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More featuring fashion. See more. Sara Benincasa. In this contemporary retelling of The Great Gatsby, by comedian Sara Benincasa, a teenage girl becomes entangled in the romance and drama of a Hamptons social circle and is implicated in a scandal that shakes the summer community.

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The Daughters. Book 1. Well, Joanna Philbin is going to tell you. The Daughters is authentic and well-told. Gossip Girl herself would love this new series. They were born with it. The only daughter of supermodel Katia Summers, witty and thoughtful Lizzie Summers likes to stick to the sidelines. The sole heir to Metronome Media and daughter of billionaire Karl Jurgensen, outspoken Carina Jurgensen would rather climb mountains than social ladders.

Daughter of chart-topping pop icon Holla Jones, stylish and sensitive Hudson Jones is on the brink of her own music breakthrough. By the time freshman year begins, unconventional-looking Lizzie Summers has come to expect fawning photographers and adoring fans to surround her gorgeous supermodel mother.

But when Lizzie is approached by a fashion photographer that believes she's "the new face of beauty," Lizzie surprises herself and her family by becoming the newest Summers woman to capture the media's spotlight. Don't miss this insider's look at what it's like to be the child of a world-famous celebrity, all while trying to navigate the ups and downs of high school.

Beneath the Glitter: A Novel. From internet stars Elle and Blair Fowler comes a scintillating new novel that takes readers Beneath the Glitter of the glitzy L. Welcome to a place where dreams are made. And where nothing—and no one—is ever what it seems.

The Time-Traveling Fashionista

Summer Intern. Carrie Karasyov. Geek Girl: Model Misfit. Book 2. You can make a geek a model, but you can't make her chic. More hilarity and high fashion await in the second book in the internationally bestselling Geek Girl series! Similar ebooks. Louise Lambert's best friend's thirteenth birthday party is fast approaching, so of course the most important question on her mind is, "What am I going to wear?!

But between cute commoner boys and glamorous trips to Paris, life in the palace isn't all cake and couture. Can Louise keep her cool-and her head! Scott Westerfeld. The first novel in a masterful trilogy by 1 New York Times bestselling author Scott Westerfeld that School Library Journal hailed is "sure to become a classic. The Time-Traveling Fashionista series. The Time-Traveling Fashionista at the Palace of Marie Antoinette Bianca Turetsky A gorgeous antique evening dress magically transports a precocious seventh-grader into the Marie Antoinette era in this second time-traveling historical fiction adventure for fashion-loving tweens.

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The Time-Traveling Fashionista on Board the Titanic Bianca Turetsky A gorgeous evening dress magically transports a precocious twelve-year-old onboard the Titanic in this adventurous time-traveling middle grade series debut for vintage-fashion-loving tweens, now available in paperback. Search our catalogue of over a million books.

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But when she learns that she is on the ill-fated Titanic, Louise is no longer interested in having fun. She alone knows the fate of Titanic and she is panic-stricken. She must warn Captain Smith to change course. When she attempts to do so, the Captain becomes angry, telling her he will not have her alarm the ship's passengers. She is forced by Miss Baxter's personal physician to her room where she is sedated.

Glenda and Marla appear to her in a dream and tell her that she cannot change history and that the key to saving herself is the dress. When Louise awakes, she reveals her true identity to her maid, Anna and they seek to try to either change the course of the Titanic or escape.

The Time-Traveling Fashionista On Board the Titanic by Bianca Turetsky

They are unsuccessful. Glenda and Marla finally tell Louise that she must find the dress, which has been sent to the Titanic's laundry. Without the dress, Louise will remain trapped in and on the sinking Titanic. Desperate to help people on the ill-fated ship as well as to find her dress, Louise enlists the aid of her maid, Anna. Will Louise succeed in saving herself? Is it really possible she cannot change the course of history and save thousands of lives? The concept behind this novel was interesting blending fashion, history and time travel, but it seems to never reach its full potential.

The heavy foreshadowing see below and then the history lesson by Louise's teacher, Miss Morris, steers the reader to the inevitable conclusion as to where Louise will time travel. Despite this, Louise herself, seems to take forever to figure out where she is.