Days Of Strictly Ballroom Innocence - A True Short Story

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Somewhat unusually, the mystery remains unsolved by the end of the flick. We wouldn't be surprised if it was the work of a rogue croc. This is Australia — the country where all the wildlife has murderous intent — after all.

Australia's top-grossing film in , The Dish follows a trio of Aussie scientists and engineers as they struggle against high winds and power cuts to keep a metre antenna dish pointed at the Moon, so that the rest of us can watch Neil Armstrong taking his first steps on our celestial neighbour.

It's based on fact — the TV broadcast of the Moon landing really was routed through the Parkes Radio Telescope in New South Wales, though probably with less whimsical consequences in real life. The critically acclaimed Snowtown sees the chilling events of the Snowtown murders in which 11 people died displayed on the silver screen. It's a grim take on the father-son relationship as a troubled teenager falls in with the charismatic John Bunting — who committed a series of grisly murders.

Rather than depicting the serial killer as a monster or a suave villain, as Hollywood's been guilty of doing all to often, Snowtown's a demystified take on the murderer and his psychology.

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An unlikely bond between an Australian guide and a Japanese businessman is unexpectedly broken when — spoilers! Always look before you jump, kids.

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Safety first, after all. Heath Ledger plays a poet named Dan who falls in love with the colourfully-named Candy, who he lures in to his world of heroin addiction. Split into three acts of Heaven, Earth and Hell, the film is a striking projection of addiction, desperation and despair, based on author Luke Davies' semi-autobiographical novel.

Petrolheads Bana, Clarkson and Jay Leno mull over the emotional attachments formed between men and their cars, while The Beast is entered into the fearsome Targa Tasmania Rally. Heath Ledger plays the infamous Australian outlaw who donned a suit of armour for his showdown with the authorities. A solid Western that explores the life of an Australian legend from both sides of the law — and it's better than other cinematic treatments of Australia's national myth.

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Little-known outside Australia though it's available on Netflix, so check it out , this micro-budget comedy — the film debut of Aussie export Eric Bana — follows the Kerrigan family as they try to keep their gaudily-bedecked family home from being bought up and demolished by the expanding Melbourne Airport. Gaming lists. The best Australian movies, in no particular order , are.

The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert Mad Max Rabbit-Proof Fence Moulin Rouge! Wolf Creek Crocodile Dundee Dark City Dead Calm Romper Stomper Strictly Ballroom Chopper Gallipoli Animal Kingdom Somersault Walkabout The Proposition They are humorously eccentric and where they go, mayhem follows!

My husband and I went ballroom dancing together as friends before we got together, and so for me this was a really reminiscent and sweet reminder of the early days of our romance. The developing relationship between Ben and Laura was a highlight of this short story for me. I particularly enjoyed the contrast of the pacing of the novel, slow and gentle to begin with, and then when the Scott family appear, all hell breaks loose and suddenly it was like being right there in the centre of the action, people all speaking at once, and things going off all over the place.

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I cringed along with Laura on more than one occasion! Amazon UK. Amazon US.

25 best Australian movies ever

Could a farcical mix-up lead to love? Ballroom dancing is the last thing Laura wants to try. But her best friend is desperate to meet a hip-swinging Adonis, so before she knows it, Laura is cha cha cha-ing in the back of the Dog and Duck with nerdy Ben. At least no one else need ever find out. No such luck. Her mother is armed with a social media page and dangerous. The shenanigans begin. Will he scarper? Or is Ben made of sterner stuff?

25 best Australian movies ever | Stuff

Amanda Paull is a writer of humorous romantic fiction. She lives in the North East of England with her husband and works in the public sector. The inspiration for her stories comes from real life, which she tries to show the funnier side of by embellishing to the hilt.