The mystery of Mary Stuart (1901)

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  1. The turbulent life of Mary, Queen of Scots
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The turbulent life of Mary, Queen of Scots

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Paragraph operations include: Adjust the order paragraphs Add new blank paragraphs Duplicate an existing paragraph Remove a paragraph Cancel. Zones Zone operations are made directly in the full article text panel located to the left. Tables Tables. Andrew Lang is the latest of the great multitude of writers who have set themselves to decide whether Mary Queen of Scots was a muchinjured woman or a martyred saint, and his book, Cancel.

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(PDF) Document Analysis - The Second Casket Letter | Elliott Ford -

Digitisation generously supported by. Vincent Fairfax Family Foundation. Display settings Help. Order now. Scope Download this According to Moray's version of the letter, Mary was to try to poison Darnley in a house on the way between Glasgow and Edinburgh where he and she were to stop. Clearly Lord Livingstone's house, Callendar, where they did rest on their journey, is intended. If this failed, Mary would put Darnley "in the house where the explosion was arranged for the night upon which one of the servants was to be married. But the earl of Lennox, Darnley's father, understood Moray to mean that as early as January , , the house of Kirk o' Field, where Darnley was slain, had already been mined.

Lennox also gives several stories of cruel words of Mary spoken to Darnley in the hearing of her servants. If so, there was time for Lennox to lend to the accusers certain notes which a retainer of his, Thomas Crawford of Jordan Hill, swore December 9, that he had made for Lennox about January 22, of secret conversations between Darnley and Mary. Lennox June 11, asked Crawford for his reminiscences, not of Darnley's reports of his talks with Mary, but of Crawford's own interview with her as she entered Glasgow to visit Darnley , probably on the 21st of January It follows that Lennox possessed Crawford's written notes of the Darnley and Mary conversations.

Crawford's evidence was all-important, because it corroborated Mary's own account of her interviews with Darnley in Letter II. Whether that could be, Darnley dictating while still hot from the exciting interchange of words which he meant to report, is a question for psychologists. Experiments made by a person who possesses a good memory seem to show that the thing is very possible, especially if Darnley revised Crawford's notes.

Catalog Record: James VI and the Gowrie mystery | HathiTrust Digital Library

Abounds in matter spoken by Mary and Darnley which could not be borrowed by the hypothetical forger from Crawford's Declaration, for it does not contain the facts. Has, and Crawford has not, the statement that Darnley "showed me, amongst other talk, that he knew well enough that my brother had revealed to me what he Darnley had spoken at Stirling. Of this he Darnley denies half, and above all that he the brother?

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  4. The Lennox papers are full of reports of bitter words that passed between Darnley and Mary at Stirling December , where Darnley was sulking apart while the festivities of the baptism of his son later James VI. Lord Robert was the only friend of Darnley in Mary's entourage; and he even, according to the accusers, warned him of his danger in Kirk o' Field, to which they said that a Casket Letter III.

    Books by Andrew Lang

    Could he have combined with Crawford's matter the passage "he Darnley showed me almost all that is in name of the Bishop and Sutherland, and yet I have never touched a word of what you Bothwell showed me He denies it, and swears thereunto; but he grants that he spoke unto the men. But in paragraph 18 Mystery, p. Thus it is certain that Darnley had reported to Crawford his brave words and reproaches of Mary, which Crawford gives in the proper place. Here is proof positive that Crawford does not copy Letter but gives Darnley's words as reported to him by Darnley - words that Darnley was proud of, - while Mary, returning on the second day of writing to the topic, does not quote Darnley's brave words, but merely contrasts his speaking "very bravely at the beginning" with his pitiful and craven later submission; "he has ever the tear in his eye," with what follows.

    Mary was succeeded in her lifetime in by her only son James VI.