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  1. 17.2: Radical chain reactions
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We help companies, brands and ideas transform and grow. By navigating and understanding disruption we are here to hack your massive transformation purpose.

We take bullshit out of your digital transformation, not by talking, but by prototyping and exploring. We are a transformation agency. Whether you are a business competing for customers or a business membership organization providing services to members, the importance of good service can never be over-emphasized. There is no doubt that a major deciding factor in the purchasing decision — perhaps more so than price — is the quality of customer experience. Were are getting in an era where we are managing change through people, designing products by tapping into customers skins and leveraging the fast adoption of technology first.

17.2: Radical chain reactions

When people see how they contribute to a product creation, they are less likely to resist change and more likely to help make it happen, on a day-to-day basis. We are moving from a world where the source of extracting value from a given set of knowledge stocks- what we know at any point in time.

As knowledge stocks depreciate in value creation shifts to effective and privileges participation in knowledge flows.

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Gaining access to the most useful knowledge flows requires reaching beyond the four walls of any enterprise. As the social web has grown and tools like Twitter, blogs, Facebook and YouTube have allowed communications to flow faster and farther than ever before — inevitably causing the world to shrink and real-time to be the expectation — people have changed.

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In simplest terms, people have moved from being CONsumers to PROsumers with far more influence on products, customers, markets, generations and entire value chains. The rapid growth of exponentials has significant implications. It gives each bullet that hits an enemy while Phaselock is active a chance to ricochet to another nearby enemy.

The ricochet effect only works with bullets.

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  • Can only be leveled past 5 with Trickster class mods. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Notes Chain Reaction has no additional effect against single targets, but against clusters of foes, and with the right weapons, the result can be an impressive increase in overall DPS.

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    The chance to ricochet applies separately to each individual bullet. This means that using guns that can fire multiple bullets at a time, such as shotguns, can result in multiple ricochets at once. Ricochets take full advantage of any gun damage boosts, so skills or items that increase bullet damage - including a user's Amplify Shield - will have the full effect on both the initial hit and the ricochet. This is notable, as it means that using Chain Reaction essentially gives you a chance to double the effectiveness of any gun damage boosts already in effect.


    Elemental effects have a chance to proc on each enemy hit, making it possible to cause elemental effects to two enemies with a single shot, or to affect the second enemy even if it doesn't occur on the first.