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  1. Video ergo sum: manipulating bodily self-consciousness.
  2. Cogito ergo sum
  3. Descartes: ‘I Think Therefore I Am’
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Cogito Ergo Sum (In Our Time)

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Video ergo sum: manipulating bodily self-consciousness.

Trailers and Videos. Crazy Credits. Alternate Versions. Rate This. A man in captivity tries to discover the truth of why he is held prisoner. Along the way, his sanity, his livelihood and his humanity will be questioned. Director: George Marei.

Cogito ergo sum

Writer: George Marei. Photos Add Image. Edit Cast Credited cast: Aidan Moreno Chessmaster Lee Lawson Bertrand Mariah Owen Hannah Bertrand Serje Basi Rikki Wright Alan Maria Moga Cookie Ray Ulbikas Bertrand Rachel Dowzansky Joule Caswell Shaw Robot 6 Sterling Cochran Alan's Son Maddison Dombroski Robot 1 Patrick Wright Eric Bertrand Natalia Wasilewski Robot 2 Scott Walter Edit Storyline Ergo Sum challenges the modern conventions of the human psyche in a pseudo sci-fi setting, "I think, therefore I am" - Renee Descartes.

Contemporary physics seems to say perhaps.

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And what about God? They tell me that I am constrained by circumstances, temperament, memories, emotions and all that, but I have at least some control over my own choices.

Descartes: ‘I Think Therefore I Am’

Of course common sense could be just wrong in this case. It can be argued that freedom to choose is a necessary condition for existence. If we accept this premise, we can rule out the models of physical reality that are not compatible with free will. For example we can rule out: Deterministic models e.

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God makes all decisions. Perhaps classical non-quantum chaos physics offers a way out: If the future is unpredictable in-practice, it could be argued that the future is undetermined in-principle, leaving room for free will. The collapse seems entirely random. So quantum physics offers a combination of determinism and randomness, which is hardly more appealing than determinism alone: In neither case we have free agency.

BBC Radio 4 - In Our Time, Cogito Ergo Sum

But perhaps quantum randomness is not random. Kauffman argues that the biosphere, and perhaps even aspects of the abiotic universe, evolve in ways that are clearly non-deterministic, and some kind of free will could be part of the very fabric of reality.

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  • According to Fred Hoyle , the apparent randomness of quantum events is really non-random and driven by a cosmic Intelligence, and complex arrangements of matter can decode messages encoded in quantum randomness. Kauffman says:.