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Sins are forgiven only by the sacrament of penance. Sins are forgiven by absolution which can only be given by an authorized priest.

It is a real judicial pardon. The Church has the power to reserve certain cases. On the part of the sinner contrition, confession and satisfaction are required. Contrition is aversion to the sins committed. Perfect contrition remits sin even before confession if it is joined with the intention to confess. Imperfect contrition attrition is sufficient if there is confession, and is a good and salutary thing.

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The Power of Daily Watch. Blessed is the man who listens to me, watching daily at my gates A daily commitment to seek God's Strength in every area of your life will enable you to live each day victoriously. Kingdom Blessing DG. My View on Prayer. My View on Prayer My View on Prayer One wise man said "people ignorant of the relation in which man stands to God wonder why we should ask and even importune a Father who has provided all things for. By Rev. Read More.

Bold: Unleash Your Faith

The little things that remain. The little things that remain There comes the times in your life when things get really tough and you want to run to somewhere or do "something" that will take you away from the situation; instead of letting the situation rather going away. What Becomes of Me.

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What Becomes of Me This is little thought that came to mind as I watched my new-born try to deal with the new world he now belongs. About the Author: Rev.

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  7. Daniel Ghansah. Daniel Ghansah is one of the finest men of God you could ever meet. A proven man with Apostolic, Teaching and Healing Anointing. His Ministry which operates in a very unique anointing as an Apostle of God backed by diverse miracles and Healing has blessed many worldwide.

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    He is a Life Coach, Author, and Speaker. We are honored by your visit to the Agape Word Fellowship web site. Agape Word Fellowship is a church committed to God's unconditional love and acceptance. Our worship is informal and our teaching is based upon God's revealed word, the Holy Bible.

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    It is our sincere desire that people come to know God, trust Him, and that they grow in His grace. To implement our vision, we provide regular teaching and preaching of the Bible, family-friendly times of worship, training and development, opportunities for fellowship, prayer, outreach and numerous other ministries for people of all ages and cultural backgrounds. Be inspired and empowered!

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    4. Welcome to Agape Word Fellowship!.
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