History of Mary Baldwin Seminary (Formerly Augusta Female Seminary): From 1842 to 1905 Inclusive

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Slavery in America and the World: History, Culture & Law | HeinOnline

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New York: Thomas Whittaker, Fallacy of Neutrality: An Address by the Hon. Baltimore: Printed by Joseph Robinson, New York: [T. Faulkner], Syracuse, N. Dayton, Co, Henry G. Stebbins, in the House of New York: American Abolition Society, Cash, For the Defendant in the Case of Benjamin D. Harris vs. James M.

Wall, in the Supreme Court of the United States. Fraternity Lecture of Wendell Phillips, Esq. Boston: Published by Robert F. Philadelphia: George W. Grow, of Pennsylvania, Delivered in the House of Nashville, Tenn: Fisk University Press, Jacob Davis. Illinois law specified that while a master in chancery could order a writ of habeas corpus to be issued, only the court clerk could actually issue it. Town, 4 Ill. Vandalia, IL: J. Sawyer, Louis: W. Gilbert, — Joseph Smith History Draft Notes, ca. CR JS History, vol. D-1, History, — A-1—F-1 original , A-2—E-2 fair copy.

CR , boxes 1—7. The history for the period after 5 Aug. Governor Thomas Ford also discussed the issue in his inaugural address on 8 December Springfield, IL: William Walters, TEXT: From the beginning of the entry to this point, Willard Richards wrote first in graphite and then retraced his earlier inscription using brown ink. At Springfield , Illinois. JS, Journal, 9—20 Dec. JS, Journal, 8 Aug. United States district court for Illinois. Illinois secretary of state. Joseph Smith III. See JS et al. Revelations Collection, —ca. Because JS was a civilian, he was not legally subject to a court-martial of the Missouri militia.

B-1, — Baugh, Alexander L. Clark ordered the prisoners sent to Richmond , Missouri, where they were confined beginning 9 November After a preliminary hearing there, JS and five fellow defendants were incarcerated at Liberty , Missouri, to await trial on the charge of treason. JS was incarcerated at Liberty from 1 December to 6 April , a total of four months and five days.

JS and his companions were allowed to escape on 16 April while en route to Boone County , where they were being transported after having obtained a change of venue. In all, JS was held prisoner from 31 October , when he was captured in Far West, Missouri, to 16 April , when he escaped—a total of five and one-half months.

B-1, ; vol. Smith, Joseph. Judge Austin A. Other defendants were to be tried for a variety of offenses, including murder, arson, burglary, robbery, and larceny. Austin A. King, Opinion, Nov. JS et al. JS was charged with treason, riot, arson, larceny, and receiving stolen goods. Jacob Gates et al. Caleb Baldwin et al. James Worthington et al. Historical Department. Nineteenth-Century Legal Documents Collection, ca. Adam Lightner was not a member of the church, and John Cleminson was apparently disaffected from the church at the time, as he testified against JS before Judge Austin A.

King at the November hearing in Richmond , Missouri. Lightner, Mary Elizabeth Rollins. Missouri, State of. Joseph Smith et al. General Samuel D. Samuel D. Boggs, 2 Nov. At this point, Willard Richards returned to reporting events at hand. TEXT: Willard Richards began this page with notes on lines one and five lightly written in graphite, over which he wrote the journal entry in ink.

Trumbull, Lyman. Secretary of State, General Correspondence, —, —, —, —, — Illinois State Archives, Springfield. JS, Journal, 26 Dec. United States circuit court, which in this period was both an appellate and a trial court. In the latter situation, the federal district judge could conduct circuit court affairs by himself. Butterfield defended his position, and on 5 January Judge Nathaniel Pope agreed with Butterfield that the federal circuit court had jurisdiction for the hearing.

Justin Butterfield to JS, 17 Dec. Missouri governor Thomas Reynolds. See Thomas Reynolds, Requisition, 22 July That is, the affidavit of Lilburn W. Lilburn W. Boggs, Affidavit, 20 July Thomas Reynolds, Requisition, 22 July One allowed a state judge to imprison a fugitive from justice, or to take bail, and the other required a judge in a habeas corpus hearing to require bail if a trial would follow, under penalty of a misdemeanor.

Edited by Richard Peters. Boston: Charles C. Little and James Brown, — Vandalia, IL: Robert Blackwell, Technically a habeas corpus hearing rather than a trial. Mr Butterfield came and stated that the Sherif of Adams Co did not appear willing to bring forward the writ. This made it necessary to petition the Govr [Ford] to issue a new writ, which was done and put into the hands of the Sherif of Sangamon Co. We then repaired to the U. Court now in Session to apply for a writ of Habeas Corpus, which was immediately granted.

See manuscript page The location of the note in the manuscript indicates that four days later, on 4 January , Willard Richards elaborated on this incident. The American House , built by Elijah Iles in , was considered the finest hotel in Springfield and was the largest hotel in the state. Power, John Carroll. Springfield, IL: Edwin A. Wilson, Lorimer, History of Mercer County, 28, — Lorimer, William A. History of Mercer County. Chicago: Munsell Publishing, The perpetual nature of the Nauvoo charter was a topic of discussion three days earlier.

JS, Journal, 28 Dec. Darby intended to follow James Brewster. In , at age ten, Brewster claimed to have the gifts of prophesying and receiving revelations. In he published a pamphlet titled The Words of Righteousness to All Men, purporting to be an abridgment of the lost books of Esdras. Brewster and many followers began moving to California in , but most, including Brewster, never reached California. Various difficulties caused the party to instead stop in New Mexico, and a short-lived attempt was made to create a settlement there.

Brewster ultimately returned to Illinois. Brewster, James C. Springfield, IL: Ballard and Roberts, Vogel, Dan. Launius and Linda Thatcher, — Urbana: University of Illinois Press, See 1 Kings ; and 2 Chronicles In June , Zephaniah again went to Nauvoo with the manuscript, and this time JS examined it over the course of several days. Linder, Usher F. Reminiscences of the Early Bench and Bar of Illinois. Chicago: Chicago Legal News Co. Possibly Benjamin D. McGregor, Malcolm G. Chicago: Lewis, Probably John W.

Pratt, a lawyer and politician from Cass County , Illinois. Martin, History of Cass County, — Martin, Charles, ed. History of Cass County. Edited by Emma Smith. Nauvoo, IL: E. Robinson, An old and widespread tradition names Isaiah rather than Hosea as having been sawn asunder by Manasseh, king of Judah. Yebamoth 49b; Martyrdom and Ascension of Isaiah, chap. Translated by Israel W. London: Soncino Press, Martyrdom and Ascension of Isaiah.

In The Old Testament Pseudepigrapha. Edited by James H. Garden City, NY: Doubleday, Die Bibel , oder die ganze heilige Schrift des alten und neuen Testaments, nach der deutschen Uebersetzung D. Martin Luthers. Halle Saale : der Cansteinischen Bibel-Anstalt, Hymn , Collection of Sacred Hymns, — Howe, Mormonism Unvailed, — Howe, Eber D. Painesville, OH: By the author, Histories of the Twelve, —, Justin Butterfield. Randall, Ruth Painter. Mary Lincoln: Biography of a Marriage. Boston: Little, Brown, Arnold, Isaac N. Chicago: Fergus Printing, Davis was formerly a clerk of the circuit court in Hancock County.

See JS, Journal, 13 Dec. Possibly George R. Weber, publisher of the Illinois Republican in Springfield. Biographical Directory of the United States Congress, Washington DC: U. Government Printing Office, Wheat served as a representative for Adams County in the Illinois legislature from to Journal of the Senate. Wilson had served as the chief justice of the Illinois Supreme Court since Davidson and Stuve, Complete History of Illinois, — Possibly Iram Nye, sergeant-at-arms of the Illinois Senate.

Winchester, New World Press, Chapter 20 and the appendix both deal with JS and Mormonism. McCoy , a Baptist reverend, was involved in a number of activities to drive church members from Jackson County , Missouri, in summer and fall Although McCoy clearly wanted the Mormons to leave Jackson County, he explained in a contemporaneous journal entry that he joined a company of vigilantes with the intent to prevent death and injury to the Mormons, after he perceived that the vigilantes were bent on revenge, and that he arranged for the group to remain at a distance from individual Mormon homes while he and a few others asked the Mormons to surrender their arms.

Lewis Abbott, Affidavit, Adams Co. Material Relating to Mormon Expulsion from Missouri, — Jennings, Warren A. Sollars lived in Springfield from until his death in Probably David Whitmer , who, along with Cowdery , was excommunicated from the church in April Minute Book 2, 12 and 13 Apr. Also available at josephsmithpapers. Kirtland, OH. The events JS describes here took place in summer during a trip he took with Cowdery to visit the recently baptized Saints in Colesville , Broome County, New York. A-1, Browning defended JS when the state of Missouri attempted to extradite him in June on a charge of treason growing from the conflict.

Judge Stephen A. Douglas heard his case on 9—10 June , at Monmouth, Illinois, and discharged JS due to a faulty warrant. JS for Treason [Warren Co. Joseph Smith Extradition Records, — Gregg, Thomas. Chicago: Charles C. Chapman, Probably Cyrus L. Eddy , a convert to the church who moved from Maine to Lee County , Iowa, in History of Iowa County, Iowa, — Slocum [New York: Maria Monk, ]. The Nonpareil was a ton steamship operating between St. Louis and Pittsburgh.

It sank in the Mississippi after being snagged in November JS, Journal, 2 Jan. The two affidavits Butterfield prepared were statements confirming that JS was in Nauvoo in May at the time when the attempt was made on Lilburn W. Wilson Law and Others, Affidavit, 4 Jan. Backenstos and Stephen A. Douglas, Affidavit, 4 Jan.

TEXT: This sentence is inscribed in lighter ink that matches that in the following entry. Court Ruling, 5 Jan. Constitution, art. One of two affidavits prepared by Butterfield the previous night. Philadelphia: John Grigg, —; Desilver, Jr. Actually, page An Act concerning Fugitives from Justice [6 Jan. Compiled by Jonathan Young Scammon. Chicago: Stephen F. Gale, Conkling, Alfred. Albany: William and A. Gould, Reports Washington, Circuit Justice, Commencing at April Term, Philadelphia: Philip H. Nicklin, — Gordon, Thomas.

A Digest of the Laws of the United States. Philadelphia: By the author, Gould, — Kent, James. Commentaries on American Law. New York: By the author, Various publishers, — Thomas Carlin, Writ, 2 Aug. Illinois attorney general Josiah Lamborn. Nauvoo is approximately three hundred miles from Independence , Missouri. According to his journal, JS was involved in activities with the Nauvoo Legion that day.

Nauvoo Masonic Lodge Minute Book. The case actually begins on page Ex Parte Burfurd, 3 Cranch []. Philadelphia: Farrand and Nicholas, The word flee actually occurs only once in the Constitution. The word fled also occurs once. In October Butterfield explained in detail the legal basis of this defense of JS in a letter written to Sidney Rigdon. The State of Alabama v. Williams case was the foundation of his argument. Robert G. New York governor William Marcy , though personally highly critical of abolitionism, rejected this interpretation and refused to extradite Williams, maintaining his stance that a fugitive must physically flee the jurisdiction of the state attempting extradition.

Rigdon, Sidney. Collection, — Albany: E. Croswell, TEXT: The ink color changes at this point; the new ink in this paragraph matches that used in the insertions in the earlier part of the entry, suggesting that Richards made the insertions after court recessed. This sentence from the 4 January entry continues on manuscript page The altercation described in this paragraph took place on 31 December This sentence is a completion of the last sentence on manuscript page For the remainder of this entry, phrases are disjointed, with irregular spacing.

Blank lines in the journal are represented by wider spacing between lines. As trustee-in-trust for the church, JS sold lots from this land to the Saints. However, Hotchkiss retained title because he had not received payment in full. Probably Charles G. McGraw, who was married to Vienna M. See the following documents in Appendix 1 , : Lilburn W. William Clayton made copies of all of these documents. Clayton, Journal, 6 Jan. Simeon Francis was editor of the Sangamo Journal. It was also published in the 28 January issue of The Wasp. William P. Illinois Register.

Vandalia, —; Springfield, — Numbers at the head of most of the verses in the journal entry correspond with the final verse order in the published version. Clayton, Journal, 7 Jan. Governor of Illinois. United States marshall William Prentiss. The first referred to the miners who traveled up the Mississippi River in spring to work the lead mines and then returned back down the river to their homes in fall, thus resembling the migratory habits of the sucker family of fish.

Ford, History of Illinois, Ford, Thomas. Chicago: S. Griggs; New York: Ivison and Phinney, Morgan County, Illinois, home of John Dutch. Whitney, Papers, BYU. Richards made the same mistake in his own journal when describing his trip to Springfield in December , but on the return journey of that trip he placed Geneva between Rushville and Nauvoo. At the time, the closest community named Geneva to the route was in Scott County—far enough out of the way that the party could not realistically have traveled there.

Richards, Journal, 11, 18, and 19 Dec. Possibly Thomas Royalty, about twenty-two years of age, living at Mount Sterling, a few miles from Rushville, who was later known as a miller. Census, Brown Co. Census, Mount Sterling, Brown Co. Census U. Bureau of the Census. Population Schedules. Edited by Walter Lowrie, Walter S.

Franklin, Asbury Dickins, and John W. American State Papers: Naval Affairs. Washington DC: Gales and Seaton, , — Colt, famous for manufacturing his patented revolver, had lobbied Congress for acceptance of a system of harbor defense by underwater mines activated through insulated wire. Daily National Intelligencer. Washington DC. Lundeberg, Philip K. Smithsonian Studies in History and Technology Probably Hannah Ells, a Nauvoo dressmaker.

Taylor, John. Smith, Affidavits about Celestial Marriage, , Young, Emily Dow Partridge. Diary and Reminiscences, Feb. JS related further details about the Russell brothers and the twenty dollars three months later; he used the incident to illustrate the need for implementing better accounting procedures for temple donations.

JS, Journal, 6 Apr. Ward, Maurine Carr. JS, Journal, 26 and 28 June The Saints were also asked to make contributions to assist the poor and to help defray the legal and travel expenses JS incurred in connection with his habeas corpus hearing in Springfield. Woodruff, Wilford. Wilford Woodruff, Journals and Papers, — Edited by Noah Webster. New York: Harper and Brothers, Insertion in graphite in unidentified handwriting—probably Willard Richards. This added inscription may postdate the journal-keeping effort. The two jubilee songs distributed on the occasion were one composed on 7 January , as JS and his party were en route from Springfield to Nauvoo , and one produced by Snow for this occasion.

JS, Journal, 7 Jan. According to a list made by William Clayton , Moffet was not the only invitee absent: Carlos Granger and Sister Partridge also did not attend. Clayton, Journal, 18 Jan. William Marks and his wife, Rosannah Robinson Marks. JS, Journal, 3 Jan. In December Phelps turned over to Richards the historical documents for compiling the history of the church.

Phelps identified, in his own journal, Thursday the 19th as the day on which he commenced work on the history. Phelps, Diary and Notebook, 19 Jan. Phelps, William W. Diary and Notebook, ca. Quorum of the Twelve Apostles, Minutes, 20 Jan. Hyde returned from his mission to Europe and Jerusalem on 7 December JS, Journal, 7 Dec.

Page , a member of the Quorum of the Twelve, was serving a mission in Pittsburgh , having been called to serve there during a conference held in Nauvoo on 7 April See Revelation, 19 Jan. Compiled by Joseph Smith. Nauvoo, IL: John Taylor, A notice calling for the April conference and requesting the presence of the Quorum of the Twelve was printed in the 16 January issue of the Times and Seasons.

Slavery in America and the World: History, Culture & Law

Rather than going to Europe, members of the Twelve were called at the April conference on a mission within the United States to procure funds for the Nauvoo House and the temple. Pratt was excommunicated on 20 August Woodruff, Journal, 10 Aug. J Sabin.

In this discourse, JS taught that the kingdom of God is present whenever a man able to receive the oracles of God is present, and that John the Baptist had the oracles of God with him and baptized for the remission of sins. Woodruff, Journal, 22 Jan. Snider was called by a revelation on 22 December to go to England to obtain funds for the building of the Nauvoo House and Nauvoo temple. He departed for England on 26 March Taylor, F.

Philadelphia: I. Ashmead, The rapids were unnavigable during seasons of low water. Hunter, Steamboats on the Western Rivers, Hunter, Louis C. This was the last city council meeting held until 11 February , when the newly elected officers were sworn in. A section of land surveyed as less than acres—or one square mile—usually because part of it is cut off by a river or other physical boundary. The caucus was in preparation for the biennial city election, which was held, according to ordinance, four days later on the first Monday in February.

JS, Journal, 6 Feb. The Nauvoo City Council. Higbee , Foster , and Kimball were among those who were nominated but not elected to city offices in the February election. Peck— —. Account for William Manhard, Newel K. According to Wilford Woodruff , who with John Taylor was leasing the printing office from JS, work commenced Monday of this week 30 January on stereotyping what became the second edition of the Doctrine and Covenants.

JS, Journal, 2 Dec. Clapp was the chief speaker at a caucus held three days earlier. JS, Journal, 2 Feb. A fight at a singing school in Nauvoo two days earlier resulted in two separate lawsuits between the parties involved. Goddard pressed charges on 3 February, and Simpson was fined three dollars plus court costs for assaulting Goddard. Simpson, in turn, charged Goddard, Cahoon, and Riley with assault and battery. The charge against Cahoon was dismissed, and a judgment was later made against Goddard and Riley for three dollars each and court costs.

Clayton, Journal, 2, 3, 4, and 6 Feb.

Document Transcript

Goddard et al. The Nauvoo city charter stated that elections were to be held on the first Monday in February, every two years, beginning with the first general election on 1 February Wells , George A. Reference is to a book containing patriarchal blessings mostly given by the first patriarch, Joseph Smith Sr. But when Granger suddenly died in August , the record fell into the hands of his son Gilbert , who claimed it as his own property. George A. He returned to Nauvoo on 7 February Allen et al. Allen, James B. Esplin, and David J. Salt Lake City: Deseret Book, The conversation here focused upon a recent exchange on the floor of the Illinois House of Representatives.

William Smith presented a petition from a Mr. When a motion was made to postpone the petition, Smith took the opportunity to argue that it was just as inappropriate for the legislature to repeal city charters—which was a topic of recent debate—as to dissolve a marriage. JS responded to Young with a letter this day, discussing a loan and requesting information about the petition that JS sent to Young through Calvin A. Warren , requesting the appointment of a new postmaster for the city of Nauvoo. Young, Washington DC, 9 Feb. The history refers to the history of the church that Willard Richards was writing and compiling.

A-1, — In , JS gave similar instruction to the Twelve. Woodruff, Journal, 27 June ; Instruction, 9 Feb. See JS History, vol. C-1, , The concern of the inhabitants of Shokokon , Illinois, for religion may not have been the only reason Cowan invited JS to encourage Mormon settlement in that area.

Cowan represented Henderson County residents who may have hoped to profit from Mormon migration into western Illinois. Allaman, John Lee. Possibly John Bair.

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JS had been concerned about the operation of the Nauvoo post office since the previous fall and in November petitioned the United States postmaster general to replace Sidney Rigdon as postmaster. JS, Journal, 8 Nov. The previous year Adams committed adultery while proselytizing in the East, thereby losing the confidence of church members in that region. Adams discussed his adultery and desire to repent in two letters to JS.

Olney gave himself up to Marshal Henry G. Sherwood two weeks later, on 25 February Nauvoo High Council Minutes, 17 Mar.

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Seven of the city councilors and aldermen elected 6 February were already serving in the positions they had been elected to. Smith , and Stephen Markham —were new to their respective positions and were presumably sworn in this day. On this date the city council elected a number of city officers, including James Sloan as recorder, William Clayton as treasurer, and Henry G.

Sherwood as city marshal. George W. Harris was made an alderman on 30 October Although he is not identified as having been reelected in the 6 February election, he continued to serve in this position. Granger was nearly forty-nine at the time. Ultimately, price regulation was not included in the provisions regulating the Main Street market. Nauvoo was built on land made uneven by a bluff rising above the floodplain about a mile inland from the bank of the Mississippi River. The first Nauvoo settlers located on the low ground closest to the river. As the town grew, it extended to the higher country inland on the bluff.

Flanders, Kingdom on the Mississippi, —; Leonard, Nauvoo, — Flanders, Robert Bruce. Nauvoo: Kingdom on the Mississippi. Leonard, Glen M. Brigham Young Office Files, — CR 1. Miller was a Baptist who maintained that a thorough examination of the books of Daniel and Revelation revealed that the second advent of Christ was imminent. He did not claim the gift of prophecy, merely that he had read the existing revelations and assigned a proper chronology to his eschatology.

His message was accepted by thousands of premillennial Christians in the early s. Rowe, David L. Library of Religious Biography. Eerdmans, The second journey of JS to Jackson County , Missouri, took place in spring , for the purpose of organizing the management of church stores and printing projects, and sustaining church leaders. Sidney Rigdon, Statement, [Feb. Joseph Smith History Documents, — Goods and money were being sent to JS to help defray the legal and travel expenses he incurred in connection with his habeas corpus hearing in Springfield.

Later in the month, the Quorum of the Twelve wrote letters to church members in various areas asking them to help supply JS and his family with necessities so that he could devote his time and efforts to church concerns. See JS, Journal, 18 Feb. Annis was a millwright in Nauvoo. Henry G. Rollosson was a non-Mormon businessman in the Nauvoo area. Gregg, History of Hancock County, Illinois, —, — JS and others went into debt to purchase the land on which Nauvoo was built, with the hope that immigrating Saints would then purchase city lots from them to pay off the debt.

Church leaders expected that people with money would purchase these lots to help pay off the debts they had contracted rather than buy lots from other speculators. See Promissory notes, JS et al. JS and Wilford Woodruff commenced working on what would become the second edition of the Doctrine and Covenants on 30 January Woodruff, Journal, 1—4 Feb. TEXT: Ink from this point to the end of the entry matches ink in the following entry. Pettit, editor of that newspaper. While the editor of the Alton Telegraph condemned the letter as libelous, he expressed continuing contempt for JS.

Alton Telegraph and Democratic Review. Alton, IL. Probably Jeremiah Rose, one of the three original settlers of Quincy , Illinois. Rose was a member of the First Congregational Church of Quincy. In , he moved to the area near Shokokon that would later become part of Henderson County. Asbury, Reminiscensces of Quincy, Illinois, Asbury, Henry.

Quincy, IL: D. Wilcox and Sons, JS assigned power of attorney to Amasa Lyman to sell the land on his behalf. Henderson Co. Nauvoo High Council Minutes, 18 Feb. This language was echoed by JS on 2 April Instruction, 2 Apr. The letter urged church members at La Harpe to help supply JS and his family with the necessities of life so he could devote his whole time to the spiritual affairs of the church.

Similar letters were written to the Saints in Ramus , Lima , and Augusta. The case, which according to the high council minutes lasted from a. Complicating matters further, Nickerson had apparently settled on the island. This case was brought before JS on 2 March Washington DC: Blair and Rives, Woodworth , who was overseeing the construction of the Nauvoo House, was not a member of the church at this time. Foster , Hiram Kimball , Daniel H. Wells , and other investors were promoting building projects on the hill near the temple, thereby drawing labor and resources away from the Nauvoo House project.

JS, Journal, 11 Feb. JS, Journal, 21 Jan. Cochran, Robert M. Siegfried, Ida Blum, David L. Fulton, Harold T. Garvey, and Olen L. Smith, eds. Berrett, LaMar C. Salt Lake City: Deseret Book, — A 19 January revelation mandated the construction of the Nauvoo temple and the Nauvoo House. Revelation, 19 Jan. See Song of Solomon ; see also Revelation, Mar. Kirtland, OH: F. Williams, Turley Jr. Lorimer, eds. Jessee, Ronald K. Bennett, History of the Saints, — Bennett, John C. Boston: Leland and Whiting, By 30 June , well over one hundred banks in the United States had failed since the Panic of By fall , the notes of the State Bank were so devalued that the state treasury refused to accept them as payment for taxes.

By February , the state legislature passed acts requiring both the State Bank of Illinois and the Bank of Illinois at Shawneetown to cease operations and liquidate their assets, and in March , the charter of the Bank of Cairo was repealed. Dowrie , George William. The Development of Banking in Illinois, — University of Illinois Studies in the Social Sciences, vol.

Urbana: University of Illinois, Pease, Theodore Calvin. The Centennial History of Illinois. Chicago: A. McClurg, Springfield, IL: Walters and Weber, The Oxford English Dictionary. Edited by James A. Murray, Henry Bradley, W. Craigie, and C. Reprint, Oxford: Oxford University Press, On 20 January , Robert D. Bond, Hyrum Smith to Robert D.

Foster, 20 Jan. Nauvoo House Association. Stock Book, — Nauvoo House Association, Records, — MS , box 5, fd. JS, Journal, 26 Mar. A machine for removing impurities from grain during the milling process. Probably David Fullmer. See JS, Journal, 13 Feb. Church leaders in Kirtland , Ohio, created several mercantile organizations through which a variety of goods were purchased for the use of the Saints.

JS sent Oliver Granger back to Kirtland to function as the agent for the church settling its financial affairs there. Staker, Hearken, O Ye People, — Staker, Mark L. An ordinance was passed on 4 March making gold and silver the only lawful tender in Nauvoo. By the terms of the contract, Hotchkiss and his partners continued to hold title to the land until they were paid in full, which had not happened by As title holders they, rather than JS, were responsible for paying the taxes on the land. Brigham Young et al.