Dog Bite Prevention

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  4. Preventing Dog Bites:

Components of this program addressed the following areas:. Dog bite-related injury is a community problem, and success in preventing dog bites necessarily requires the support and involvement of the entire community. Educational interventions have been developed specifically for:.

Children’s Dog Bite Prevention | Helping Paws Northwest

The Dog Bite Prevention Program's educational messages are tailored according to the concerns of each target audience, and cover the following general areas:. Skip to main content. Dog Bite Prevention Injury from dog bites is a demonstrated public health concern in the U. Dog Bites in Georgia: Bulloch, Chatham and Effingham Counties - Based on reports from the health departments in the three-county program area in , there were: dog bites per , population in Chatham County 87 dog bites per , population in Bulloch County 24 dog bites per , population in Effingham County Dog Bite Prevention Program Goals The Dog Bite Prevention Program provided an opportunity to 1 decrease the number and severity of dog bite-related injuries, 2 establish further collaboration among individuals and groups with a vested interest in preventing these injuries, and 3 provide education and opportunities for behavior change among at-risk populations.

Dog Bite Prevention 101

Enforcement of leashing and fencing regulations vary among the three-county area. The program provided an opportunity for the local program sites to encourage enforcement of current state and local regulations, strengthen existing or enact new ordinances, and educate the community about the need for dog control policies and enforcement. This program promoted standardized reporting to a central authority.

What can you do? Keep dogs on a leash when outdoors.

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You never know how a dog will react around strangers or other dogs, even a dog you know very well. Plus, other people may not want to be approached by your dog. This protects both your pet and people. This is a good habit that could prevent injuries or negative experiences with animals. If you see a stray or wounded animal wondering your neighborhood, never approach it. The best thing to do is contact Metro Animal Services at Being a responsible pet owner Socializing your puppy at an early age is one the best things you can do.

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Let the puppy get comfortable around different people and situations. Dog parks, walking along the sidewalk and hearing different sounds early on will help your dog cope with situations as they age. Always keep your pet current on the required vaccines.

Preventing Dog Bites:

Check with your veterinarian and animal shelters for discount vaccines if needed. If your dog nips, consider putting a muzzle on him when you go for walks or in public places. Thinking of getting a pet? Things to consider Never get a pet on impulse.

Prevent Dog Bites

Consult with your veterinarian beforehand. Discuss your current or future living situation, including children and elderly in the home, work and travel schedules, and activity level. These are all very important factors when choosing a pet. Pick a pet that matches your family.

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  • The veterinarian can help you determine what breeds work best with your family. Reporting dog bites and concerns For more information in the Louisville Metro area, call the Environmental Division of Louisville Metro Health and Wellness Pin 1.