Widerstand im Dritten Reich am Beispiel Stauffenberg (German Edition)

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A History of the Münster Anabaptists

Scriptor, Wischnitzer, Mark. Berlin: Reiss, Wiskemann, Elizabeth. Undeclared War. London: Constable, Contemporary account of Nazi techniques and pressures on the eve of War. Wiskemann had travelled widely in Europe. Yerushalmi Yosef. Memorial Lecture 26 , 38 pp. Ziegler Herbert. Princeton, Zweig Arnold. Insulted and exiled. The truth about the German Jews. John Miles, Insulted and Exiled. Zweig Max. Tel Aviv: Elzar Benyoetz, Fled Prague in for Palestine where he remained. Zweig,Stephan preface by Stonehill C A edited by. The Jewish Contribution to Civilization.

Reference Works

Cheltenham: C A Stonehill,Booksellers, Catalog No First attempt by a bookseller to give a bibliographical survey to the entire contribution. Bloch, Allen Marilyn. Alien Minorities and.. Measor, Includes diatribe against miscegenation and Zionist conspiracies. Bamberger Naftali Bar Giora. Der judische Friedhof in Celle. Carl Winter, Bar-Giora Bamberger, Naftali. Gemeinde Kippenheim, Bassani Giorgio. Poesie Einaudi, Bergner Yosl.

Hed Arzi, Bondy began her career as a translator for the UP News Agency in the s. During the Holocaust, Bondy was sent to Theresienstadt in and Birkenau in She remained in journalism for over thirty years and taught at Tel Aviv University. Bieberstein, Aleksander. Cracow: Wydawnictwo literackie, The destruction of the Jews in Cracow.

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Borwicz, Michel. Paris: Presses Univ. Bramer Andreas hrsg. Gottingen: Wallstein, Includes the Shoah and current situation. Burck Jacob inscribed. Hunger and Revolt; Cartoons by Burck.

Daily Worker, Second Edition. Some of these artists were rescued by Varian Fry. Celan Paul. Fischer, Cordon Cecile hrsg. An der Zeiten Rander Czernowitz und die Bukowina. Geschichte Literatur Verfolgung Exil. Kramer, With essays on experiences of Bukowina writers and the Shoah. Czaplicka John. Northwestern University, Deutsches Exilarchiv Katalog der Bucher und Broschuren. Metzlersche Verlagsbuchhandlung , Extraordinary bibliography containing nearly 7, publications of German-speaking emigrants whose books and brochures were published outside Nazi Europe from to including first editions, reprints and translations, books published by emigrants, translated, illustrated or designed, publications by Jewish publishers In Germany, Austria and Czechoslovakia after o.

Concludes with a complete registry of the persons and organizations and the publishers included. Deutsches Historisches Museum. Berlin: DHI, Deutsches Historisches Museum, Duker Abraham prepared by. Hadassah, Ethnic Cleansing in Germany A Symposium. Los Angeles: Freedom for Religions in Germany, Fleischmann Johann.

Arbeitkreis Judische Landgemeinden, Collection of documents and essays and additions to volume 1 Very Good-. Flieschmann Johann editor. Judische Landmemeinden an Aisch Aurach Ebrach, In German, educator actove in Bamberg and Austria in Jewish Christian relations, and work on the SHoah, reflections on her work, talks.

Franklin Ruth. Oxford UP, Is there room for fictive interpretations of what happened? Is it possible in the genre of memoirs to provide absolute truth or is all narrative the subjective analysis of one person? Gourevitch, Philip. NY: Farrar Straus and Giroux, American journalist traces the Rwandan genocide 8vo pp.

Art is in Danger! Curbstone, Horkenbach Cuno hrsg. Das Deutsche Reich von bis Heute. Horkheimer Max. Zwei Bande. ISBN: patholocaust. Jochmann Werner. Europaische Verlag, Lebow, Barbara. A Shayna Maidel. NY: Samuel French, Play abou a survivor of the Holocaust who joins her family who re living in America. Levine Rhonda. Lanham: Rowman and Littlefield, Margolin Julius IUlii. Tel Aviv: Ben Hor Maaian, Was author o Land of the Ze-ka,.

A collection of stories including , Gunder Aviel [a name] Srolik become a nationalist [perhaps a Zionist? He studied at the Humboldt University of Berlin. Margolin received his doctorate in philosophy in He then moved to Lodz, Poland and later to Palestine in Three years later he was visiting his relatives in Pinsk and was trapped there by the Soviet invasion of Poland. He survived, and was freed in as a former Polish citizen according to the agreement with Poland. In , he was permitted to return to Poland, from where he moved to Palestine.

He immediately started writing Journey to the Land of the Ze-Ka, which was finished in , when Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn had just been sent to the gulag. The manuscript was also rejected in Israel. An abridged version was published in France in [2] The book was printed in the United States in by Chekhov Publishing House also abridged , and was reprinted in In , Margolin was a witness in the trial of David Rousset against a French communist newspaper. The paper was engaged in slander of Rousset for revealing information about the gulag to the French public.

Montefiore I G. The Jews in Germany : facts and figures no. Motherwell Hiram. Western Reserve University Press, ?. Parrish Art Museum. Power and Patronage: State Sponsored Art in the s. PAM, Paver Chaver Einbinder Gershon signed bt. Giboyrim fun der nakht : roman fun Idishe partizanen in Poyln. Chaver Paver Committee, Pike, David.

German Writers in Soviet Exile: Chapel Hill: UNC, Very important work documenting the plight of anti Nazi writers in the Soviet Union and their harsh fate. Rabinowicz Oskar. Winston Churchill on Jewish Problems. London: Yoseloff, Raemaekers Louis.

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Kultur in Cartoons. Century, Anti German propaganda. Reissner Hanns. Familie auf Wanderschaft. Judische Wirklichkeit heute. Eine Schriftenreihe Heft 3. Judischer Buchverlag, Sherwin Byron and Ungar Irwin signed by. Freedom Illuminated: Understanding the Szyk Haggadah. Historicana, Snoek Johan. Van Gorcum, Sobotko, H. Sefer zikaron li-kehilat Lomzah. American Committee for Lomzer Pinkos, , In Yiddish maps on endpapers, Good. Spann Othmar inscribed.

Inscribed by author in pen on free end paper pages tears to crown of spine and side of backstrip. Nationalist whose writing influenced Nazi thinking. Stankiewicz Edward. Syracuse, In this unusual memoir, Edward Stankiewicz stirringly recalls his youth as a Polish Jew beginning with prewar Warsaw through to the Nazi invasion. Life on the run lands Stankiewicz in Soviet-occupied. Lwow where in time he joins the Lwow Literary Club.

A friend of Jewish, Yiddish, Polish, and Soviet poets and writers, he offers rare insights into wartime Eastern European intellectual life. After the German occupation of Lwow, in the newly built Jewish ghetto, he works in German military outfits and learns to forge Aryan and German documents to help people escape.

In a German uniform he escapes to the Eastern Ukraine where he wanders for several months from town to town. Captured by the Gestapo, he is shipped to Buchenwald where he survives as a Pole. In the camp he manages to produce Polish and German poetry and a play. Some of these poems are reproduced in the book. Steinsweis Alan. Stone I F. This is Israel. NY: Boni and Gaer, Includes material on refugees. Tar, Zoltan. NY: John Wiley, War Information Office. Tale of a City. Office of War Information, With drawings and description of the plight of the Jews being murdered by the Nazis in the Warsaw Ghetto, drawings of murdered Jews and the resistance killing Nazis.

Eine Klarung der kulturellen Identitat. Locker, Warhaftig, Zorach. Important work. Mappot …blessed he who comes. The Band of Jewish Tradition since late Antiquity. Mappot …gesegnet, der da kommt. Hidden Legacy Foundation, On traditional ritual objects with extensive materials on wimpels. On the world of German Jewry that was lost. Weil Sylvie. Chez les Weil Andre et Simone. Libretto, Weiss Rabbi Avi. Haggadah for the Yom HaShoah Seder. Coalition for Jewish Concerns-Amcha, Wiechert Ernst.

Buchdruck, Wiechert was strongly opposed to Nazism from the start. He appealed in and to the undergraduates in Munich to retain their critical thinking in relation to the national socialist ideology. This was rated as call to internal resistance. The minutes of the speech circulated illegally in Germany and reached Moscow in baked in bread. Here it was published in the influential exile magazine Das Wort The Word. In consequence of his criticism, he was interned himself in the Buchenwald concentration camp for four months which became the most horrible time of his life.

After that, he wrote down his memories about the time of his imprisonment and buried the manuscript. It was published after the war in , entitled Der Totenwald Forest of the dead , a shocking account of the conditions in Buchenwald. Wir deutsche in der Welt. Berlin: Verband Deutscher Vereine im Ausland, Wolf, Diane L.

Special Herge Issue. Zu Martin Bubers Februar Ein Rundbrief an die judischen Lehrer. Reichsvertretung der Juden in Deutschland. Aczel Tamas inscribed. Illuminations; a novel. NY: Pantheon, Hungarian survivor of the Nazis and the Communists and his epic journey dj worn.

Story of Dr George Feldheimer, dentist and boulevardier, formerly of Budapest, presently of London, is a man under perpetual suspicion. Arrested by the Hungarian secret police, a survivor of Nazi concentration camps, fascist torture and Communist Party purges, he flees Hungary for England, where he is promptly interrogated. Adam Thomas hrsg.

Verlag regional kultur, In German Many essays on the family and their connection to Bruchsal and their fate during the Shoah and the visits after the War. Adelsberger Lucie. Auschwitz: Ein Tatsachenbericht. Das Vermachtnis der Opfer fur uns Juden und fur alle Menschen. Berlin: Lettner, Adler, H.

Auschwitz: Zeugnisse und Berichte. Frankfurt: Athenaum, Bierling Tino editor. Edward Kleinholz The Pawn Boys. Berlinische Gallery, In German pen notes last pagefilled with , images of Nazi soldiers with families. Bloch, Chajim. Das Judische Amerika: Wahrnehmungen und Betrachtungen. Wien: Das Leben, Interesting observations of American Jewry, Very Good.

Botz Gerhard. Obermayer, Bruchfeld, Stephane. Tell ye your children…a book about the Holocaust in Europe Regieringskansliet: Levande Historia, Cohn Ruth C. NYC: Privately printed, In addition, she studied education, theology, literature and philosophy. From to , she was also trained as a psychoanalyst at the International Society for Psychoanalysis. In , she — like all German Jews living in foreign countries — lost her German citizenship.

Der Poilisher Id Nummer Deutsch, Julius. De Burgeroorlog in Oostenryk: Beschrijving door mede-strijders en ooggetuogen. Amsterdam: De Arbeiderspers, Slight library marks. He remained its leader until its destruction in Dorner Bernwald. Die Deutschen und der Holocaust Was niemand wissen wollte, aber jeder wissen konnte.

Propylaen, Fine David.

List of books about Nazi Germany - Wikipedia

De Gruyter, Juden im offentlichen Leben Deutschlands; Regierungsmitglieder, Beamte und Parlamentarier in der monarchischen Zeit: Hazan, Souzana. Hoffmann Prof Heinrich hrsg. Munchen: Hoffmann, James Harold. NY: Cambridge UP, Jansen John Weyl Stefan. Silent War the Underground Movement in Germany. Lippincott, Jasper Willi. Hotel Lutetia. Ein deutsches Exil in Paris. Hanser, Kohlbauer-Fritz, Gabriele hrsg. Picus, Korner Edmund erbauerer Klapheck Richard text. Die Synagoge in Essen…. Faksimile Ausgabe. Essen: Gesellschaft fur christlich-judische Zusammenarbeit, Kracauer Siegfried.

Das Ornament der Masse. Suhrkamp, Kuntz Dieter editor Bachrach Susan project director. Deadly Medicine: Creating the Master Race. USHMM, Lamm Hans hrsg. Vergangene Tage: Judische Kultur in Munchen. Muller, Leschnitzer, Adolf. Faust und Moses. American Imago. Offprint volume 6 no 4 pp.

NY: IUP, Mollenhoff, Gisela. Judische Familien in Muenster bis Westfaelisches Dampfboot, , , , Moses John. London: Prior, Orlowski Slawomir. Erich Koch Przed Polskim Sadem. Warsaw: Wydawnictwo Ministerstwa Obrony Narodowej, During this period, he was also the Reichskommissar in Reichskommissariat Ukraine from until After the war, Koch stood trial in Poland and was convicted in of war crimes and sentenced to death. Pabel Hilmar. Jahre unseres Lebens. Deutsche Schicksalsjahre. Stuttgart: Constantine, Pressac, Jean-Claude. Piper, In German extensive research by the author of the monumental work Auschwitz: Technique and Operation of the Gas Chambers.

Reder, Rudolf. Krakow: Central Jewish Hist Comm, Survivor memoir. Jewish Social Studies Supplement, Robinson, Jacob. And the Crooked Shall be Made Straight. Eichmann Trial pp. Rosner Jacob photographs by. A Palestine Picture Book. NY: Schocken Books, Roth Martin hrsg. In aller Munde. Einhundert Jahre Odol. In German Karl Lingner founded the antiseptic mouthwatch and became wealthy,.. By dealing with the disinfection of his time Lingner came to the study of social hygiene literature.

He recognized the existing ignorance of the population in terms of the emergence and spread of diseases and subsequently used a large part of his millions of dollars for public health education and to support charitable institutions. Here, in particular, the exhibition of widespread diseases and their control in and the first International Hygiene Exhibition Dresden highlighted.

The latter reached the dimension and recognition of a world fair for health with more than 5 million visitors. The exhibition methodology developed by Lingner makes him a pioneer of modern hygienic public education. Wikipedia Includes the s and National Socialism. Rulf, Schlomo, introduction. Jerusalem: Jerusalem Post, In German and English. Sachs Nelly. Warum sie nach Auschwitz deportiert worden waren, fand keine Antwort. Aussagen sind wiedergegeben, in denen etwa eine "Ungarin aus der Stadt Cluj" Klausenburg , Anna Keppich mit Namen, die Ankunft von " ungarischen Gefangenen" beschreibt -- nichts von der Mordaktion an Zehntausenden ungarischer Juden im Jahre Deshalb tangiert das Thema auch mein professionelles Interesse als Russland-Experte.

Zur Sache wobei ich auf Fussnoten verzichte, da die Quellen bekannt sind : In der kurzen Fassung eines Artikels habe ich eine Auseinandersetzung mit Hilberg unterlassen, weil er keine neuen Quellen verwandte; mit G M Gilbert , weil er keine Quellen angab. Auch Wellers habe ich nicht herangezogen. Seiner Gesamtbilanz rechnete er die ungeborenen Kinder hinzu. Pressac bezweifelte, dass Bendel Augenzeuge war. III S. Darin behauptete Czech ohne jeden Beleg den Gastod vieler Transporte, deren Insassen noch lebten wie die am Er spricht von "Hunderttausenden" ermordeten Frauen und Kindern.

Als "crucial document" beruft sich Piper auf eine Fassung, die ein Falsifikat darstellt : den " Brief " vom Dadurch wurde der Eindruck erweckt, der Brief sei abgesandt worden. Das Original ist nicht unterschrieben, weil es sich nur um einen Entwurf handelte, der offenkundig gerade nicht abgesandt wurde.

September August , in Betrieb, der zweite Ofen dann vom 3. Oktober an. In dem nicht abgesandten Briefentwurf vom In diesem Krematorium wohnten sehr bald die Mitglieder des Sonderkommandos. Piper beruft sich auf Tauber, dessen Zeugnis ich "very carelessly" gelesen haben soll.