Je voulais grandir ! (French Edition)

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  1. Bienvenue sur le site du Diocèse de Gatineau
  2. Parcours atypique et maturation lente
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We just wanna get down. Nous voulons juste descendre. Tell the DJ turn it up real loud. Dis au DJ de monter le son vraiment fort.

Bienvenue sur le site du Diocèse de Gatineau

No we'll never grow up. Non nous n'allons jamais grandir. And if we had our way. Et si nous avions notre chemin. We would do this every day. Nous ferons sa tout les jours. I got a flow that'll make you drop.

Mourad Oudia - Grandir?

J'ai un flux qui va te faire tomber. I got a flow that'll make you pop. J'ai un flux qui va te faire sauter.

Parcours atypique et maturation lente

I got a flow that'll make your mother and your father call the cops. We're gonna make this thing go blow, we're gonna system overload. We're gonna be the generation that makes everything explode! And I when I say explode I don't mean that we using bombs. Et lorsque je dis explose je ne veux pas dire que nous utilisons des bombes. We doing stuff that we don't ever have to tell our moms. Love the stuff we got it. J'adore les trucs que nous avons eu. We got it all up in the room. Nous avons tout compris dans la chambre. Paper chasing, yeah, we got it everything we want. Papier, oui, on a tout ce qu'on veut.

Somehow, some way. We're gonna have it our way. We don't give a what, what you say. Nous ne donnons pas quoi, ce que vous dites. No, we don't. Non, nous ne le faisons pas. No, we'll never grow up. Non, on ne grandira jamais. Show everybody who runs this town. Do ya, do ya, do ya know what I mean? Est-ce que tu fais ce que je veux dire? I'm a princess, I don't wanna be the queen. Please don't say, I think Mr. Every time you're talking, it makes me wanna scream. I don't know what you heard 'bout me. Je ne sais pas ce que tu as entendu de moi.

Don't remember holding out my pinky.

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Ne te souviens pas de tendre ma rose. I'm gonna finish off these MCs. Like they were my cup of tea. Cher, let me take it from here! Cher, laisse moi le prendre d'ici! Bullseye again.

Translation of "tu as grandi" in English

I got 'em in a target. It seemed a lesser evil.

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  • I kept growing and my breasts formed and I got my first period. So that was growing up. Well, I could do without it. I could do without things that bobbed when I ran, not being able to swim at that waterhole at a certain time of the month, pimples bursting out on my face at odd moments. Growing up was the pits. Being grown up was something my friends wanted to be. They said they could wear high heels and stockings and go into town alone. Big deal.

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    So I climbed up on a rock and tried it. Luckily it was at the waterhole. I started thinking the grown ups could be right. That I had no choice. Or did I? What was so great about being grown up? They were awfully serious most of the time. The things that escaped them that made me laugh, they sucked in again. I managed to make it to sixteen. I grew up on the outside, began flying on the inside. I think my mother understood. Then I fell in love. Mooning, they called it. I married my love. I felt expectation breathing about me. Looking for the lost boys?

    My daughter was born. Part of me grew up. A bigger part of me went to play with her. Everyone has to grow up. Maybe it was because I never grew up that my husband left me. I ride rainbows with leprechauns, wear purple underwear. Somehow nobody seems to bother anymore. It suits me like that. I blow bubbles and raspberries wherever I choose and my world is full of indigo and cyclamen. My grandchildren understand me.