting for us at the same time.

Stacy Caruso - Believe in Jesus.