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The best baits are often squid and lug worm. For more information on uptiding please click here. Please use your browsers back button to return to this site. Whitby is also one of, if not the best area for catching cod from the shore. At times the cod here are often no further than 20 to 30 yards from where you have cast. Autumn and winter is predominantly the best time of year to target cod from the shore at Whitby with the hours of darkness being the favoured time of day.

The first autumn storms dislodge crabs and worms from their hiding place under boulders and in the sand. The days immediately after a dieing storm with onshore winds is therefore the perfect time to target cod from the rocks and beaches around Whitby. The north east coast sea fishing venues are extremely rough, so your tackle will need to be robust to say the least.

North east rock anglers use the stiffest of rods often between 12 and 14 foot in length — rods to look at include those from Greys apollo , nitra , syntra and triplex , Centuary kompressor, and tip tornado and Zziplex Dymic, hst and bullet. Although the keen shore angler will use gear that is relatively expensive it is possible for the novice angler to find a rod and real suitable for learning the art of rock fishing for under 70 pounds. A visit to one of the local tackle shops for advice on what is available would be a good idea.

Alternatively the second hand market has been known to yield a bargain or 2 on the equipment front in the past. A 6 ounce lead grip lead for sandy areas or a plain lead for the rocks attached to a pulley rig or standard paternoster type rig is the way to go. Rotten bottoms may also be useful for those who want to fish the heavier ground. Peeler crabs, lugworms, ragworms, squid, mussels, hermit crabs and razor fish are only a few of a multitude of excellent cod baits for the shore and rock angler.

Each bait can be effective on any day, keeping an eye on other anglers fishing the same marks is one way to find out what baits are working on any particular day. Carrying as many baits as possible and trying each on their own and in combination with others cocktailing is another way to find out what the fish are feeding on. There are literally thousands of places where you can fish from the shore to catch cod in the Whitby area. The coastline from Filey Brigg to the south up to the North gare to the North of Whitby is littered with rocky bays and beaches.

I am not about to tell you which are the best areas cod anglers are very secretive. Angling from the shore in the uk is very hazardous to say the least.

Beach Fishing for Beginners

Every year lives are lost whilst pursuing our fascination with angling in the sea. Anglers of all levels of ability need to be very very careful indeed. At this point I would like to offer a few words of advice to anglers.

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Another great report packed with good information and some cracking photos , i really enjoyed the read. Great article and superb looking fishes, time to put the fly rod away and get out the beach caster. Cheers , tight lines and safe fishing to all. Norway Cod Fishing: There is a group of us who are looking for a company that will send us to Norway Cod fishing. Does any body know a good reliable company that advertise their holidays at the correct price???? View Larger Image. Redgilling For Cod — Whitby boat fishing In more recent times again mostly in the summer months anglers have been experimenting with red gills, jelly worms, and shads and have enjoyed success with many good fish taken on lighter rods and line.

Bait fishing For Cod At Whitby In summer Bait fishing is usually done over slack tide when the fishing with the pirks or redgills becomes less productive. Uptiding For Cod At Whitby One of the most productive and enjoyable methods of fishing for cod off Whitby is uptiding. Winter Cod Fishing At Whitby And The Surrounding North East Coast Autumn and winter is predominantly the best time of year to target cod from the shore at Whitby with the hours of darkness being the favoured time of day.

Equipment For Winter Cod Fishing Rods and Reels for cod fishing from the shore The north east coast sea fishing venues are extremely rough, so your tackle will need to be robust to say the least. Alternatively the second hand market has been known to yield a bargain or 2 on the equipment front in the past Terminal tackle for cod fishing A 6 ounce lead grip lead for sandy areas or a plain lead for the rocks attached to a pulley rig or standard paternoster type rig is the way to go. Cod Fishing Baits Peeler crabs, lugworms, ragworms, squid, mussels, hermit crabs and razor fish are only a few of a multitude of excellent cod baits for the shore and rock angler.

Where to fish for cod from the shore There are literally thousands of places where you can fish from the shore to catch cod in the Whitby area. Health and safety for shore fishing Angling from the shore in the uk is very hazardous to say the least. Never attempt to fish a new area without the help and advice of someone experienced in fishing that area. Always check the tide and ensure you will be safe to access and exit your chosen area. Watch out for cut off points. As for cod, well most anglers will be blinkered towards them and initial reports show small fish starting to show with a stray 15lber from the Brighton shore recently causing excitement although I think it was a fluke.

However, as I write a south westerly gale is building and blowing and that may just be all the codling need along the English Channel and Atlantic facing coasts, whilst in the North Sea things should also improve once an onshore North easterly arrives. Well thast OK, but the fact is that the horrendous weed and boulders of the Hoe are home to a host of fish and they are relatively safe from the nets.

OK this does mean that rock loving species like wrasse, pout, pollack etc are more prevalent, whilst plaice and sole are fewer. But give the rocks a look, fishing amongst snags is not that difficult if you give your tackle and tactics some thought. Fewer hooks get hooked up less and reeling in fast, lifts tackle up and over the snags!

My latest trip to the Hoe saw me stick with the sliding float and I fished a single hook baited with a sandeel 12ft deep. This meant I was well above the snags and by letting the float drift in the tide with a lift of the rod I could impart some natural looking movement in the frozen sandeel. It worked because I caught bass and pollack before switching to a rod with two hooks on the sea bed to catch wrasse and pout. Nothing big, but a successful and mixed day and perhaps one of the last before winter sets in proper, although with the changing seasons it does seem that autumn reaches out to Christmas nowadays in the south so the opportunity to fish the float hangs on if the sea remains calm and clear.

Last year I landed garfish from a Kent pier in late November! Talking about global warming, it seems very much alive in terms of sea angling with a continuous stream of tropical and semi tropical species landed in recent years from the UK shore and boat. Even so, the latest rare species to turn up is so remarkable it must pose questions related to the climate. Martin White a gardener from London landed a 2lb 8oz American striped bass from peg 60 on Dover breakwater. The fish was witnessed and weighed by Breakwater steward Tom Preston of Folkestone.

Striped bass are a relative of our bass and as far as I am aware one has never been recorded in English waters, indeed there is no British record. The species spawn in freshwater and although they are sea going, they are found around the major American river estuaries and so how one got across the vastness of the Atlantic Ocean is a mystery. It is a fact though that the species has been stocked in river systems throughout the world, including in Iran and Russia so the breakwater fish could be a Russian fish heading home to its estuary in North America. Bass, the European species, are a popular sea sport fish around Europe because they take lures and grow to double figures, in America the striped bass are an even bigger target protected totally from the commercial fishermen they are the major sea sport species.

Some readers may say that the anglers themselves did the damage with their disgraceful piles of dead cod and pollack. Others that it was the commercial fleets who have also long gone. Dave Chamberlain was a charter skipper in those day and he and his beach launched boat, Morning Haze plied their trade from the Deal shore — Basil Kidd, now departed, was the local news photographer who would go anywhere anytime for a big fish picture.

Between them they have produced a remarkable history of the changes that have occurred to sea angling nationally and this small section of the Kent shore in the very recent past. All three days are for Penn points. The venue is not that renowned for its fishing and if the weather is calm and clear it is a bit of a flounder raffle and that gets the entry up because everyone has a chance. You can also fish with the wife or kids which is attractive for families. The fishing is from 9. Not a large entry, so the rules were flexible with two rods and three hooks allowed. The idea was to catch the biggest of each species.

Now the breakwater wall is alive with dogfish both on the outside into the open sea and in the harbour behind. So catching a dogfish was not a problem, avoiding them was! To start I fished one rod with a float for mackerel and garfish and the other down the wall with booms fished just under the surface for bass with a head hooked ragworm. Three hours into the event with the sea chocolate brown with the May water, not a bite, except for dogs.

Nearby Mick Tapsell from Folkestone even caught a doggie fishing near the surface on his bass booms. A small bite signalled something was at the bait, probably a dogfish, but on the retrieve the rod bent over and the clutch slipped as the fish reached the wall. The species have been on the rise around Kent and are now starting to appear from the piers and other beaches, how long before one is landed at Seabrook or Hythe?

So a great weekend when everything came together. In between I won two small midweek coarse matches before going to Grimsby on the river Humber to fish the Penn sponsored Clubman final for the Sea Angler Magazine team. The event, which I organise through the magazine, is a national club team event and apart from a host of sea fishing tackle prizes the winning team fishes against a team selected by the magazine from the anglers that either write, or are regularly featured.

George guided us to the venue, which was the Courtalds Strait on the south Humber bank — A stretch of sea wall famous for its cod in winter whilst in summer flounders and eels with the bonus you could fish from your car! The ten competitors were pegged out with plenty of room and after the starting whistle it was clear that the down river end was the hot spot and an end peg vital. Well my luck had changed and I drew a middle number and ended up last individually!

Team wise Sea Angler won by some cms with George Smith and Chris Clark top on the day with enough points to the event one their own. George did particularly well from his end peg with 18 fish and you can read all about it in a later edition of Sea Angler. I am currently testing and reviewing bass rods, lure bags and lures for Sea Angler Magazine over the next few issues and the collection from the various manufacturers is amazing.

I must say the quality of most of the gear is really good with some excellent value for money. You can pay a small fortune for a bass lure fishing rod or buy one fairly cheaply although the quality and performance is definitely proportional to the price. Look out for the lure review especially its got most of the lures that the bass angler will need including the latest holographic plus and soft plastic baits.

The current free DVD from TF Gear comes with the latest edition of Sea Angler magazine and includes lots of sea angling info and tips that should prove useful to the novice and improving sea anglers. Paul Fenech and myself spent a day on the beaches at Sandown and Seabrook in Kent making it with cameraman Lloyd Rogers. I have since upgraded my own camera equipment and hope also to bring you a few video blogs in the near future. Canterbury, Kent sea angler, Andrew Griffiths is in the news after catching an impressive porbeagle shark. Andrew who fishes annually out of Milford Haven, West Wales aboard, White Water, perhaps the most successful shark charter boats around the UK, hauled in one of the biggest porbeagle sharks landed in the British Isles, certainly the best ever caught aboard White Water skippered by Andrew Alsop.

The rod a Shimano travel rod was cast at the fish and it took Andrew 40 minutes to boat the powerful shark during which time the skipper had to back the boat up towards the fish to regain Andrew some of his line. July can be a difficult month for lots of sea anglers around the UK, not only with the daylight beaches etc crowded with holidaymakers, but the humid conditions definitely put the fish off feeding and coming close to shore. In some regions, particularly the south, some species have passed through on their migration north, whilst in the far north some may not yet have arrived.

All in all it can be a frustrating time and it pays to be a little more selective with your venue choice. Those remote rock marks and deep piers are favourite from the shore, but a trip wrecking on a charter boat is also worth considering because the calmer weather is the most favourable for reaching some of those far off barely fished virgin wrecks.

Check out the Whitby and Tyne charters for a deep North Sea trip, Milford Haven is also a worthwhile destination for sharks, whilst on the English Channel coast big congers and some huge black bream are in range. In my roll as contributing editor to Sea Angler magazine I go out on a feature with a photographer almost weekly and finding pictures of fish when you are tied to a day, any old tide and 9 to 5 working hours is almost impossible.

BUT occasionally my trip out with Sea Angler magazine photographer, Lloyd Rogers is successful and that makes a big change for both Lloyd and myself from the normal run of the mill tackle reviews, baits pic that we would normally deal with. Recently I had a call from the magazine, could I use Lloyd for a beach trip, short notice, he had a cancellation. First thing I do in this situation is consult the tide table, and wonders of wonders the tide was perfect and so Lloyd and myself set off for Sandwich Bay in Kent with my angling mate John Wells along for back up. I chose to fish the ray hot spot near to the Sandwich Bay Yacht club slipway and on arrival, a dismal dull dirty day, the beach was deserted.

First cast a typical doggie bite and then a line full of May water suggested that the reason no one is fishing. But no the bite culprit was bigger than a dogfish and a thornback around 6lb surfaced. I tend only to use a single hook rather than a Pennel when fishing catch and release. You can read all about the days fishing in Sea Angler in a future issue.

In the meantime there is nothing like a bit of success to fire the belly for even more fishing and my next target are some bass. For glasses wearers a nightmare. Another way to combat it is to bang the fishing rod with the palm of your hand during the retrieve; this can help shake week and gunge off the line. Not a lightweight, flimsy rust bucket coarse brolly, but a brolly that has fibre glass, a tough removable hood and built in skirt with shingle pockets, it also has a straight insert support pole for maximum room.

Give it a look you will be impressed by how well it is made. A great shelter for match and freelance anglers that have to move with the tide. Organiser is Trevor Sutch of ISAC who is seeking sponsors for the event, which is for teams of ten anglers from the clubs that have been selected to fish the World Clubs Championships.

I am the main organiser and this year the event has been moved forward in the year hopefully to some calmer weather that will allow anglers to fish Dover breakwater, which is only reachable by boat. In previous years the boat has not been able to reach the wall and the event has struggled for fish on the Prince of Wales pier inside Dover harbour. Entry details E Mail: alankyates aol. The problem of an increasing number of seals taking fish around the coast of the UK was highlighted for me by the dramatic fishing demise of Dover Harbour. With commercial fishing of any kind banned inside the harbour for decades the harbour was always a natural sanctuary for a number of common sea species including bass, pollack, flounder, plaice and even pouting in summer and cod, dabs and whiting in winter.

But all that has changed in recent years with the arrival of several large seals inside the harbour only dogfish can be caught consistently, which tells me that seals are not that keen on the doggies. Just up the coast from Dover harbour the River Stour estuary has a similar problem, but even worse the Canterbury coarse angling club report that seals are plundering bream, chub and pike stocks well up the river past Sandwich.

The Rig Book (Volume 1): Mr James P Hindley: Books

They have secured photographic evidence, which they have passed to the Environment Agency for action. Seal cull? So politically incorrect it looks like we are stuck with them! Another trip abroad to Italy this month was to fish the Magrini Championships in Sardinia. A third on the first day raised my hopes, but a blanks, along with six other GB anglers I might add, ended my chances. It seems the slow start to spring and summer even effected the Mediterranean angling with the Sardinian anglers complaining of a lack of fish.

I must to admit to a liking for fishing ultra light for sea fish because most of the semi tropical species like those found in the Med pull for their size although in the case of Sardinia five hours for two undersized 15cm weavers has tested my patience. Magrini winner was Irish angler J P Molloy who put in a consistent performance to become only the second Home Nation angler to win the event joey Arch was the other.

Only problem was winning five trophies and an armful of prizes ranging from Sea fishing rods to reels, meant a huge excess baggage charge on his return home. Never mind JP well worth the extra cost because few Home nations anglers can claim such a great win on their CVs. A busy month of competitions at a time of year I really enjoy shore fishing — Its scratchy with bites at a premium and to do well you need to scale down both your tackle and your angling ego.

Methods For Catching Cod From A Boat :

Lots of anglers fish through March still in their November cod goggles, but the bigger fish are no longer around in a majority of regions and its time for the dabs, flounders and those damn rockling. The low tide gutter often being the only hot spot on the beach. My latest competition was the Ten Worm Challenge — A sea angling competition with a difference with competitors allowed to use just ten lugworms as bait — Nothing else! The event received lots of publicity despite which the entry was small, I suspect novelty events are not for many serious matchmen, although it is the case that event organisers are continually looking for competitions which offer more of a level playing field for all anglers in an attempt to attract more to competitions.

The Ten Worm Challenge was a rover, fish where you like and you could use ten rods with one worm if you preferred. I opted to get out my Continental sea fishing rods and use the event as a practice for the forthcoming World Clubs Champs in Portugal where I am representing Dover Sea Angling Association. Size 4 hooks, 8lb hook snoods, foot quiver tip and fixed spools reel loaded with 0.

I chose to fish at Dungeness and to cut a long story short I finished with 32 fish and half a worm left after five hours, the clear winner with the next place catching by Mark Howard fishing nest to me at Dungeness landing11 fish.

An Introduction to Beach Casting.

My secret was to fish small baits each tied on the hook with elastic cotton — That way the bait lasted ages. I think I will claim a Guinness book of record place with the catch, but only so as to create more interest in the idea, which was the brainchild of Seabrook sea angler, Tim Raymond. Another event that attracts a huge entry because anglers see the event as giving anyone a chance of winning is the European Championships fished at Bridlington.

Big fish matches are the way to go if you want a larger entry, whilst pegged, catch and release will only attract the most dedicated match anglers. With the BBC Shipping forecast giving gales it was touch and go whether the event took place, but fish we did although heading out to a wreck at thirty miles was a bit lumpy to say the least. With snow on my lawn at the time of writing this blog its difficult to get involved in the spring prospects but there already seems to be plenty of plaice around in the English Channel and it wont be long before the rays push inshore.

Rumblings about smoothhound on Facebook seem a bit premature when Britain shivers in its worst spring weather for years. Last year I was noticeable that the species has moved into the North Sea big time with Skegness region on the Lincs coast one of the best hound venues, Selsey and the Solent kept their end up as did South Wales and even Kent got in on the act at Sandown.

But first the crabs need to peel, fingers crossed for some warm sunshine. Staying with the changing format of competitions this one just had to happen and is possibly the way more events are going to go in the future. Your catch is snapped with the days bag label and returned. Email — shop gerrysfishing. Another catch and release event worth a look is the Rutherfords Conoflex 2 day open. All fish to count but there is a maximum hook size of 4. Alan Yates with a late 3lb Codling. Alan with a lovely trio of Plaice. Phil Hambrook 59lb 8oz new record ling, Norway.

There is something about catching plaice that stirs the imagination, the rod tip nods and on the strike and retrieve resistance builds, the tackle seems to hang deep and then the lead surfaces ahead of a big flattie using every ounce of its width and strength to stay on the sea bed. The best plaice fishing venues Beaches around the Channel Island South Hams beach Slapton and Beesands in Devon Chesil beach in Dorset with Cogden and Abbotsbury consistent Poole harbour produces the odd specimen, especially the dinghies Eastney, Southsea and Lee on Solent in the Solent in Hampshire are the southern plaice hot spots and although the species thins out toward Sussex and Kent the odd specimen is always possible from venues at Pevensey Bay, Dover Breakwater and the Prince of Wales pier at Dover.

These smaller sizes being easier to remove than the larger sizes should you want to return the fish. Tight lines, Alan Yates. New York plaice like bling too!