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  3. Memories of a Dead End (막다른 골목의 추억, Choi Hyun-young, 2018)
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Memories of a Dead End (2019) 막다른 골목의 추억 Movie Trailer - EONTALK

When she died in , her niece, Eve, described inheriting a particularly important collection of items:. There was little of monetary value inside, but it contained and still contains, for I have kept the contents intact what she probably considered her most precious possessions, consisting of many photographs, medals awarded to her father and brother, a few letters, newspaper articles and various papers.

Project MUSE - The Memories of "The Dead"

They all have one thing in common, which is that they all concern her family. This included objects relating to her parents and siblings, and most tragically, Roger, a brother who was killed in the First World War. Eve describes:. There is one person whose entire short life can be documented by piecing together items in the box and that is her brother, Roger, killed while flying over France in May There are photographs of him as a baby, as a boy and as a young officer. There is a play he wrote at Rugby and the music for his school football song.

I do not think she ever really recovered from the loss of her beloved brother. Here we see the different ways in which objects can have value. Value can be measured in all sorts of different ways. In , when her aunt died, Eve received a box of all sorts of different items relating to Kitty, and notes she has kept it since, intact. But this box of treasures goes back more than one generation, as she describes. As Eve highlights,. To me, the most significant thing about the box of treasures is that it contains almost nothing about Kitty herself. Jan 07, AM.

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Memories of a Dead End (막다른 골목의 추억, Choi Hyun-young, 2018)

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