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More time, money and vigilance have been put into protecting Battle. Getty "People with babies can't lie. Everyone knows that. Nicole McCabe , an Australian woman who had been living in Israel with her husband for two and half years, was six months pregnant and happily awaiting the birth of her baby when she heard over the radio that she was one of 26 people implicated in the assassination of Hamas chief Mahmoud al-Mabhouh , who was wanted by the Israeli government for murder and arms dealing.

Mahmoud had been smothered to death with a pillow in his hotel room in Dubai always a man job. Despite the fact that McCabe had not left Israel in over six months and that trip had been to Australia, not Dubai , Interpol happily added this year-old pregnant lady to their most-wanted list for murdering a high-ranking war criminal with her bare hands. Getty "This is so sweet of you, but do you think we can make it quick? I have a murder appointment at 7. Further investigation linked the assassination to Mossad, an elite Israeli covert force made famous by Eric Bana in Munich.

In order to have access to al-Mabhouh and not be sprayed with bullets like Sonny Corleone on an infinite loop the instant they set foot in the airport, Mossad stole the passports of 26 individuals with clean records and gave them to their assassins to enter Dubai. Nicole McCabe's was just one of the passports they swiped. Via Theaustralian.

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When the plan was uncovered, however, McCabe and her fellow victims were left holding the bag. She received no help from the Australian embassy or the international community whatsoever , beyond being issued a new passport number to "protect her privacy. Even worse, her passport was never actually physically stolen -- all the information was gathered from another source somewhere in the system, meaning there was absolutely nothing she could have done to prevent it.

Harrun Majeed , a year Navy veteran working toward a degree at a community college, drove out to the local Publix supermarket to buy his son a birthday cake, because when you live in a town that has a Publix, your birthday cake options are limited to either buying one from the Publix or baking one from couch stuffing and a jar of fresh tears. When he got home, he realized he had dropped his credit card somewhere along the way, and immediately got on the phone with his bank to report the loss and cancel the card.

Getty "My last purchase? Sexy butt toys. But if you see any charges for lube, that's someone else. Clearly, he had dropped the card in the parking lot, and somebody had picked it up and instantly splurged on pizzas in celebration of their good fortune.

Majeed called the police as soon as he got off the phone to report the fraud, and the cops drove out to the restaurant to find that, incredibly, the culprit was still there, waiting for the pizzas he had ordered. Getty "I believe human mortals call this a 'prank. The thief was Dr. Richard Ludwig, a dentist who was in town for his son's baseball tournament. It's like he was daring the police to try and explain anything he was doing.

20 Crime Solving Story Ideas

Via CBSlocal. Man, there is no way that psycho doesn't collect the teeth that he pulls. He was charged with three felonies that could land him in jail for up to 15 years. British pop star, model and producer Carolyn Owlett got a surprise when she was contacted by a strange man who professed his undying love for her, and insisted with equal candor that she loved him as well.

Regis Remacle, a year-old from Belgium, had first sent her a bizarre message over Facebook, then chased her through a London subway station before finally showing up at her office which are all charming and practical ways to show a girl that you really care. Clearly, Remacle was a delusional stalker, and Owlett threatened to call the police, because apparently harassing her over the Internet and shadowing her through a subterranean witness vacuum hadn't already crossed that line.

Getty "Yeah, you unlock that door, baby.

What is a Mystery Short Story? And How Do You Write One?

Unlock it slow, and call it ' uncle ' lock. What stopped her was Remacle's genuine confusion, and as the two began to talk, she discovered that he had carried on a month romance over the Internet with a woman he believed was Owlett. He showed her thousands of pictures that she had supposedly sent him all of which were real, actual photos of Owlett from her private Facebook page and those of her friends and family , along with emails and chats that they had supposedly had.

Owlett was baffled, as she had never spoken to Remacle before in any fashion and couldn't explain how anyone could have given him the photographs he had, outside of a masturbation genie. Getty To be fair, "masturbation genie" and "Internet" are functional synonyms. As it turns out, the real culprit was a year-old Belgian woman named Kristella Erbicella, who had created a Facebook page in Owlett's name. She'd hacked photos from Owlett's account and doctored others she found online, and had even managed to dupe some of Owlett's former bandmates into accepting her as a friend to make the whole thing seem legit.

Erbicella had even found photos of Owlett's young son and posted them on her page, claiming to be his mother. When Owlett and Remacle confronted Erbicella, she admitted her elaborate ruse and offered both a hasty, pathetic apology before deleting every email and social network account attached to her name and disappearing back into the troll mist of the Internet. Getty "Do you think we'll ever see Master Troll again, Father? In terms of the stress involved in wedding preparation, obtaining a marriage license usually ranks in between choosing the font for the invitations and figuring out whether or not you can use Masters of the Universe figures as your cake toppers.

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  4. You go to court, sign some forms, pay a small fee, and that's it. Everything's nice and legal. At least that's all Rosa Vargas of Queens, New York, was expecting when she filed her application for a marriage license in So imagine her surprise when she found out -- three weeks before her wedding, no less -- that the application had been rejected by the City Clerk's Office because they found that she was already married to two other men , one in Mexico and one in Ecuador.

    Now, let's bring in the other husbands and get a group shot. Undaunted, Vargas and her fiance simply went to a different jurisdiction to get their license and got married anyway, because the whole "I've already got two husbands" thing had to just be some kind of clerical error. At least that's what they thought until about five years later, when Vargas was served divorce papers from an Ecuadorian man she had never met.

    She refused to sign the papers, but the man persisted. He showed up at her mother-in-law's doorstep and would not be persuaded until she showed him a picture of Vargas' wedding day, in which the man could clearly see that he was in no way represented. Via NY Post That's her with her actual husband You see, Vargas had lost her birth certificate about 16 years earlier, and over time her name and information had been used by two different women in two different marriages, most likely as a type of immigration scam Vargas is a U.

    Vargas was eventually able to get the phony marriages nullified by a judge, but has since found herself married to a third stranger somewhere on Long Island. While it might be kind of awesome to share a jail cell with Keith Richards and Iggy Pop for getting into a knife fight with a heroin dealer, we imagine the gritty coolness of rock star debauchery is somewhat diminished if you're sitting on a metal bench with a deaf guy and a glorified house music DJ for downloading pictures of a 3-year-old in a crotchless sailor suit.

    Getty "Are there any children in the audience? I'll have to ask you to move back feet, please. After police showed up at his home with a search warrant, Bunce was taken into custody while his computer equipment and other personal possessions were confiscated. To make matters even worse, Bunce was immediately fired from his high-paying job and was essentially disowned by his entire family except for his wife, which says something either very good or extraordinarily bad about her character. Since the local police weren't in a terrible rush to clear Bunce's name, he did a little investigating of his own.

    He discovered that in , his credit card information was stolen from an online shopping site, then used by someone in Indonesia to purchase child porn from an American website. Ironically, he found all this out using the United States' Freedom of Information Act , information that American authorities along with everyone else has access to at any time, meaning the sale of the child porn was tracked and nobody did anything about it.

    Cross-checking the information he collected with his own records, Bunce was able to prove that at the same time he was supposedly buying the child porn, he was at a restaurant in London. Getty "Our specials today are chicken Parmesan, blackened sea bass and child pornography.

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    After enduring six months of child-diddling suspicion, Bunce was told by police that they would not be bringing formal charges, as they did not find any incriminating images on any of the items they'd confiscated from him. Bunce has since reconciled with some of his family and found a new, albeit much lower-paying job. He has also sworn off credit cards and pays with cash as much as possible, because as we all know, the best way to alleviate suspicion is to erase your credit identity and deal exclusively with untraceable currency. Getty "If a man with a trench coat in a dark alley doesn't sell it, I don't need it.

    In Wichita, Kansas, a man walked into a police station and told the cops that he was an undercover agent who had recently assumed the identity of a local homeowner , and he gave them the address of the house he was currently occupying. If you are questioning how someone could manage to get away with such an expensive and extraordinary robbery of such heavily guarded cultural pieces, you are not alone.

    One of the most famous art heists in recent history happened in in the Norwegian Munch Museum. The estimated value of the two paintings together is around 19 million dollars. In the case of this heist, poor security measures have been to blame. The two pieces were simply hanging on wires on the walls of the museum and were apparently fairly easy to remove and run with. Clearly the painting was recovered, but it was a whopping ten years later from an undisclosed location in Kuwait. While there is some hope that art will be recovered after being stolen even years later in some cases much stolen art is known to be simply lost forever.

    The art thief, scared, threw the painting into a trash can shortly after stealing it.

    20 Mystery Story Ideas

    Unfortunately, the garbage was emptied and taken away before authorities could locate the painting, and it is therefore expected to be lost forever. As you can probably imagine, stolen art is extremely difficult to resell, especially if it is high profile stolen art. Pablo Picasso paintings are the most commonly stolen in comparison to all other artists. To date, Picasso paintings have gone missing because of art theft. The biggest art theft in history happened in in Boston at the Stewart Gardner Museum.

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    It is known as the biggest because of the value, mass, and particularly impressive array of art stolen. The pieces have never been recovered. One of the most impressive things about this robbery is not the actual value, but how little the thieves actually did considering how much they got away with. The robbers simply put on disguises and rang the bell to the backdoor of the museum during closing hours. All-in-all the robbery took less than an hour and a half, and the thieves escaped without any violence or high-tech action with hundreds of millions of dollars of art.

    Twenty years later, the frames of each of the paintings are still hanging in the Stewart Gardner Museum as a symbol of hope that they might one day return. While some art thieves choose to act quickly, like in the above case of the Gardner Heist, others act much more violently.

    This is the case of the heist that occurred in in Stockholm at the National Museum. The thieves set off a bomb on the other side of the city to distract police and trick them into thinking that Stockholm was under a terrorist attack and went armed into the museum while the police were distracted. The heist was initially successful in addition to spectacular and the thieves got away. However, less than two weeks later the police had captured all 8 of the men involved in the heist and recovered the stolen artwork.

    Yet, in Vincenzo Perugia achieved the seemingly impossible and managed to steal the most famous painting in the world.

    10 More Mystery Story Ideas

    Since da Vinci was an Italian artist, Perugia felt that the painting should be returned home to Italy. To years later Perugia was caught trying to sell the painting to an Italian who called the police on him. The painting was later returned to its home in the Louvre where it has remained since It is not just European art that is victim of thievery though.

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    Native American art and artifacts have become increasingly popular in museum and art thefts in recent years. Arguably, however, the grand majority of Native American art that has existed was lost, destroyed, or stolen during colonialism of the Americas. Thieves normally find Native American artifacts and art somewhat easier to steal , particularly from less heavily guarded museums and burial sites.