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How civilized in to have a full-length mirror so I can turn my back and stretch my neck around just so, to check my stocking seams are straight. There they are today in summer heat, holding hands as they peer into shop windows thinking all is well with the world. How could I break their spell? No, I cannot tell them ladders are the order of their day and pantyhose now holds sway.

Jan Dean , a former visual arts teacher, lives at Lake Macquarie. I was left with a cavity that has sealed itself over with the help of two continuous sutures. I have stopped ignoring them nonetheless have stopped trying to disguise them with complaisance, competence, facts-at-the-ready. I return to them, feel for their shapes under the surface attest their presence with as much pressure as I can tolerate. Her third full-length collection, Autobiochemistry , completed with the support of an Australia Council grant, is forthcoming from UWA Publishing.

strikes the bermy Ebook

Capturing fleeting smiles, silverfish, you between sheets, pages. Divine, our names in calligraphy a love scene: The poem on a grain of rice such a seed so intricate. In , she founded the feminist poetry organisation, Girls on Key, providing opportunities for women and non-gender binary poets. Who named that other feeling assigning a colour to gravelly laments wailing saxophones the thump of piano giving voice to pain?

Here waist deep in surf here is a different music a pure ecstatic sky a layer cake of sea iced with foam. I want to lick it this colour inside me is too expansive so I nickname it Heaven. I thought a lot about the maze of rooftops — the slopes and gussets and gutters. Not everyone knew the place that way. The groan of lilac was loud in spring — a beauty of excess — corrugated iron scattered with petals, roof corners piled. Around dusk, the floodlights at Albion Park. So being there was softened by a kind of abstraction. A collaborative work — Flotsam — is forthcoming with Flarestack, UK.

Georges Seurat. Her rhinestone girls are skating but she pulls me with her. Sit, baby. We can slow now. We laugh with no mouth all body. This Schauer Australian Cookery Book fifteenth impression: cover torn, binding tattered, pages misaligned, some creased, some ripped from her hurried use. Between the recipes for small cakes, a blank cheque and in faint purple pencil, her winning version of rock cakes with extra lemon zest and sugar crust. Legally blind in her final year, she asked for beef tea. I note now from the Invalid Cookery pages, a beaten egg yolk and white added separately at boiling point fortifies the broth.

I begin the day with my head on a stake. Drink water for three hours and pretend to walk around the block. Cut off all my hair and move to Savannah with red wine and borrowed money. Make it big. Forget to shower. Move back to the apartment complex, where people fold laundry and let the day spill past them like a naked gaze. Stuff my insides with oats and honey. Pretend to fold laundry like everyone else. Cry after calling my parents. Cry hard enough on the hardwood floor that my knees clink together. Push the door in the neighbors face when he knocks and asks me to keep it down.

Think how suspicious it is that other people have nothing to think about.

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Think about the ignorance of that thought. Clean the floor. Clean the bathroom counters. Clean until it becomes suspicious. I cannot smell like kitchen sinks forever. Put on a record. Something light. Something live. Tell my boyfriend he is all I think about. Hate myself for lying to my boyfriend and telling him he is all I think about. Ask myself where my sense of community is. Where is the light?

Why can I not find it? She strives for education reforms in the arts through Teach For America and aims to create her own literary magazine to encourage youths to stay community-engaged and politically active. My cream and sugar lover sits in the cracked orange booth in plain jane glory. He loves like He has a picnic basket spine. I look at him, ask if he wants to kick cobblestones until one of us bleeds.

To shed red in a latte foam, lights on water, women kissing mirrors, city. Maybe one day, he says. He stirs the drink in front of him hard enough to break wrists. And the future. She lives in Melbourne.

Streets Are Listening...God Is Watching: The Bermy Chick Chronicles

Still fatigued, I wake at first light. The television is running. Perhaps you were watching it. By my bed is an empty pallet. Did you tiptoe off to catch an auto rickshaw? Scrounge a dosai and some chai? On my screen the day is waking, accompanied by the credits of an early morning raga. As I float drowsily, a drone glissades into the room. Dewy buds begin to open as the alapana unfolds, sung with a vocal flexibility that I could only dream of.

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Each note emerges from its shadows into the waiting day. Now and then the lens pauses on a single bloom, opening into the brilliance, as if to beckon bees. Perhaps life is a raga, with its laboured beginning and speedy finish. Each note I inhale vibrates a blessing from Guruguha, the great master of healing. The pain has drifted off.

vanished when lightning strikes code name cassandra vanished bind up Manual

My lungs are clear. The Ganga banks are far away. She has published haiku, tanka and free verse in a number of Australian and overseas journals and anthologies. One little Azazel Goat. That mother bought for two pots of chicken soup. One little Azazel goat. Of all the objects in this room violets capture my gaze. She has facilitated creative writing courses for 26 years. For Vincent, it was a rejection of the mind, of the unstable and fluctuating nature of mental illness, of a revolving door relationship with creativity, of a brain overworked, of a brain unbalanced.

For my Nanna, it was a rejection of the body, of year-old bones grown weary, of a tongue devoid of able taste buds, of a heart leaking passion, of a heart leaking zest. On the other side, my Nanna passes a market, buys a painting from a man with a severed left ear and hangs it in her dining room. Her go-to coffee order is a mocha and she is a frequent reader of horoscopes. It felt as if she had crossed a line but not really a step more like an inching: A universe of time to herself. The chaos of routine-less days in pyjamas until noon. A slow creep towards the unregulated.

Order frames the day like the view of the garden from a window, but the bathroom mirror reflects no makeup no jewellery or combed hair. What if they found her dead? But in truth she was going nowhere. Content with seclusion and the yoga of eating tuna out of cans with her fingers, the open-mouthed chew, meditation on the three-day-old dishes fermenting on the sink. Unfettered until the inevitable return to civilisation: the office, management indecision and the reams of paperwork loading down her desk. The gossip duplicated in the photocopying section. What did you do in your break?

And her token smile stapled to a Nothing much. She is the poetry editor of StylusLit. Palmetto Station to Douglas Road. They remind me of an alternate universe. They stand here as early as am. Conversation after conversation. Bus after bus taking them to Hialeah. Taking them home. A new brown skinned woman approaches the bench every 15 minutes. Besos, names, and preguntas about how their families is doing Are the normal intros exchanged.

I sat there and listened to their conversations. Forgetting their laundry upon reaching Hialeah. Working in a new house in Coral Gables. But it hit me. To the point that I began to taste The salty drops of my subtle tears. They were the maids. Las que take care of Your children.


Las que spend hours cleaning The homes they wish to own one day. My mother was one, a time before I appeared. A life we would have continued if opportunity was not earned. I sat on that bus stop to take The next route to a future mis papas Dreamed for me. Those women remind me of a culture and people I refuse to forget. Respecting what they do Their sacrifice and ganas Goes noticed. Her millinery shop had windows bright With fascinators for madame whose face Needs artificial lace to help erase Ten years and homburgs for suburbanites Disguised as understated socialites. She scanned the sawdust-trampled street in case Her customer was late or had misplaced The payment for this bretonne veiled in white.

Winds cold as fingers of an old cashier Blew scraps through the boutique as beggars took Their place. A lady, cloaked, knocked with a frantic look As, in the distance, wedding steeples belled. Keep up the good work with the website. Best Wishes,. Mike Leng.

Vernon, B. Anyone who followed rugby in the early 's will remember John who was an outstanding player. He joined the Bermuda Police in after serving in the Nottingham City Police, and served here for 3 years during which time he met and married his wife Anne, who was a nurse at King Edward Hospital.

About Cha'Von Clarke

John and Anne have written to say they had a great time studying the website and spotting lots of familiar faces most of whom they can put a name to. John is planning to write his piece for our "Then and Now" column soon so watch that space. They were due to meet up with Steve Rollins in a couple of weeks for another trip down memory lane. They had also been thrilled to see Felicity and Dave Lunn. Bill Pratt who joined the Force in and served for 8 years, mainly in Operations, before leaving to work for many years at Oleander Cycles.

Bill and his Bermudian wife, Geraldine Gerry moved off Island and were believed to be living in California. Our sincere condolences go out to Gerry and family.

Bill Pratt. He moved there after 17 years in upstate New York. He has been single divorced since Wally has had replacement knee surgery, courtesy many years of rugby what else but otherwise is hangin' in there. Wally makes occasional visits back to Bermuda and finds it difficult to believe that its 25 years since he served here. Derek Richardson. Marriage apparently is not my thing - divorced again forever!

Cycling has taken the place of rugby - a new passion that's almost as consuming! This year will be riding miles in Sweden followed by London to Paris in 24 hours - miles of pure joy! Enjoyed the 50th anniversary of the PRC a few years back, and still love and visit Bermuda biennially.

Best to all my old mates - rockbound or otherwise! Tom could be considered an Honorary Bermuda Police Officer who was extremely popular with all who knew him. We will post further details as soon as we receive them. He wonders if anyone else could recall details of this incident. Don tells us that he really enjoys our website which gives him much pleasure. I am laid up at home for three months recovering from a serious leg injury after a fall in a Sydney shopping centre.

Fortunately it was a working day and my medical bills and other costs are met by workers compensation insurance. I am on the mend and getting around with crutches. Hello to everyone in Bermuda. Ralph Sealy - Ralph keeps in touch with us from his home in Willow Grove, Montgomery County, near Philadelphia, where he is now fully retired.

His last job was driving a yellow school bus for the local municipality in Willow Grove for 13 years after retiring from his commercial banking career spanning over 30 years Ralph tells us that he and his wife Jennifer do a lot of travelling, local, nationwide and international. Ralph Sealy. I dabble a great deal in the U. I have a strong background in these areas having worked in the financial areas of the bank during my early career. During Summer, I am an avid gardener, growing vegetables and flowers around the house and in a community garden. I am also busy with my Anglican Church life, having a successful singing career as a basso profundo for over 55 years in various choirs.

I used to sing in the Bermuda Cathedral choir from to during the tenure of Bishop Armstrong and Rev. Canon Roderick King. So I'm enjoying my retirement immensely while trying to stay busy. I would like to wish you and all blokes who served with me a Merry Christmas and a healthy and happy New Year. Name required. E-mail required, but will not display. Notify me of follow-up comments. Are you seeing "Red" Yet? This is When we published this photo of 14 police There was no prize for guessing that this is a While writing a recent article on our How about this for an exceptionally smart We mentioned that this photo has a strong We received the following two photographs We recently came into possession of this photo Shortly before this year's Cup Match this A Grand Reunion in Edinburgh We described this We recently received this photo of a very No prizes for guessing where this photo This had to be the largest number of people we A Smart Group!

We said it shouldn't be too Our latest photo was taken at a social gathering Official Opening of the "new" St. This is our second recent wedding photo being We had recently received this photo and wanted to We first published this photo in our Who, Where An Eastern Flavour!


This is the second large An Unforgettable Day This is without doubt the No prizes for telling us that this is a poster Anyone who served in the Bermuda Police We posted this photo after adding it to the Who is this "Best Dressed" crew? Here's a "Who, This photo is taken directly from the new book on Boating and Beer! No, this was not a photograph Boxing Contestants and officials As mentioned It's not Camouflage Crew! We just received this photo as Cann Anyone Identify the Celebrities and the How's this for a photo of photographers! We normally feature photos from the more distant Disco Dungeon!

We have just published an article in our "Hall of We have just received this copy of a front page At first glance this appears to be a Farewell to Tony Nuttall We clearly had a very Fifty six men in uniform This is the largest Start of the first Police We had recently come into possession of these No prize for guessing what sport these Football Team with a Cup Our latest photo, We pointed out that all of the persons in the Fresh off the Plane - September We recently received this photo of a As stated when we first published We had just recently received these photos of a Good Darts!

These gentlemen may not have been We said there is more than one legendary We believe this photo shows Great Sounds I thought it appropriate at this Happy 10th Anniversary in Bermuda - March Harmonious Group We were sure you would know This photograph made history for what it was used We had recently received this photograph from This excellent photo is taken from page 36 of our We recently received a copy of this photo and Riot Squad in training Apologies first for the Karate Anyone?

We didn't offer a prize for Kilting Around We recently received these three We recently received this group photo from former Yes, we knew these officers were all in Western We have just been kindly provided with New Recruits We had just received this Stepping Back in Time We have just come into Here is another photo we recently received which Although most of our members may never have There were no prizes for guessing that this was a This group of footballers were off on a tour, and We found this photo in our files and It seems appropriate this week to These men in our latest "Who, We just received this photo of a One man and his dog host a CID Pin-up of the Season!

This is probably the one We recently came into possession of these three We recently come into possession of this We had recently come into possession of How about this group to challenge your The Irish Connection We published this photo on Who remembers khaki uniforms? This photo is This photograph is also featured in our Salty Group It wasn't too difficult to figure This photo surely gave us a nostalgic glimpse of We received this photo in response to the Ship Ahoy!

There were no prizes for guessing I'm sure we have featured our group of "Singing There were no prizes for guessing which We recently poached this photo of a group We asked if you could remember the days when we When posting this photograph we said Some Team! Joint Importation Squad This was George's Police Barracks - This photo Ten Uniformed Police Officers This photo was A year-old man was arrested yesterday [Dec.

British American policyholders will receive a payment of 35 percent of their claims, it was announced today [Dec. Cheques will be available for collection from the British American offices on Front Street on Monday, December 19 between 9am and 4pm, and then on each business day thereafter. Youth Optimist sailors finished up their regular sailing series for this past Sunday and capped it off with an awards presentation and Christmas dinner at the RBYC. Awards for the Hardy Ltd. Bermuda Optimist Dinghy