For the Love of Indiana

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  1. Robert Indiana
  2. The Gloves Are Off in the Legal Battle Over Robert Indiana’s ‘Love’ and ‘Hope’ Artworks

The first stage of this process may surprise viewers because the sculpture will turn birth orange due to rusting which results from the steel being exposed to repeated wet and dry cycles outdoors. The pace of the change in patina will depend on weather conditions, but eventually the object will turn brown and then continue darkening to its popular, recognizable appearance. This image is not available online larger than a thumbnail to protect the copyright of its creator s , whose work is represented by either the Artists Rights Society ARS.


Robert Indiana

For more information and to request a larger image file, please review the Image Resources. Restoration was made possible by Patricia J.

The image has been transformed into T-shirts, mugs, rugs and posters. The authorized million United States postal stamps issued in are among the more popular examples of the mass reproduction of this image.

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It can be seen at the Indianapolis Museum of Art. Robert Indiana was a seminal figure in the pop art movement.

The Gloves Are Off in the Legal Battle Over Robert Indiana’s ‘Love’ and ‘Hope’ Artworks

Indiana's work was inspired by old trade names, traffic signs, automatic amusement machines and commercial stencils. He created poems, paintings, sculptures, silk screens and posters. Pieces by Indiana stem not only from symmetry, color and form, but also from content that addresses politics, religion and the human condition.