CSR (A very short story)

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  3. “Most of the companies and organizations in Georgia operate with very lean staff”

The Paradox – and Appeal – of Video

To do so they must engage in round tables with the Civil Society and various stakeholders to understand all the interactions and take the suitable enlightened decisions about the development of their operations. Well, since to and the release of the 13 th 5 years plan, a real turn as been taken to go towards a more moderate growth taking in account environmental and societal aspects. In the recent years it translated into emblematic moves such as the ban on importation of some waste, the shutdown of thousands of polluting factories and the restructuring of the ministries in charge of the environmental protection.

China is not anymore just the factory of the world but is demonstrating a real ambition to lead the path in term of green innovation and harmonious development. At Responsabilitas, we developed environmental auditing rules or checklists for China. These checklists help you to reduce the risk on environmental compliance in your supply chain as well as establishing a baseline for progress on environmental performance.

New Perspectives on Corporate Social Responsibility

Please contact us if you need more information:. Office , Ke Chuang Building, No. So what about China in all this? Please contact us if you need more information: contact responsabilitas.

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Everyone around you - your employees, your customers, your community - knows whether your brand image is one of a talker or doer, so how you prioritize impact affects your position in the marketplace and within your own culture. When employees know that their company leaders care about doing good in the world - and are looking to employees to be the brand ambassadors of this goodwill - workers have a stronger sense that those leaders also care about them.

“Most of the companies and organizations in Georgia operate with very lean staff”

Feeling valued and purpose-fueled is a liberating perspective that helps employees bring new energy and imagination to their work. Through their Causecast platform, company leaders encourage employees to share stories of volunteerism and community impact. Whether launching a new campaign or getting feedback from volunteer engagements, New Relic program admins encourage employees to share how and where they're making a difference.

New Relic then highlights these stories over the basic stats as part of their internal impact sharing. And truly, the stats that matter above all else are precisely these kind of impact stories. Administrators of successful volunteer and giving programs understand that storytelling makes a big difference in how their corporate philanthropy efforts impact their chosen causes as well as their employees and business community.

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How, what and to whom you communicate information about your volunteer and giving program all play a critical role in whether or not your volunteer program soars on the wings of inspiration. Impact is the key to a corporate culture of meaning that builds upon itself.

A culture of service is not a cactus that can live without water. One of the ways to emphasize stats around impact is by linking performance reviews to volunteering, allowing employees to demonstrate skills and strengths that management might not have otherwise been able to see in action. Conversely, managers are able to use volunteering opportunities to provide employees with new leadership and job skills that are tough and expensive to train for.

How you talk about your corporate responsibility program, both to your employees and your customers, is critical.

#1: Tell your story by covering your own events

The best way to communicate about your efforts is by focusing your program around real community impact — not just numbers.