Photographs of Rome Italy (Photo Albums Vol. 14) (Italian Edition)

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Other Things to See and Do in Italy 1. See the Venice Carnival Ten days and nights of masquerade madness in February before Lent is quite the party. Shop in Milan Everyone knows the fashion capital of Italy. Take a photo in Pisa The entire town of Pisa is focused around taking a photo casually leaning on the leaning tower. Naples Watch your pockets in Naples while you feast on their famous pizza! Relax on the lakes The beautiful lakes up north, such as Lake Como, are the summer playground for Italians, the rich, and George Clooney.

Visit Alberobello A Unesco World Heritage Site, this is an interesting and picturesque little town, which is well worth a visit between the months of November and April to avoid the flocks and gaggles of tourists. Admire the Vatican Museums If you have the patience to wait through the lines, this is one of the most grandeur collections to see while in Rome. Day trip to Lucca Just outside of Florence, this is a great city to explore on a bicycle. Take a professional tour Context Travel and Walks of Italy offer incredible tours around the country.

Explore Emilio-Romagna Located in the northeast, this picturesque region of the country of is worth a visit. Be sure to visit our city travel guides for more detailed information about what to see and do in each place: For more information on specific destinations, check out these guides! On a mid-range budget of about EUR, you can stay in a nicer hostel or budget hotel, eat out a lot more, drink a lot more, take some guided tours, and visit more attractions If you want only private rooms in decent hotels, upgraded transportation options like rental cars , and higher-end tours including private tours and day tours , nicer transportation or eat out every meal, you can expect to pay up to EUR per day.

Outside of this region, the bread is included in the price.

Pope John Paul II Vatican City, Rome, Italy Photo Albums Volume 13 Danish Edition

Picnic — Italy has a lot of little tiny shops where you can be pre-made sandwiches or ingredients to make your own. Buy some food, eat outside, and watch the city go by. This is a new service that started in but more and more people are signing up for it each day. All of the garden owners have profiles that tell you what services and facilities they offer. Drink the tap water — Ask for tap water or you will automatically get expensive bottled water included on your bill.

Moreover, you can refill your bottles of water at any of the drinking fountains throughout Italy. Take the bus — Budget bus companies like Flixbus can take you across the country for cheap. Go on a free walking tour — This is a great way to learn the history behind the places you are seeing and to avoid missing any must-see stops. There are some in every major city in Italy.

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Eat a panini — Eating out every meal in the popular cities of Italy is an expensive affair. Buy paninis and pizza by the slice for just a few dollars, and save a lot of money. Couchsurf — Accommodation is quite expensive in Italy, even in the hostels. Use Couchsurfing to stay with locals who have extra beds and couches for free. I use the service a lot and find it not only saves me money, but I meet great people too. Get a city tourist card — Local tourism offices issue a tourist card for all their attractions, tours, and restaurants.

This card gives you free entry and substantial discounts on all the attractions and tours in a city, free local public transportation a huge plus , and discounts at a few restaurants and shopping malls. They save a ton of money.

The 16 Most Iconic Foods to Eat in Italy

In Italy, cities like Rome , Florence , and Milan all have city cards. I used this service and, not only did I save a lot of money, but I got to meet interesting people to and learn about local culture and life. Momondo — This is my favorite booking site. I never book a flight without checking here first. Skyscanner — Skyscanner is another great flight search engline which searches a lot of different airlines, including many of the budget carriers that larger sites miss.


While I always start with Momondo, I use this site too as a way to compare prices. Airbnb — Airbnb is a great accommodation alternative for connecting with homeowners who rent out their homes or apartments. Hostelworld — This is the best hostel accommodation site out there, with the largest inventory, best search interface, and widest availability. They have a no money down policy, great interface, and the widest selection of budget accommodation. Rail Europe — If you are going to Europe and taking a lot of high speed or long distance trains, get a rail pass.

The math just works. They offer good small group tours that use local operators and leave a small environmental footprint. If you go on a tour with anyone, go with them. STA Travel — A good company for those under 30 or for students, STA Travel offers discounted airfare as well as travel passes that help you save on attractions. Vayable — I enjoy this site because it allows you to experience niche, offbeat, and interesting tours that bigger tour companies might not run like a street art tour in Berlin.

Plus, the groups tend to be very small, making for a more intimate experience. The Man in Seat 61 — This website is the ultimate guide to train travel anywhere in the world. They have the most comprehensive information on routes, times, prices, and train conditions. If you are planning a long train journey or some epic train trip, consult this site. Rome 2 Rio — This website allows you to see how to get from point A to point B the best and cheapest way possible. It will give you all the bus, train, plane, or boat routes that can get you there as well as how much they cost.

Their buses include WiFi, electrical outlets, and up to three 3 free bags. Bla Bla Car — BlaBlaCar is a ridesharing website that lets you share rides with vetted local drivers by pitching in for gas. You simply request a seat, they approve, and off you go! Context Tours — One of my favorite walking tour companies, Context offers in-depth history, food, and cultural tours through cities in the world, with a speciality in Europe. This company gets experts to lead tours i.

Take Walks — A day tour company in Italy as well as other destinations. Their guides rock too! World Nomads — I buy all my travel insurance from World Nomads. They have great customer service, competitive prices, and in-depth coverage. The Best Backpack for Italy. The heavily carved wooden ceiling seems to flatten and deepen the space to infinity, like the vanishing point in a Renaissance landscape painting. Scholars from all over the world, drawn by the vast collection of manuscripts, labor in less imposing spaces tucked away in the cloister.


And of course, no other library enjoys the good fortune of having Michelangelo as its architect. Biblioteca Ambrosiana in Milan, where Jack and I reunited for the final day of our trip, comprises an art gallery, art school and ecclesiastical college, all housed in a rather severe neo-Classical building very close to the Duomo. But nonscholars like me are not deprived of its riches. The only other artwork in the old reading room is a Caravaggio still life: a basket of slightly worm-eaten fruit stuck with a few pocked, withered leaves.

The ingenious improvisations of a restless polymath and this stark memento mori by a disturbed visionary form a perfect pair of bookends for the Italian Renaissance. Only in Italy, I reflected, and only in a library could I stand, alone and undisturbed, in the center of a great city and peer into the mind of genius. Guided tours of the reading room are offered the second Sunday of every month; at other times, guided tours must be reserved by emailing mazzariol marciana.

Information: marciana. The Biblioteca Vallicelliana is open to readers aged 16 and older with a valid ID such as a passport. Information: www.

The Biblioteca Ambrosiana is open to readers 16 and older with a valid ID such as a passport. Additional information: bibliotecaangelica. The reading rooms of the Biblioteca Casanatense are open Monday through Friday, a. To arrange a free guided tour in Italian , contact Isabella Ceccopieri at Isabella. The vestibule and the great reading room that Michelangelo designed for the Biblioteca Medicea Laurenziana are open to the public during temporary exhibitions.

Information: bmlonline. The Veneranda Biblioteca Ambrosiana, open only to accredited scholars, can be glimpsed from the art gallery the Pinacoteca in the same building.

Moving the world with images

Information including hours and ticket prices is at ambrosiana. The result, he said, was a situation where flooding became more common, especially as the intensity of downpours has grown in recent years. In the Sampierdarena neighborhood under the fallen bridge, gas and electricity were shut off as workers scrambled to check on the security of buildings. The electricity was later restored. Giovanna Santacroce, a year-old ice cream vendor who lives a few hundred yards from the bridge, said she heard what sounded like thunder.

A Literary Tour of Italy’s Libraries

Pietro Marzullo, a year-old elder care attendant who was driving in the area when the disaster occurred, said he helped a woman in shock get away moments later. A stretch of the road, estimated by some witnesses to be more than feet long, fell to earth in a huge dust cloud. Remarkably, some people driving on the bridge walked away unharmed.

Cars and trucks were abandoned on the road, just short of the new chasm; their occupants had fled on foot. Jagged chunks of debris the size of houses protruded at sharp angles from a riverbed, and huge pieces of the road, still partly propped up by support pillars, were left dangling. The scene was strewn with cars and trucks that had been damaged in the collapse , while rescue workers struggled in a driving rain to reach anyone who might be trapped.

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