Woman at Willagong Creek (Jessica Hart Vintage Collection)

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His hands held her arms still, and there was only the heat of their bodies and the touch of their lips. Expecting him to be rough and angry, Olivia was unprepared for the gentleness which crept insidiously beneath her defences, leaving her open and vulnerable to the glow of excitement that began to flicker and then flame. She hardly noticed when he released her wrists, and ran his hands over the slender lines of her body, slipping beneath the T-shirt to burn against her skin. His lips explored the sensitive hollow below her ear, whispered down her throat, and she murmured low with indistinct pleasure, arching her body instinctively to his touch, arms sliding of their own volition about his neck.

Guy was drawing away. Olivia lifted languid eyelids to encounter a blaze of expression in his eyes, but, before she had time to decipher it, they shuttered and she was left staring into opaque depths.

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  • Jessica Hart has written a good romance with great anticipation moments and I was hooked on the story from the beginning. The pace was fast with almost no unnecessary dragging and the romance was interesting enough with great chemistry and jealousy moments for the book to be a page turner. I never wanted to be a writer. My earliest fantasies were about being a nurse courtesy Lucilla Andrews or living on a vast outback cattle station with a man who wore a hat and dusty boots fantasy copyright Lucy Walker.

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    The nurse fantasy was crushed early on — everyone told me I'd be a terrible nurse because I'd argue with the doctors — but I held on to the dream of Australia, and eventually I did go and work as a cook on a cattle station in north-west Queensland, an experience that provided the inspiration for a number of outback romances from 'Woman at Willagong Creek' to 'Outback Boss, City Bride'.

    It's funny how a book can change your life. I'd already completed a degree in French which I followed up with a string of travels and short term jobs but once I'd decided I wanted to go back to Uni, that was it. I just had to find a way to fund myself Like everyone else, I assumed they were easy to write.


    Woman at Willagong Creek (Marry Me...Cowboy Men Of The Land)

    After all, I'd always been good at writing. Hadn't I knocked out poems on the school bus? Hadn't my essay about our cat Sooty been read out on BBC radio for schools? I was practically a writer already. How on earth did we ever make arrangements to meet without texts?

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    The collection will have an official 'launch' on 23rd May, with Woman at Willagong Creek available to download absolutely free, but we'll be rolling out to other e-readers later in the summer so keep in touch! If you'd like to sign up for my newsletter with details of upcoming offers and news, do drop me an email: jessica jessicahart.

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    Woman at Willagong Creek by Jessica Hart - Read Online

    A Sweeter Prejudice. Sweet, old fashioned Abby is horrified when movie star Nick comes roaring into the calm. Cotswolds village of Stynch Magna. Nick is ridiculously handsome, irresistibly charming …. The Trouble with Love. But Poppy is warm. Woman at Willagong Creek. David, home to London.

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