Druidry and Meditation

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  2. The Tree Meditation
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Through self knowledge and inner peace, we gain insight. In contemplation and communion, we may hear the voice of spirit.

11 Responses to “Druid Meditation”

This book offers a broad range of meditative practices, and explains how to develop your own visualisations. For those who want to go further, there is advice for running meditation groups and for using meditation in ritual. Druidrj and Meditation is not only a handbook for seeking tranquillity, but a guide to adventure, creativity and inspiration, exploring how meditation can play a part in the many aspects of modern Druid life.

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The Tree Meditation

As trees draw upwards, they take nourishment from the earth, and so it is with your inbreath. Still remembering to relax downwards with the outbreath, use the inbreath to start to breathe nourishment up your root system, and into your body. You might find it helpful to breathe to a count, but I find it most useful just to breathe as naturally as possible and feel the breath, and the nourishment rising like sap, as fully as I can. The meditation so far can be used as a powerful way of centering yourself on its own. However, the next steps can be used to integrate yourself into your environment..

Spiritual Journeys in Tending the Land, Permaculture, Wildcrafting, and Regenerative Living

Start small at first, just growing small shoots. Remember that you only need to grow on the outbreath, keeping the sap rising in you on your inbreath. If you feel like it, you can grow bigger branches, maybe leaves, maybe even blossom, if you really feel like it. You may just feel like a small winter blackthorn, sparsely covered, and prickly.

Or you might be a huge ash tree, all towering and tall.

Downloads and Offerings – Druid Journal

As you breathe in and out, how do you interact with those things? Some people find it difficult to practice this meditation indoors, or on floors above ground level.

"Awen" ~ Poweful Druidic Chant

This can sometimes kick the imagination into building the sense of nourishment this mediation aims to create. The Druid Network. This is a basic meditation intended to link the Druid's spirit and flesh to the currents of Earth and Sky. It is based on methods that have become known in Pagan work as "grounding and centering". All these methods are meant to connect the student to spiritual powers in the cosmos, and to provide balanced channels of flow for those powers in the personal soul.

Druid Life

Some form of this technique should precede almost any work of worship or magic. The Two Powers model is based on core concepts in Indo-European lore, but is not, by any means, the only vision or mythic model useful in our Druidry. The work begins by seating yourself, or standing, in a comfortable position at your meditation seat. Here follows a script for a version of the Two Powers work. You should read through the script until you are familiar with its pattern, or perhaps even read it onto a tape for the first several exercises. Soon, with practice, you will know the basic order, and be able to proceed from memory.

The best practice is to memorize the sequence of images, but this is made much easier by a few repetitions with spoken guidance.