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Jun 13 Stanford News. Jun 12 Lynn Meskell receives the A.

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White Professor-at-large at Cornell University. May 16 About Anthropology Anthropology is devoted to the study of human beings and human societies as they exist across time and space. Why Anthropology Three seniors discuss why they chose anthropology as their major.

News and Recognitions

Anthropology Research Three anthropology seniors discuss their field research projects. Recent Faculty Books. Skip to main content. Oswego home Anthropology. Professor and students attend conference Professor Kathleen Blake and eight students attended the Bioarchaeology Northeast Regional Dialogue annual conference at Quinnipiac University.

Student produced podcast featured on popular Upstate New York blog Students in the Life in America: The Anthropology of the United States and Its Borders course conducted original research focused on the rust belt and what it means for young people to make a future in a place that is often described as not having one. Hands-on experience Each year, numerous opportunities are available for collaborative research, field work and faculty sponsored independent research for undergraduates.

Anthropology professor's book honored with three prizes

They should also support learning goals, help students become stronger readers, and encourage them to take charge of their learning. Here are some assignments to consider:. Burchfield, Colin M. Hatteberg, Sarah J. Hoeft, Mary E. Nathan, Rebekah.

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Ithaca, N. These results are drawn from our Fieldsights content, as well as announcements and information pages. These results are drawn from articles published in Cultural Anthropology since Results from our backfiles and Curated Collections will be added in the weeks ahead. Assign Appropriate Material The first step in encouraging students to read is to assign material that is appropriate for the specific course and students you are teaching.

Consider your audience: Who are your students, and how does this course fit in to the curriculum? Is this an introductory course or are there prerequisites?

Anthropology | The University of New Mexico

Are most of your students at the beginning of their college career or are they anthropology majors who are preparing to graduate? What prior knowledge, skills, and interests do you assume students have when you select particular readings? Make sure materials are accessible: Are there any barriers to accessing the readings?

How much does the textbook cost?


Are there less expensive options? If you are assigning online materials, do most students have access to the internet off campus? Tie readings to learning objectives: Did you select these readings because they are canonical or because they are the best way for students to achieve the course learning outcomes?

Academic journal articles and monographs are not the only sources of anthropological insights and, frankly, they are not always well written.

Anthropology Grad Student Research