BARING YOUR BREAST:Mammograms: A Positive Experience

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I embarked on a spiritual journey — I attended mass, I prayed the rosary. I ate brown rice with tumeric, rosemary, basil, flax seed oil, olive oil, white button mushrooms with onions. I took tripahalia, Vit D3, calcium, Quertican. Most importantly detoxified iodine from Edgar Cayce remedys. I used a hot water bottle and applied it along with castor oil to the breast with an oxygen concentrator. I also used a therasage far infared heating pad with the oxygen.

I ate clementines, sardines, aalmon. I visualized the tumor shrinking. I am keeping up my program and taking Armidex. I thank God everyday. Excellent article. I hope more and more people would wake up to this. We want to believe that by doing preventative tests we will be immune to sickness. Too bad that big business runs our country.

Thanks for your work on this article and subject. It must have been very hard to research and write. We got BPA banned form baby bottles and sports bottles. We all need to raise our voices so that precious funding goes to prevention, and to confronting the chemical industry who has washed us with 50,, chemicals over the last 30 years with 5, of them known hormone disrupters and carcinogens.

Please go to Watoxics dot org and donate today. I am a cancer survivor, and lost both my parents to cancer. This epidemic is caused by toxics in our environment. The toxics are also impacting learning disorders, autism spectrum, adhd, birth defects and alzheimers. Can we confront this chemical legacy together and kick these poisons out of our products? Watch out — the Trans Pacific Treaty now being negotiated by Obama would take away our rights to limit the products sold in our country and let China get away with Wal-Mart toxics on our shelves that we would lose say so to control.

Watch that battle, too. I have been using thermography digital infrared thermal imaging for more than a year now. I pay cash out of pocket for this service. What I would wish is that this service would be available to all women, everywhere, who choose it, and that it be covered by insurance. Having had my share of sports and dental related x rays by age 47 I opted to start thermal imaging for yearly breast check ups.

But previously I had had a mammogram and a spot was found. More x-rays, then a biopsy revealed cells that did not seem to be cancerous but warranted regular screening. He dismissed the value of thermal imaging and demanded — yes demanded another mammogram and after 30 mins of debating the value of more radiation, I submitted. Then the tech told me Dr.

So more angles. Then Dr. After all of that fear mongering and additional radiation, Dr told me he could not detect Anything! Not even the original cells. I am so sorry … Our son is ok … he switched from research to physician — not his first love, but a living.

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We have two other sons: a college professor and an International businessman. I am a 46 year old 3X cancer survivor and that excludes several other life threatening illnesses. I lived but as I grew they realized that the radiation had caused severe kyphoscoliosis of my spine. Probably due to the radiation I received for my prior cancer. Again radiation and chemotherapy. AsterZeneca was saying if you wrote to them they might be able to help pay for some of the treatment, Iwrote and wrote but nothing!

I survived and am here to tell about it. Would love to shar more of my story if anyone is interested or has any questions. Chefbetina aol. European women are called into bi-annual mammograms starting at age 50 unless there is reason to start earlier, and most women are aware of the studies that suggest that many cancers will not require treatment and at least the theoretical possibility that mammograms might in some cases trigger cancer growth — and we can make informed choices on the screening we wish or do not wish to have.

I find it interesting that this article points out that changes in technology might make early screening in younger women with an increased chance of BC more important — and hope that there is not a great back-lash against early screening as technology advances. My feeling is that most women are aware that they might be treating cancer unnecessarily — but that the alternative is so much worse that they chose the treatment anyway.

A focus on distinguishing those cancers that will spread from those that will not in all types of cancer is greatly needed. This is in response to Mr. Diggins, comment 4. I want you to know that your belief that if only we ate right, exercised and adopted a healthy lifestyle is very naive. I wish it were that simple. I was diagnosed with breast cancer at 38 after a lifetime of organic eating and years spent exercising.

My support group, Bay Area Young Survivors, is full of women who were diagnosed before the age of None of us spent our lives sitting around eating pints of ice cream all day, boozing it up every night and surviving on ding dongs. They are brainwashed by advertising and misleading media reports. Yes, Betty you are right that much greater public awareness is needed. The FDA watches over our drugs and food, who is watching out for the poisons in our products clothing, furniture, toys, beauty etc. This article really laid out the pink-washing of America, but these chemicals are also causing learning disabilities including autism spectrum, and reproductive disease including lowered sperm counts and sperm motility and birth defects such as hypospadias.

Send this link to your elected reps and demand better funding for prevention. It was breast cancer patients that lobbied to get treatment and research originally, and breast cancer survivors can replicate their success by demanding prevention. Cheryl, I think the movement to prevent toxic exposure is growing quickly.

Yesterday I contacted a toy company regarding flame retardants in their stuffed animals. They responded quickly and let me know that their toys were free of flame retardants. I made a point to thank them and tell them that I would be their customer. We need to tell companies that this is a very important issue. Betty, I know your comments are well meaning, but please read my comment directly above yours After a life time of healthful living—organic, mostly vegetarian food, daily workouts, mindful living—I was diagnosed with breast cancer at Everyone in my support group was diagnosed under the age of 40, and we were all health conscious women living in the liberal paradise of the Bay Area, CA.

Chemo is ridiculous, but it is the best we have right now. Wendy: I understand that this is a very complex issue and that anybody can get cancer despite the lifestyle, diet etc. I am aware that western medicine is the only feasible option available. I am not disputing these facts. I also posted the link on Twitter. I have no idea how many people will actually read it and share it, though. I know that this is not enough…. It would outlaw 3 flame retardants.

Contact your electeds, the reform should include tighter fed regulations and teeth for EPA. The movement against toxics is growing quickly. It is in fact a tidal wave. Washington Toxics Coalition has many research papers and information for families on their web at watoxics dot org. There must be a policy focus, there must be pressure on the electeds, there must be consumer advocacy in the market place.

The Washington Toxics Coalition is releasing a paper this fall in peer reviewed environmental health journal about how flame retardants in our home furnishings gets on our dust and clothes and goes through our home laundries and waste treatment plants to end up in our rivers. Folks can choose a group of their choice, the Breast Cancer Fund, the Washington Toxics Coalition, SAFER…and join the tidal wave demanding regulation of toxic chemicals and preventing their use in our consumer products.

WTC tests consumer materials using a federally certified XRF radiation machine to identify elements in products. We are hosting demo fairs and training volunteers to go out and test products to confront the retailer or manufacturer. And, Washington State is also the lynchpin to stop coal trains from sending their mile-long cars through busy port cities and polluting several states along the way. The Whatcom County Council race will determine that battle for the world.

Support the anti-coal port candidates up there with your donations. The League of Conservation Voters researched and funds pro-environment candidates. Check their chapter in your state and support them now. Join one of the above organizations to help maximize your impact against toxics. May the force be with us. Cheryl: local radio show? I have recently found out that there is a public radio station on Whidbey Island:.

Orion outside the box: A while back I approached the local library manager and suggested that the library should subscribe to Orion. With disappointment I noticed that that section has been downsized. Orion was not on the shelf but the most mainstream magazines that you can think of. One way to get around this problem would be to donate a subscription to the library. I will talk to the manager about it. These guys are so clever in twisting and manipulating words that initially I thought that they were telling me to do the right thing. Baffled, I suggested my husband, who is the only one who can vote in my household, to double check the validity of that statement.

It turned out that those folks who do not want the labeling of GMO food mailed it to us. Now I am wondering how many people are going to be fooled by that flyer…. GMO-battle I update: Monsanto and other all powerful chemical companies have just left a message in my answering machine. They have invited me to attend to a telephone conference call. Is it not scary? Dear Carolyn, There have many that have walked the journey you face. I send my very sincere wishes for your finding your way through this trial and in becoming cancer free.

Take care. You are not alone. Orion out of the box update: A couple of days ago I talked to the branch manager of the local library to find out what had happened to my Orion subscription request. She told me that she submitted it to the committee who makes decisions about new acquisitions but Orion was not selected.

I could have submitted the request again but even if the committee had decided to subscribe to Orion in there was no guarantee that the magazine would have been displayed at my local library branch. Why is it so important that Orion is displayed here and not in another branch? Because where I live is a conservative stronghold and the majority of the locals are less likely to be exposed to such thought provoking writings.

With this kind of criteria Orion would have a slim chance to be included in its collection no matter how many times I submitted a request. The only way to overcome this hurdle was to donate an Orion subscription specifically to my local library branch. So I went ahead and made this donation.

However, once the magazine is in the library system and has been promoted on the library Facebook page I will post a link to the electronic version of the article. I am grateful that Orion has decided to make the article available to a wider number of readers by posting it online. I am also thankful that my library branch manager has been very supportive and welcomed my donation wholeheartedly. Send your address to ehoffner orionmagazine.

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Hi Erik, I would like to talk to the library branch manager first. The donation has to go through the library system. You may have a better chance to have the current issue being displayed if you mail it directly to the library. I will let you know. What you say is definitely relevant but you have left out the use of antibiotics, which cause a fungus to develop in the body, as cancer is likely to be a fungus.

Also diet is most important, avoiding animal milks and products and sugar. It is interesting that sugar is the food for cancer cells and fungi. You also need a good immune system, which needs to be boosted if you have cancer. I am a strong critic of Big Pharma especially in mental health, vaccinations and cancer treatments.

But, the reason WTC focuses on virtually unregulated chemicals pouring into our lives, the 84, of which only five previewed for human safety and of which 5, are carcinogen are something that the average person should not have to think about. It is also important to relax. When you are relaxed, the pectoral muscles behind the breast relax, which should result in a painless mammogram. Breasts are usually the least sensitive at about 2 weeks after menstruation starts, so this may be the best time of the month to schedule a mammogram, if this is a concern.

For over 40 years, millions of women have undergone mammography. As with all radiography, it involves exposure to X-Rays, but the dosage levels used are very low. Mammographic techniques have also improved greatly over the past years. Our Full Field Digital Mammography machine uses only 0,1 to 0,2 rads per X-ray, which is an extremely low dose of radiation.

What Happens During a Mammogram - Nuffield Health

This is equated to the cosmic radiation of about 30 minutes of air travel. The question has also been asked as to whether compression can cause breast cancer. For a useful mammogram, it is essential that the breast be compressed as the breast tissue needs to be spread out to allow breast structures to be seen.

With appropriate compression the X-ray dose required can be reduced. Does using antiperspirant cause breast cancer? Does wearing an underwire bra cause breast cancer? Does using a cell phone cause breast cancer? Does using a microwave oven cause breast cancer? Breast pain is usually due to hormonal influences on the breasts. During the menstrual cycle the breasts are being prepared for a pregnancy and subsequent breastfeeding in the same way that the womb is being prepared. The amount of fluid that is normally found in the breasts increases in volume thus the milk glands and ducts literally swell up up until menstruation when the hormone levels change the fluid gets reabsorbed again.

Breast tissue is not static and as we get older the breast tissue is replaced by fatty tissue. This process starts around 40 years of age, but varies significantly between women. It causes a degree of fluid imbalance in the breast which may lead to new symptoms of breast tenderness or worsening of old symptoms.

We call this process involution. It is always good to have a thorough breast examination if any new breast symptoms arise. If no abnormality is found upon such a review, one of the following may be tried try one at a time giving weeks to monitor effect; NOT recommended during pregnancy :. I would like to have cosmetic breast surgery.

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Should I have a breast check-up first? Before having cosmetic breast surgery, it is recommended that you go for breast cancer screening. Any surgery to the breasts will make future evaluation of the breasts more complicated and can increase the chances of missing an existing cancer. Breast augmentation does not constitute an increase in glandular tissue, so you are not more at risk. It is however necessary that an experienced mammographer does your mammogram, as special techniques are needed to demonstrate all breast tissue. What is the best time in the month to have a mammogram done?

My breasts are tender during menstruation. A mammogram should only be mildly uncomfortable. However, if you are concerned about the tenderness of your breasts, it is advised that you see a trained breast health physician. In this instance, a clinical evaluation and an ultrasound can be performed.

If anything suspicious is detected, an immediate mammogram may be required. If nothing is found but the tenderness persists, you may be advised to start treatment and postpone the mammogram for a few weeks until your breasts return to normal. It is important to note that an ultrasound does not replace a mammogram, which remains the best tool for the diagnosis of breast cancer.

Breasts are very resistant to injuries and an injury to the breast cannot cause breast cancer. Severe trauma can cause fat necrosis when tissue dies off.

Modesty Out the Window: One Woman's Mammogram Experience

This is felt as a lump and can at times be mistaken for cancer on a mammogram. Fat necrosis is not a form of cancer and does not develop into cancer over time. Below is an infographic to visually give you a step by step guide on how to examine your breasts. It produces hormones to regulate our metabolism, growth and development, as well as our tissue function, sexual function, reproduction, sleep, and even our mood.

The thyroid gland secretes two hormones, triiodothyronine T3 and tetraiodothyronine T4 , both are made with iodine that the gland extracts from food. These two hormones intervene at various levels in our health; bone growth, mental development, stimulation of tissue oxygen consumption, fats and sugar transformation, digestive system. Effect of breast-conserving surgery with radiotherapy on the apparent diffusion coefficient of fibroglandular tissue at MRI. Radovic , G.

Ivanac, I. Biondic Spoljar, E. Divjak, I. Dumic Cule, B.

Baring Your Breast: Mammograms: A Positive Experience - Carole Aydell - Google книги

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Li, W. Wu, L. Ultrasound-guided vacuum-assisted resection: could it be enough for the diagnosis and treatment of intraductal papilloma? Diffusion kurtosis imaging DKI in breast cancer: diagnostic accuracy of DKI-derived values in characterization of breast lesions and correlation with prognostic factors.

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Evaluation of Palpable Breast Masses

Prevos, S. Postema, M. Lavens, T. Thywissen, P. De Beul, J. Soens, C. Ellmann , E. Wenkel, S. Peter, M. Dietzel, E. Weiland, R. Janka, T. Initial experience of an online mammographic screening test. Iodice 1 , B. Brancato 2 , L. Carbonaro 1 , A. Bert 3 , C.