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It achieved international fame thanks to the vocal stylings of a young man named Presley. It includes an ocarina solo.

It was recorded, supposedly in 20 minutes, by an English band named after mankind's prehistoric forerunners and became a huge hit on both sides of the Atlantic. It had already been recorded by an obscure pop combo called the Wild Ones in a version that did not include an ocarina solo.

The Troggs - Wild Thing

This may explain why the earlier version did not become a monster hit. In , the world was finally ready for an ocarina solo, and the Troggs' Reg Presley was ready to provide it. The first name of the song's composer is Chip - he was born in New York City but grew up in Yonkers, NY, which for many years was known as the city with the highest rate of fatalities from cancer in the United State,s but is now known mostly for epic levels of political corruption.

Although it does not contain an ocarina solo, a case can be made that it is one of the most dangerous songs ever written because it inspired so many drug-addled young women in the late Sixties to define themselves in cherubic terms and demand that men treat them as such.


Hilde Bouchez: A Wild Thing

Chip Taylor was born John Wesley Voigt, and no one has ever satisfactorily explained why the composer made the curious name switch. Chasing Earhart Reference Website. Tiny Vampires Podcast Podcast. Pages Liked by This Page. National Cryptid Society. Information about Page Insights Data. Until now.

Peter Byrne assumed the bureau had ignored his request — but on Wednesday, the FBI released its findings. See All.

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Wild Things () - IMDb

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