Eugenics, Race, and The Urantia Book

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In , Siegel and Celestial Seasonings gave birth to "SleepyTime Tea," a blend made from chamomile, spearmint and other herbs. As the company's website says, this new product "helped turn our cottage industry into a near-overnight success. Then, there is the history that Giller uncovered. Besides enthusiasm for tea, Mo Siegel and one of the other company's co-founders John Hay was also an avid believer in a "new-age bible" called The Urantia Book.

First published in , the bible is inspired by Seventh-Day Adventist movement , except that it was supposedly communicated to an unknown man possessed and put into a trance by aliens. Yes, aliens. Giller explains that it was more likely written by William Sadler , a turn of the century psychiatrist who also published three books about eugenics and had a deeply rooted racist philosophy. The central idea of this particular religious text revolves the idea that there are many different sons of God who live on many different planets in a galaxy that consists of billions of worlds.

According to their belief system, our world is just one of billions and it's called "Urantia. According to Urantia's text, a half a million years ago six colored races existed on our planet - red, orange, yellow, green, blue and indigo. Again, according to the text, there was a racial superiority order, with the indigo race at the bottom in which, as it notes, the "blue man subdues the indigo.

The upshot of all of this is that on every planet in every universe, fair-skinned, blue-eyed aliens named Adam and Eve come and "upstep" the natives, meaning that they eliminate the "inferior stocks" and "purify" the planet.

The Urantia Book Debunked in 3 Mins Michael of nebadon

Says Giller about her research, "There were so many instances of racism and very strange beliefs in the book that it was really hard to narrow down what I wanted to include in the article. In it Siegel writes, "Belonging to any particular race He was immediately taken by the ideas, writing in that "I was not concerned about who had written it or how it had been written because it was so powerful. Eventually, Siegel became president of the Urantia Foundation, a title he still holds today. Giller told FWx her article about Celestial Seasonings was not originally supposed to be this scandalous.

Visiting Boulder on a trip, she took a free public tour of Celestial Seasonings and became interested in their tea-making process. So, she inquired with the company about interviewing their blendmaster Charlie Baden for an article. Beyond all that, science was certainly involved and I believe some day there may be something of value to be found among all the rubble.

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Thanks for contributing everyone. It happens every time. There are a lot of hungry people out there and I hope you will help me to come up with a method or approach for dealing with this type of negative onslaught. Try this Van: create a parable about eugenics. Thinking analogy here-how would Jesus talk about it?? However, I would accept that the issue could be misused by debunkers who have many topics, concepts, and issues in the Papers for their debunking…. As I said…. So the need seems to be simple clarification and text research to offer the opportunity for the student to learn…. This is not in the hands of this or any prior generation to attempt based on human-wisdom-experience….

Urantia Book eugenics

Every color of the rainbow alive today is represented by both superior, normal, and inferior genetics AND every color of every individual can be genetically improved by science to deliver up those bio blessings not fully provided by the Adamic blood lines of yore. Science will cure and prevent notable diseases, ease child birth, enhance immunities, improve bio-regeneration self-healing , and extend life expectancy 2 and 3 fold more than today….

Oh the self importance of such impatient spiritual toddlers!! The mortal epochs take time…. Or so I think. I guess it just leaves me stumped when challenged by these debunkers. Especially when they go about it as if your a Nazi racist if you read the UB. Hi Van! I sympathise with your sentiments. This is exactly what the UB is warning us about….. But always should these adventures in cultural adjustment be controlled by those who are fully conversant with the history of social evolution; and always should these innovators be counseled by the wisdom of those who have had practical experience in the domains of contemplated social or economic experiment.

No great social or economic change should be attempted suddenly. Time is essential to all types of human adjustment — physical, social, or economic. Only moral and spiritual adjustments can be made on the spur of the moment, and even these require the passing of time for the full outworking of their material and social repercussions.

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The ideals of the race are the chief support and assurance during the critical times when civilization is in transit from one level to another. Ethical awakening. Only ethical consciousness can unmask the immorality of human intolerance and the sinfulness of fratricidal strife. Only a moral conscience can condemn the evils of national envy and racial jealousy.

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  5. Only moral beings will ever seek for that spiritual insight which is essential to living the golden rule. Of course, if these individuals are just out to debunk the UB, then no amount of rational debate will suffice to change their viewpoint. Blessings to you! I too have dealt with this. The first time I read TUB this was one of the things that put me off. In the paper that deals with government of a neighboring planet, I came across a passage that deals with genetic courts, executing of the insane, and what seems to be the illemination of those who have undesirable traits such as insanity or mental retardation by not allowing them to breed.

    Even applying my experience of breeding horses, I was raised riding and training horses as well as breeding them, I still had my challenges. In horse breeding, you might cross two bloodlines that both have a desirable trait. If not, you have a dud.

    A Call to Serious Consideration on Eugenics

    Sometimes they win, sometimes they loose. An example is a quarter horse named Easy Jet. Anyway, the guy that bred his parents did so as an experiment. Turns out the offspring was the founder of a then new bloodline, one that combined the best of two parents. He was one of the greatest champions in all of quarter horse racing history. I happen to know something about him because my dad bought a horse from the man that came up with the idea.

    We also owned horses that included his bloodline. Taking all this into account, I still had problems. I could take it to the animal extreme… the plant extreme… but humans? I suppose it is the logical next step.

    "Scientists Stunned" but not Urantia Book readers LOL! | Christian Forums

    But still. When I read it for the first time, I rebelled at the idea. When I calmed down though I understood it. When I found that the same methods used by the neighboring plannet to control the genetics of the population were the same methods used by Hitler my only thought was what Solomon said. I have yet to figure out how to solve this problem either. I heard of an all black study group.