From an Urchin to a Jellyfish: A Do-It-Yourself Ornament

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  3. Aylah’s Mario Party

Great party! I really loved your balloon vines! How did you create the balloon vines and the balloon cloud arch? Just like the classic memory game. They took turns picking two cards and flipping them over. If they got a match they got got a point and if not the cards got flipped back. This party is amazing! Thank you for all the inspiration Was there something you printed out for the goomba, ghost and chain chomps faces?

I found the images of the faces just doing a Google search. Then I sizes them and printed them myself. I printed the goomba ones on sheets of sticker paper so I could just peel the back off and stick them right into the balloons. The ghost faces were the trickiest because after I cut them out I had to cut some slits in the edges and shape them so that they would sit nicely on the round lanterns. I would suggest using hot glue on the lanterns because nothing else I tried seemed to hold. Hope that helps …. Another question.. How did you hang the gold plates?

And what did you attach the green balloons to for the vine? Telling me error. Can u please email me. I just got noticed u replied to my message as I was looking for something for my daughters bday next Saturday. Incredible Job! Thank you! The kids at the party were ranging from years old and they all seemed to fit fine. Are the craft foam feet you had on various characters a pre-cut shape, or did you cut them yourself? Hello Melissa, What a fabulous party! I was wondering if you could tell me where you got your crochet pattern for Yoshi please?

Creative Shell Decor (creativeshellde) on Pinterest

They are super cute! Thank you Sharon. One more question, did you draw your own pattern to cut out the thwomps or do you have a template?

Hello Where can I find the link to see what is available for purchase? All the way from South Africa. Absolutely love the work you put into your party. Gave me so many ideas for mine!! My son is asking for the chocolate pudding with the Goomba faces were they purchased this way or was the face a sticker template? Thank you so much for sharing! Hey Steph!!

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I found the goomba face on google and printed it out on full sheet label paper and cut each of them out to stick on the cups. This is an amazing party, I love all of the little details. I have a question for you about the balloon arch. I know above comments you mentioned that the balloons were tied using fishing wire. Is the fishing wire literally all the is holding them together? Or is there a support somewhere inside the balloon cluster that the fishing wire is affixed to?

Also, I was wondering roughly how many white balloons I should aim to buy to try to recreate something like this? And last question I promise for the green stems of the vines going up to meet the balloons, is this just a green cord you purchased at the craft store somewhere like Michaels? Thank you in advance! Super cheap and easy, hehe. Now the balloon clouds. In short, yes it is just fishing line and balloons, but here is the long answer of how it was done … After I inflated all of the balloons I took a long length of fishing line and put one end through a needle.

Then you string the needle through the tied part of the balloon … Keep repeating and pushing them really close together. To hang it I used command hooks the ones you can remove without damaging your wall. There was 3 hooks in total, one at each end and one in the middle. Hmm, total number of balloons … My guess is close to 50 maybe? I did multiple clouds in different areas of my house and some were bigger than others so I can only guess.

Hope that helps you out! Best wishes for your event! This party is absolutely amazing! Where did you get all the paper for the backdrop? Sky, floor, hills etc.? Hey Crystal! Great question. I have tons of colours in my studio so I just snatched it from there. This would be my sons drem party!!! You are amazing! I clicked the link for the thwomps and was just looking for clarification. Did you use the stickers for the face and if so what size did you buy? Tha ks. The thwomps were completely hand made. I printed off the faces, cut them out and glued them to the foamboard.

No stickers. Nothing pre-purchased … Hope that helps. Do you still have any of the items left for local pick up? How did you get the cups to stack on top of each other for the caterpillar game? Good morning! This was amazing work! Yes I do have some digital files that I would be willing to sell. Please email me directly at melissamiller live. You are seriously so talented!! I am having a Mario Bros party for my son this weeked and made the brick boxes to put on the wall. I tried making them stick with removable strips but they wont stay.

I read your comment above about how you hung them. My question is where did you stick the fishing wire to the boxes? I see that they are hanging from command hooks but how do you make the fishing wire stick to the boxes? The fishing line is actually threaded through the boxes as if they were beads. I poked small holes in the sides … And then I cut large flaps out of the backs where they would be against the wall and hidden to stick my whole hand in so I could easily thread the line through the holes.

Hope that all makes sense …. Hi Melissa, your party looks incredible! Would you mind if I email you for the digital files you have available to sell? I am in LOVE with your attention to detail and commitment to the super mario theme. How did you make Urchin, the purple with yellow spiked fish? Also, how did you make the big green pipes on the floor? For urchin I used a purple paper lantern and then made small cones out of yellow cardstock and hot glued them on. The pipes are plastic paint pails spray painted green.

I am in love with this entire party. Sorry if these sound like dumb questions. I was just wondering what the rules were for the cup game? Did everyone get so many blows and whoever blew the last cup won? What about for the boxes? If you revealed a star, did you win a prize?

Thank you so much for any help you can offer! Hello Sam! Everyone stood in line and had one blow and then went to the back of the line again. The person to knock the last cup off the table was the winner. I also did 2nd and 3rd place prizes for the second and third to last cups. Are you talking about the memory game? If so, it was creating matches like the mini games on the console version. Do you happen to remember what the measurements were for the edges that you cut out of the foam board?

To make them look like the blocks- those triangles? Thank you SO much! My sons birthday party is in 2 days! I would recommend though cutting the foam board with a box cutter and a ruler as opposed to scissors. The edge will come out much cleaner. Would you please tell me how to make the chocolate stuff in the plastic wine cups? Is that just pudding? I love the Mario Mustache game! Hi Margaret! I did the whole thing on a magnetic board, so there are magnets on the back of the mustaches.

As everyone else, loving all your ideas!!!

Aylah’s Mario Party

Can I please ask you though — what did you use for the sea urchin spikes — cardboard cones or water cooler cups painted in yellow? Hello- could you please share what material you used for the clouds? They seem pretty stiff! Kudos if they were made out of foam core- that stuff is hard to cut into shapes for me at least. Which clouds are you referring too? Some were made from bristol board and some were made with white balloons.

Just took the metal handles off, spray painted them green and used green construction paper to made a thick rim like the Mario pipes have. Anyway you could share the etsy seller you bought the graphics from? Your attention to detail is amazing. For the wall boxes, how did you attach the dowel inside? What size did you use? I saw the comment about the dowel then saw below where you said how you strung the fishing line through and the line hung from the ceiling. Also curious if the fishing line was attached to the dowels? I appreciate the additional info.

Hey Alisha! Thank you for your sweet words. The dowel was just a bit shorter than the full length of the row of boxes and then the fishing line was looped around the dowel on either side. There were also holes punched in the top of the boxes on the ends so the fishing line could come through the top. Hello again. Tissue paper? And the flame of the bombs was that tissue paper! And the sparks on the bombs were sparkly pipe cleaners. I just saw you replied!! Thanks for the clarifications. How thick of a dowel did you use for the happy birthday boxes? Was it about the size used for the piranha plants?

Hi, Do you remember what weight you used for your command hooks for wall boxes? I apologize if this question was already asked. I tried to skim through but soo many comments LOL. Hi melissa. Ur party is awesome. Are you selling the pattern or got it somewhere? Thanks so much. Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Find me ON. Instagram-color Created with Sketch. Facebook Copy-color Created with Sketch. The thwomps are made from black foamboard with silver glitter glue to outline them.

The coins are just plastic plates that I spray painted with metallic gold. Favours for the parents were chocolate bars wrapped in DIY classic Nintendo controller wrappers. The hats for the kids are made from craft foam and were hand stitched by yours truly.

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The piranha plants are made from PVC pipe fittings, styrafoam balls and wooden dowels. Sridevi Divakaruni January 19th, at am Execellent idea and well executed. Melissa Miller January 20th, at pm Hello Charity, The blocks for the photo wall, as well as the ones in my living room, are actually hanging from the ceiling instead of being attached to the wall. Melissa Miller February 6th, at pm Hey Star! They are hung on tack nails.

How do you tell a male crab from a female? Look at the crab's tails. A crab has a "tail" like a lobster, except theirs is curled under the body. To see it, you need to turn a crab over onto its back; if the tail is shaped like a triangle, it is a male. If it is rounded, more like a half-circle, then it is a female. Interesting Facts: Hermit crabs hide out in snail shells for protection.

Unlike their front ends, their back ends are soft, unprotected by an exoskeleton. In order to protect that end and the rest of them , they need an abandoned snail shell to tuck into. When they outgrow their current shell, they have to find a bigger one!

Fish Cake Tutorials

In some cases, a hermit crab will allow an anemone to attach itself to its shell! This is in the hermit crab's favor: the anemone's stings will help deter the crustacean's predators. Even though they're called hermit crabs, they aren't true crabs; in fact, they're more closely related to lobsters. Interesting Facts: To feed, a sea cucumber sticks out feathery tentacles around its mouth.

Any bits of food suspended in the water sticks to these tentacles, and the animal can suck them off at leisure. As a defense mechanism, sea cucumbers can vomit their own guts out! This distracts the predator, while the sea cucumber makes a break for it. It regenerates its lost guts later. Interesting Facts: Don't let their slow movement fool you. Sea stars are deadly efficient predators. Once they are upon their prey, their strong arms pry open the victim's shell. Then, they push their stomachs out through their mouths, digest their meal, and suck their stomach back in!

A sea stars can regenerate or regrow an arm if they lose one. They can do this any time, provided that the center of their bodies is intact.

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  • For movement, a sea star moves with its tube feet found on the underside. These tube feet look like little tentacles with suction cups on their tips. Interesting Facts: Sea urchins have teeth! These are sharp plates that are self-sharpening and continually grow in length. In addition to their spines, sea urchins have another defense tactic: they like to cover themselves with small rocks, shells, and pieces of seaweed! This makes them blend in with their surroundings, helping them hide.

    Interesting Facts: The Spot Prawn is a scavenger - an animal that basically eats whatever it can find. To pick-up bits of food, he has a pair of long, skinny, flexible arms that can reach down between the gravel he walks on! Interesting Facts: When they hatch, flounders look like most other fish - flattened vertically.

    However, as they grow the cells on one side of the fish's head grow faster than those on the other. This causes one eye to be pushed to the other side and the mouth to twist sideways.