Wodins Day

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Consider "Sa" and "Su" dorky-looking? Or do you just like the idea of pretty , concise symbols?

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Why not take a step backwards in history and revive some older symbols that do the job just fine! These are historical symbols for the days of the week. I actually first ran across them in the Webster's Seventh New Collegiate Dictionary and have been using them for a couple of decades now.

Wodin's Day

I still have to resort to other things when typing , alas, but that's how it goes As an added bonus, each of these symbols also has at least two other meanings: a metal, and a "planet" in the older meaning of the word -- a heavenly body which moves across the sky; until recently, "planet" included the sun and the moon. In French, the association between days and planets is a little easier to see. Observations about other languages?

Drop me a line. This is also the astrological symbol for the sun and the alchemical symbol for gold Au.

Vinlands Icelandics: Vinlands Wodin

Makes sense, given the colour of the sun and the colour of gold. This will quickly loosen everything that needs to be loosened to sit. It feels really good.

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I love it! If you have more time, there is a five minute yoga sequence that is awesome. However, it will have to be a separate post, since to describe it requires pictures and full descriptions to communicate it effectively. BTW, if you meditate first thing after awakening in the morning, I would recommend sitting before doing any stretching. Have at it! Related posts.