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  1. Made in the UK Jazz
  2. A week of buying only British goods. How hard can it be?

The Aston signature tumbled chassis - our first three mics, the Origin, Spirit and Starlight, all have our unique chassis finish… solid stainless steel, tumbled for up to four hours in vats of conical ceramic beads to give a beautiful patina which is fingerprint and scratch resistant. The process is also chemical free, unlike nickel plating or paint finishes which have a huge environmental impact, and will last a lifetime.

Made in the UK Jazz

Even our detailing is laser engraved. It costs a little more, but looks so much better than cheaper printed lettering, and again, is far less polluting. So, our products not only look good and stay looking good, but we pay special attention at every step, to staying as green as possible… good for your mic, good for our planet. Even the mould itself was made right here in England, a very expensive process compared with making moulds in China, but having complete control of this process to ensure the highest possible production standards was, and remains, of utmost importance to us.

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Again, we could cut costs by having these PCBs made in the Far East, but the attention to detail and quality control we are able to execute far outweighs the benefits of any cost saving we could make. Our unique aesthetics, rugged quality and high-end performance are all the more incredible when you consider our products are priced for the wider home recording market, even though they have already become an industry standard, and a must have for thousands of professional recording studios, and many of the biggest names in the business.

Which brings us on to the very essence of our products, the beating heart of our brand, and of your own Aston mic.

In every area of product development it generally goes the same way… a sales and marketing team puts together a brief, the engineering team executes it. But the listening process is left to right at the very end, in Beta testing. So, really, most products are made, not by the people who use them professionally every day, but by a design team.

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The logo can be applied to any British made produc t, and can be proudly displayed on your website, newsletters, marketing material and packaging. A free review of the logo in situ. A member of our expert team will explore your use of the logo and work alongside you to ensure you are getting the most value out of the logo. The guidelines to using the logo will be delivered directly in to your inbox.

A week of buying only British goods. How hard can it be?

This quarterly e-shot will keep you ahead of changes in the British Trade market , giving you the edge over your competitors. Made in Britain events are ideal for meeting like-minded business moguls who share your passion for British trading. Each event features inspirational speakers and the opportunity to network with fellow British tradesmen.

You will receive information on Made in Britain events directly to your inbox. Upcoming events are exclusively for Made in Britain members only.

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