Kitchen Storage Solutions

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The best place for it is often right next to the refrigerator as it's full height and together the refrigerator and larder make up the main food storage space. There's a few things to consider for a kitchen pantry if you're thinking about a walk in cupboard in your kitchen. Big deep ones are great for plates, bowls, pots, pans.

Kitchen Storage & Accessories

Kitchen drawer dividers. To store items like plates and bowls effectively in drawers then drawer dividers makes life much easier. The space can be divided into mini compartments, or items kept in place with pegs. Double drawers. Lots of manufacturers are doing double drawers, like a drawer within a drawer. It looks clean from the front but for me this means extra steps to open and close the drawers to get at things either in the top or bottom segment of the drawer.

Kitchen Storage Solutions

Some manufacturers have a catch which allows you to choose if the top or bottom drawer is presented when the drawer is opened from the front. Utensil drawers. These utensils I've seen drawers like this for cutlery and knives as well look great today but what about when some other utensil comes along and can't be part of the gang? With wall mounted attachments the backsplash can become another useful storage space. Knives can go on a wall mounted magnetic strip.

Utensils can be gathered into a wall mounted container.

Kitchen storage ideas: 25 space-saving solutions

Trays or chopping boards can be kept in place behind a bar, herbs and spices can go in magnetic tins and be stuck up on a magnetic piece of wall or the refrigerator. Even coffee capsules can be stored on the wall. There are some downsides though Before you start your hunt for kitchen storage solutions, make a list of what you need to store. I've made this list for you as a start. You may have more or less stuff. Some of the items you may decide to store out of the kitchen in another space in the end. Like putting vases in the utility room and the cleaning supplies under the stairs.

If any of your items are particularly tall or wide measure them up so that you can find kitchen storage ideas that will work for those items. It's not really a kitchen triangle is it? Kitchen Dimensions and Planning Guidelines. Kitchen Cabinet Dimensions. Kitchen Layout Ideas. U-Shaped Kitchens. G-Shaped Kitchens. Galley Kitchens. L-Shaped Kitchens. Kitchens With Islands. Kitchen Island Designs. How to design a kitchen.

Kitchen Drawers

Kitchen storage solutions. More kitchen storage ideas. Kitchen lighting ideas.


Living Room Layout. Bathroom Layout. Kitchen Layout. Dining Room Design. Bedroom Design. Closet Design.

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Laundry Room Design. Staircase Design. Garage Design. Start by downloading your. Thank you for visiting House Plans Helper. Read now. Print this page. Cabinet Storage Our clever internal storage solutions include pull-out and corner carousel options for base cabinets and larder units.

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  7. Kitchen Handles Whatever your decorative needs, we have a wide range of contemporary and traditional handles. Kitchen Bins Choose from a wide range of styles and sizes including freestanding and integrated kitchen bins. Washing Up Bowls Ideal for cleaning the dishes. Keep everything you need to cook in drawers near the hob, and store the most frequently used items right at the top. Think about how best to store kitchen items before filling each drawer.

    Increase the functionality of old kitchen cabinets by modifying them to make smarter use of space. If your cabinets are short on shelves, add wire baskets and plastic containers to keep the contents neat and well-organised. Hanging a rack from the wall saves on space and helps the air get to wet crockery. Get smart with rubbish and recycling storage. Choose different sizes and shapes of containers to suit different sorts of waste, and save on time spent sorting. Add space to your kitchen with a portable trolley.

    Use it to store bulky items, or to wheel everything to the dining table in one go, rather than going back and forth. Make it easier to set the table each day — create a one-stop station of everyday essentials, including crockery, cutlery and napkins. If your kitchen has deep drawers, use every bit of that height to store jars upright. Save your shallower drawers for items like cutlery or flat tins.

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