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  1. Experts weigh in on how to personalize a dorm room | Las Vegas Review-Journal
  3. How To Hang A Tapestry In A Dorm Room Without Totally Ruining The Walls
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Escobar also suggests a pegboard headboard wall, which offers a canvas for your own design that can be easily changed with the seasons. Each has different restrictions, and you want to start the school year right. Some ban microwaves, hot plates, toaster ovens, halogen lamps, extension cords, heaters, and candles. Glamping is camping in comfort, with accommodations as good or better than home. Glampers draw closer to nature while staying connected to technology, eating fine cuisine and sleeping in soft beds.

There is an easy way and a hard way to do add a telephone jack. The easy way is to buy a wireless telephone jack and plug it into an electrical outlet. The hard way is to buy the hardware, cut a hole in the wall and run the line. Let it sucker from the bottom and start a new tree from the suckers.


Experts weigh in on how to personalize a dorm room | Las Vegas Review-Journal

As the weather heats up, homeowners are seeing an escalation of ants and cockroaches in search of water, which, in turn, brings out predator pests like spiders and scorpions to feed on them. Changing the color or upholstery does not diminish your feelings for your loved ones or their possessions. You are simply putting your stamp on them. Plant landscape trees in wet soil and keep plant roots wet during planting.

The soil should stay wet for the first couple of days while these plants are getting established. An area rug can be an art piece that adds dazzle to a drab room or a blank canvas that highlights unique pieces in the room. There are a wide variety of materials, designs, heights and colors to choose from, and each requires. This is the time of year that leaf-footed plant bugs increase in numbers and infest your fruit trees and your vegetable garden.

Cordless hand vacuum cleaners work great for sucking them up. When adding a circuit breaker or tandem breaker, you must prioritize safety first. You will be working inside your main electrical panel and if you lack experience at this, you may want to call in a professional. Adding woodchips to the soil as an amendment has gained popularity largely because of social media. With denim hues, bursts of florals and bohemian prints, the globally-influenced collection creates a sense of "om" in a dorm room.


The college collection boasts preppy plaids, traditional stripes and a fresh color palette. It will easily raise the bed a few inches to provide extra storage space. It folds for easy stowage when not in use. Don't miss the big stories. So, it is looking like I am about to leave my teenage years behind. I think that I want to reflect back on this time in my life and think about what I want to keep with me in my twenties and maybe some things I can let go.

How To Hang A Tapestry In A Dorm Room Without Totally Ruining The Walls

My teenage years have been full of love from my family and friends; hard work to make good grades in school and creating art. I developed several great friendships that I have held on to across the miles even though I went to college 14 hours away from our previous home.

I am so thankful for the friendships I have made in college as well. It seems like friends you make in your childhood and younger years can really stand the test of time. Maybe it is because when you became friends you were truly who you were. Everyone was genuine and didn't put up walls to protect themselves. You got to know someone on a deeper more personal level more quickly than if you had met later in life. I also think we laughed even more as children and that always creates good memories to look back on. So I think in my twenties I will try to hang on to the "childish" way of making friends.

I will try to show my true self and will accept them for who they are, and we will laugh I think a good thing to let go of is always trying to make dead-end relationships work.

DIY Dorm Hacks: Here’s How to Build a Bookshelf for Under $50

When we were children on the playground and we tried to play a game together or jump rope and it just wasn't working, we would run off and find someone else. It was easy. It was just natural. Now sometimes I find myself trying to stay in a relationship by being overly nice, giving gifts, trying to find what pushes the persons "good" buttons. I might spend so much time trying to figure this person out that I leave out more solid relationships that are worth my time.

So in my twenties, I will try to be more realistic about who to spend my time on. Some people are just never going to stand the test of time. I can continue to be cordial but won't let them rule my time and thought life. As children, we loved our parents and siblings and would show love to them in a myriad of ways.

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Maybe it was hugs, pictures on the fridge, good night kisses, playing games, or just quality time spent together as a family. Starting my twenties, I am mature enough to realize the value of these people in my life. Thankfully, I have always known this. I was never the type that was embarrassed if someone saw me walking with my Mom or Dad or being dropped off in the Mom Van somewhere. I always knew these people loved me more than anyone else I was about to meet. But in my twenties, I plan to keep up with my family even when I am eight hours away from them.

We are never too old to need the love of family. As weird as it is to say goodbye to my teenage years, it's honestly helped me to soak in the precious moments of everyday life and treasure them even more. Every year when birthdays come around, it always serves as a reminder how quickly the days, months, and years fly by. I think that has been one difficult part of this birthday season. It's hard to say goodbye to the past, without a clear map of the future.

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But, I must remind myself that this is why growing up is a beautiful thing- as we live life and experience new things, we are better prepared for what the future may hold. Everything that I have experienced in my 20 years has served an important purpose- to make me into the person I am supposed to become.

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Yes, life is always changing and so am I Very hard. But one thing to remember is God is always constant. He will never change. No matter what number is on your birthday cake, He is always there He is the Rock that we will always be able to cling to. Isn't that a wonderful thought? Even if we don't know what's in His plans for us in the coming year, it's important to make Him a part of our plans.

Rather than worry about change, let's embrace it all- the good and the bad- and look to the Lord to see how He will guide and shape us. Teenage years- the time has come. I must say goodbye to you now. But, you will never be forgotten. I will hold your memories in my heart forever. Twenties- I am excited for all that awaits me. Be strong and courageous. Home Communities Create Shop.

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