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We guarantee reading this book will change your life in some way! Get the book! The explosion is revealed to be Hatori and Matsuba fighting over the Tengu Alcohol. Matsuba calms down after both Aoi and Ranmaru intervene. Aoi tells Ranmaru she will get the alcohol instead. Hatori reveals the reason Matsuba banished him.

Matsuba wanted to marry a human woman but eventually he married a Heron Ayakashi named Sasara and Hatori was their third son. Sasara was very loving but Matsuba was not a good father or husband. This made Hatori fight him, and when he lost he stole the Tengu Alcohol for revenge, causing Matsuba to banish him. After finding a photograph of Sasara Aoi comes up with a plan. She asks Odanna to help her cook an important meal for Hatori and Matsuba.

This makes Odanna happy as he always wanted to help her cook, though he is less happy when Aoi forces him to trim his Ogre fingernails before cooking. They make two types of Game-ni. Aoi then faints from exhaustion and Odanna helps her rest. As they return to Orio-ya an unknown Ayakashi watches Aoi secretly. Ranmaru has a meeting with the Ayakashi who has been watching Aoi, Raiju, a Thunder Beast who controls lightning. Hatori warns Aoi to stay away from Raiju as he can be dangerous. Aoi finds Ginji at a shrine injured by miasma. Aoi feeds him her spiritual energy food, curing him.

The shrine was built by a woman named Princess Iso, the daughter of a mermaid. She could see the future and was called Shrine Maiden of Guidance. She raised Ginji and Ranmaru and they managed to identify the curse Ayakashi, a mass of impure energy named Umi-bouzo who is actually gentle and has no desire to spread disaster.

Princess Iso performed the ceremony every years, but years ago she was betrayed, the ceremony failed and to save the Southern Land she jumped into the ocean, trapping the miasma in the Dragon Palace before dying. Soon after Ougan-douji built Orio-ya and Ranmaru became obsessed with making it more successful than Tenjin-ya.

Organic Peanut Butter Corn Puffs

Ginji eventually parted ways with Ranmaru and went to Tenjin-ya, promising to return every years for the ceremony. Ranmaru suddenly appears at the shrine also covered in miasma from the Dragon Palace. Aoi looks after him, feeding him spiritual energy food until he awakens. Rather than show gratitude he manipulates Aoi into agreeing to get the mermaid scale, as the miasma does not affect humans, though he does agree to allow Ginji to return to Tenjin-ya if she succeeds.

Odanna appears and insists on going with her. As they enter the Dragon Palace Aoi sinks into the sand and lands in a throne room next to Princess Iso. She shows Aoi a vision of the Southern Land years ago before the disasters. Iso recalls raising Ginji and Ranmaru to one day protect the Southern Land together. She also reveals she is dead, her body somewhere inside the Dragon Palace with the miasma trapped inside it, while Aoi has been talking to the memory imprint she left behind.

She tells Aoi she must be the one to cook ocean treasure food and asks her to care for Ginji and Ranmaru before sending her back. Aoi is attacked by an Ogre infected with the miasma. Odanna destroys the ogre, causing Aoi to cry when she sees Odanna injured. They almost kiss but Odanna kisses her forehead instead. Aoi becomes convinced the ceremony will only succeed if Ginji and Ranmaru reconcile.

Odanna promises that Tenjin-ya will support the ceremony, albeit in secret. Aoi makes a new deal with Ranmaru, she will work at Orio-ya as long as Ginji does, but only if she is allowed to prepare the ocean treasure. Ranmaru agrees after hearing how she retrieved the Mermaid Scale.

Aoi and Ginji decide the ocean treasure food will be made of ingredients from the Hidden and the human realms. Following Aoi locating the Mermaid Scale Raiju takes an even greater interest in her. Aoi begins researching Ocean Treasure recipes served at previous ceremonies. Oryo arrives at Orio-ya as a guest and immediately clashes with Nene. Ranmaru leaves Orio-ya for an important task. Their leader, a wealthy merchant called Yukichi, becomes angry at Nene, until Oryo steps in and resolves the situation.

Nene becomes depressed and reverts to her Ayakashi form, a small, fluffy pink rat. As Nene is needed for the ceremony Hatori gives her the day off to recover and asks Aoi to look after her. Aoi convinces Nene to go shopping with her. While buying coconut jellies they encounter Odanna, in disguise, working at the jelly stall, though Nene does not realise who he is.

Aoi assures her she is an incredible person for being honest about her jealousy. Aoi buys coconut milk and coconut oil from Odanna. Aoi learns from Nene she was close to Hideyoshi when they were children and that Hideyoshi has feelings for her but never told her because Nene likes Ranmaru.

Alton Brown's Dutch Baby Pancake Recipe

Aoi decides Orio-ya is a nicer inn than she first thought. Hideyoshi begs Aoi to cook something for Raiju but Ginji refuses on her behalf and instead sends the Twin chefs, Mai and Kei, to cook for him, but Raiji refuses their food. Aoi and Ginji discuss love. Aoi thinks she may have felt love for her childhood Ayakashi but cannot remember. Aoi becomes tipsy on alcohol and reveals she is annoyed at Odanna because she does not know why he wants to marry her. Raiju approaches Aoi and his intimidating behaviour and control of lightning, which Aoi has a phobia of, causes her to run. Raiju insults her cooking; pointing out that Aoi cannot use food to pacify him as what he wants to eat the most is Aoi herself.

He suggests Shiro wanted Aoi to marry Odanna for that very reason, to protect her by making Odanna her guardian. He then tricks her into eating a sweet, as an apology, and reveals the reason for his troublesome behaviour is boredom; nothing has excited him since Shiro. What he really wants is for Aoi to stop him being bored. Aoi runs away and comes across Ranmaru who warns Raiju to leave Aoi alone. Raiju explains that Hourai Gem Branches came from a tree given to the Ayakashi King, but the tree burned down with only a few branches surviving, and after centuries no one knows where most of them are.

Ranmaru warns Aoi it was Raiju who ruined the ceremony years ago and to stay away from him. Aoi begins cooking a lot of food with help from Ginji, the twins, Ai and even Chibi so Ranmaru can decide if her food is suitable. Aoi suddenly faints and encounters a dark voice passing on a warning. Aoi dreams her childhood Ayakashi told her to keep living so she could fall in love with him and marry him. Aoi finds she has lost her voice and her sense of taste.

As she is now unable to adequately cook for the Umi-bouzo Ranmaru gives the job to Mai and Kei. Raiju taunts Aoi for losing her usefulness as a chef. He tries food she made and insults its flavour, despite greedily finishing the whole plate. Byakuya suddenly arrives, warning Raiju that Aoi legally belongs to Odanna.

Glowing Green Smoothie®

Raiju, who is terrified of Byakuya, flees. Nuinoin reveals their branch is inside a magical painting regrowing into a tree atop a mountain. Ranmaru and Ginji argue over how to retrieve it as entering the painting consumes massive amounts of spirit energy. Byakuya suggests they take Aoi so her food can continually recharge their energy. He gives Aoi a medicine made by Shizuna that successfully returns her voice but not her taste. Byakuya warns them all to avoid the fog inside the painting as it can cause their hidden desires to appear as illusions.

He then unlocks the painting with a magic key. Inside the painting they set off to find the rainbow spiritual power that will lead them to the branch. Ginji finds a book about Umi-bouzo.

The Cake Server - Joseph's Most Complex Machine Ever

His job was to manage the miamsa caused by the Yokai and humans in the Eternal Realm, until humans imprisoned him in the ocean. However, Raiju insulted Princess Iso, tricking Ginji into defending her and insulting Raiju who then withheld the Branch. Ginji wants to reconcile with Ranmaru but does not know how. Aoi finally asks Ginji if he was her childhood Ayakashi, but before he can answer they are surrounded by fog which projects an illusion of Princess Iso. They race to find Ranmaru in time to stop the fake Iso leading him over a cliff. Aoi accidentally falls over instead, forcing Ranmaru to jump and catch her.

At the bottom Ranmaru expresses his belief Ginji would be happy if the fall had killed him, though Aoi assures him Ginji still thinks of him as family. Ranmaru is so moved he cries for a moment. At the mountain they find the fully grown Hourai Tree.

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Ginji also arrives and is so happy he reverts to his baby fox form so he can hug Ranmaru in his puppy form. Aoi retrieves a branch then signals Byakuya to bring them back. As they are leaving Aoi sees Odanna congratulating her on a job well done, though it may have been another illusion. With the Gem Branch now found the Orio-ya staff begin preparing the ceremony right away.

Kai and Mei tell Aoi they are refusing to cook the Ocean Treasure and want her do it instead. Ranmaru agrees to let Aoi cook as Princess Iso had wanted. Hideyoshi spots Umi-bouzo approaching so Ranmaru orders the fireworks ceremony start. However, Raiju had spread word about the fireworks and a large number of guests arrive on airships to watch, forcing Ranmaru to cancel the fireworks to prevent them hitting the airships.

Akatsuki guides the airships away from the fireworks while Oryo helps Nene serve the new guests.

The hungry dragon

Ranmaru gives Aoi back her hairpin and Ginji, in his female form for the ceremony, gives Aoi a new kimono from Odanna to help her focus. They arrive at Jouno Island for the ceremony. Ginji explains Umi-bouzo will sit in the shrine behind a screen to hide his true appearance.