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It is simply, you can't help feeling, that such ideas were in the air at the time. A marooned sailor, Adam More, after being abandoned by his whaling ship in the seas around Antarctica, finds himself, after some hair-raising adventures, among the Kosekin, a society whose civilisation revolves around a worship of, and deep desire for, death.

Living as they do in a fortunately, if implausibly temperate, climate at the South Pole, they are condemned to darkness for six months of the year; yet they also crave the darkness, shun the light, and, in further inversions, consider poverty to be the greatest blessing, and wealth, privilege and power to be despicable conditions.

Requited love is considered a curse, and custom demands that a man and a woman who fall in love with each other must instantly separate. The highest honour of all involves public sacrifice and a ritualistic cannibal feast of the victims. A deep horror of cannibalism runs throughout the book.

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Plausibility is key in works like this, and James de Mille goes to ingenious lengths to maintain it. The narrative is broken up at various moments by the comments of the four who have discovered the manuscript. There is a scientist who can discourse on the exotic fauna that Adam encounters — as in Verne's work, we get to meet animated examples of recently discovered dinosaurs; the pterodactyls, I should say, are particularly impressive. And satisfy a desire alluded to as recently as Ice Age 3 — to fly on the back of one.

There is a linguist who can speculate on the genealogy of the language of the Kosekin brace yourself for a moment of mild antisemitism from the lips of Featherstone ; and there is even a slightly pain-in-the-arse literary critic who speculates on the veracity of the tale itself. The interesting thing about this edition is that it is presented to us almost entirely without apparatus: only seven brief notes at the end which are barely necessary , no introduction, no information beyond that on the back cover that the author was a Canadian academic who "is mostly known today for his posthumous novel A Strange Manuscript.

And so this novel becomes more than just a yarn reprinted for our amusement; it becomes an enactment of itself, as if we, too, had found it, barnacle-encrusted, bobbing in the waters of the Atlantic. Oscar Wilde. The Collected Works of R. Ballantyne Volume III.

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Authors : de Mille, James : SFE : Science Fiction Encyclopedia

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De Mille, James 1833-1880

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