When Its A Jar

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  1. Send a Fart in a Jar. Laughs for hours, stinks for days. – Send a Jart
  2. The Jar and the Bucket
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IT Starring Jar Jar Binks - Hero Swap

Have you been up for longer than a normal human being can operate? Have you just laughed at a joke that wouldn't be funny otherwise?


Send a Fart in a Jar. Laughs for hours, stinks for days. – Send a Jart

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I keep pennies and other small coins in a jar. Screw the lid firmly on to the jar and shake well. Turn the jar upside down and shake it. Thesaurus: synonyms and related words Containers for liquids and gases aerosol amphora bottle bucket canister flask hot-water bottle hottie inkwell jeroboam jerrycan jug oxygen tank pitcher tun urn vacuum flask vase vat vial.

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Thesaurus: synonyms and related words Making short, sudden movements aquiver convulse convulsion convulsive cringe flick jerkiness jerky jig jiggle jolt quake quiver shudder squirm toss tremulous whip worry at sth wriggle. A screech of brakes jarred the silence. Phrasal verb jar on sb. He poured half the jar into his cup. Need a translator?

The Jar and the Bucket

What is the pronunciation of jar? Close search. Home Buy expand. Send a Fart in a Jar - a Jart!

Laughs for Hours, Stinks for Days! Featured collection. Original Jart: Fart in a Jar. The Love Puff.

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Let 'er Rip in 4 Easy Steps. Step 1: Choose your Scent Customize the scent that wafts out of the jar.

Step 2: Give 'em a piece of your mind Write a personalized note or send it anonymously. Step 3: Seal the deal, this stink is for real We'll seal up your stink jar and ship it out within days so it has plenty of time to ferment and ripen. Step 4: Fist bump - You Win!