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  1. Street Racing Mulholland Drive in 1978
  2. Most popular vehicles
  3. Common Sense says
  4. THUNDER ROADS NORCAL - March Pages 1 - 50 - Text Version | AnyFlip

I only drive it when everything feels absolutely right. Chris says that he has the same confidence in his car as John has in his driving skill and will to win, which racers usually call balls. If John ever raced me in my car, he'd kill himself trying to beat me. I designed and calibrated the suspension — the shocks, the torsion bars, the stabilizer bars, everything — for this road.

I don't use it for anything else.

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It's really just a toy. Chris is said to have hit mph on Mulholland and it can be reported that his speedometer passed one afternoon along Sepulveda Boulevard near the intersection of Mulholland and the San Diego Freeway. There are people out there who work for the city who want to get me, but there's no way anybody can catch me in this car. I wouldn't stop if they set up a barricade. If they caught me, they'd impound the car and mess it up.

Street Racing Mulholland Drive in 1978

I'd kill myself if anything happened to this car. I love it more than anything. The police don't talk about individual targets on Mulholland but they're very serious about stopping the racing. They call the racers the MRA for the Mulholland Racing Association , initials use in the late s when the racing was so heavy on Wednesday and Friday nights that several dozen cars would run in a single evening.

Most popular vehicles

The MRA split up after a major police bust in the late '60s. Other groups with different sets of initials came and went, drawing police sweeps when the action got heavy. Beyond that, they use both lanes of the road in the curves [what the racers call 'cutting a line'], which gives them more speed. We're not going to endanger life and property by driving both sides of the yellow. The Times account of the April raid described an elaborate system of staging races involving CB radios, headlight signals to spotter cars, lookouts and police-band scanners.

The police had their own tricks, including special radio frequencies, codes and CB radios, backed up by helicopters and high-powered binoculars. Though the raid, like earlier sweeps, stopped most of the racing, chasing racers remained a dangerous game. In one of those instants where one's life supposedly flashes by on high-speed videotape, the racers parted and snicked past Thompson's car on either side and kept going.

Thompson made a fast U-turn and went after them. And they know all the side roads to use as getaway routes.

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Thompson drove the Mulholland patrols without crashing, but the search-and-pursue missions were halted after several cars were written off in wrecks. The racers call the police story a fantasy, saying the discovery of a police scanner in one of the more than 20 cars involved in the bust, plus an uninstalled CB unit in another, gave rise to the story of a warning system and CB and scanners.

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  • We go up there to talk and hang out and when people feel like racing, they do. If the police can't catch the fast drivers on the hill, they've taken most of the fun out of it for drivers unwilling to run for it. The ones who keep up the vigil on the hill, waiting for the racing to pick up to pre-April levels, complain of police harassment. They say officers order them off Mulholland, unlawfully stop, question and persecute them for no reason.

    The reason, of course, is that the police are determined to keep the racing turned off. But at the same time we were there to show that we weren't completely the bad guys. It was never a hostile situation. The real gripe of the drivers who still stand vigil on Mulholland from the end of prime-time programming through the Johnny Carson Show is that the racing has tapered off to a trickle. I wonder if he can still drive? Another racer volunteers that Charley, who has been racing since the early '60s, maybe even the '50s, is old — 30 or The legend of Mulholland Charley has been passed down through the various racing cliques that made Mulholland their private turf until they grew up, moved on, got drafted or married.

    Thunder Road (Official Teaser Trailer)

    A veteran of the pre-MRA era in the early '60s, now a successful racecar engineer and professional driver, remembers Charley as a menace. He raced a pickup that terrified everybody. Nobody wanted to get near him 'cause you were likely to get run over a cliff. At the very least, you'd get hit by the flying beer cans in his slipstream. If you don't fight him, you could never really feel like the champion. Charley stopped running the hill when the MRA split up around There's never been much love lost between different groups of racers on the hill, and when Charley's racing friends moved on, he retired.

    He works at a Hollywood garage. He's an animated talker, with a hint of craziness in his eyes and smile. In a movie he'd be played by Al Pacino. He is His mother sat by his hospital bed for 11 days and nights waiting for him to come out of a coma after his head-on collision on the hill. The Big Combo Edit Cast Complete credited cast: Robert Mitchum Lucas Doolin Gene Barry Troy Barrett Jacques Aubuchon Carl Kogan Keely Smith Francie Wymore Trevor Bardette Vernon Doolin Sandra Knight Roxanna Ledbetter James Mitchum Robin Doolin Betsy Holt Mary Barrett Francis Koon Sarah Doolin Randy Sparks Guitarist Mitchell Ryan Jed Moultrie Peter Breck Stacey Gouge Peter Hornsby Lucky - Kogan's Henchman Jerry Hardin Niles Penland Robert Porterfield Edit Storyline A veteran comes home from the Korean War to the mountains and takes over the family moonshining business.

    Language: English.

    Common Sense says

    Production Co: D. Runtime: 92 min. Color: Black and White. Edit Did You Know? Trivia Robert Mitchum and his son James Mitchum play brothers. Goofs When Luke's rear side window is shot out we hear the sound of breaking glass. Auto glass doesn't shatter like regular glass, so it would not sound like that. Quotes Lucas Doolin : [ talking on pay telephone ] Hello, Kogan?

    THUNDER ROADS NORCAL - March Pages 1 - 50 - Text Version | AnyFlip

    Carl Kogan : What's on your mind, Mr. Lucas Doolin : You. You're on my mind. You finally made the big mistake tonight, Kogan. Niles Penland was a mistake You put your dirty, fat hands on my kid brother. I'm on my way into Memphis right now, and when I get there you're Add the first question. Was this review helpful to you?

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