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  1. Reward Yourself
  2. Real assistance, honorable intentions
  3. The Earl's Honorable Intentions (Glass Slipper Brides, book 3) by Deborah Hale
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For implementation of these tasks in a customer-country there is a need to train Russian experts who would be both highly qualified and skilled and know international documents. The selection criteria should be their technical competence and good knowledge of English language, so that communication with partners can take place without interpreter. For a week in Obninsk they were instructed on international approaches to the goals and objectives to be pursued by management and regulatory bodies within national nuclear programs.

The first two days were devoted to acquaintance with international experience and national programs of partner countries.

Reward Yourself

On the other hand, Russian experts were speaking about themselves, their activities and competencies in order our foreign partners get an idea about the potential available in our country. On the third day IAEA documents and best practices in training and exchange of experience were discussed. Based on their visions, the experts put together preliminary proposals regarding support to the partner countries in nuclear infrastructure development.

The workshop in Obninsk was another step towards preparing a comprehensive proposal from Russia to provide assistance to partner-countries in developing a nuclear infrastructure.

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This work can take different forms: on the basis of separate elements of infrastructure, or groups of elements, training conducted in our country, development of different technical facilities, setting up information and training centers and emergency response centers in partner-countries. By the end of March each experts is expected to provide a vision of what competencies should be developed for a specific infrastructure element and how this can be accomplished in customer counties. View All Events. Russian experts participated in the Workshop.

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Real assistance, honorable intentions

High Charity. Alpha Halo. Delta Halo. The Ark.

The Earl's Honorable Intentions (Glass Slipper Brides, book 3) by Deborah Hale

Species Human. Orbital Drop Shock Troopers. UNSC Navy. Office of Naval Intelligence. Covenant Covenant military. Covenant Honor Guard. High Council.


Insurrectionists United Rebel Front. New Colonial Alliance.

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