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When we own this fact that we are the masters of our momentary experience of reality, we have the power to shape shift our destiny. A Manifesting Mantra is different than a regular mantra in that you are not repeating it mindlessly for long periods of time, just to get the mind to quiet down and become more centered. The manifesting mantra works just the opposite. You repeat it only 3 times. Feeling as deep as you can and visualizing as clearly as you can, what the positive message is affirming to be real. Our manifesting power comes from our feelings, and the more juicy our feelings are, the richer we will become in every possible way.

You want to gather all the sensations you can muster of joy, excitement, motivation, or faith that this abundance is on its way now! The manifesting mantra also sha rpens your brain rather than dulls it as a normal mantra could do. You find yourself feeling more alive, clear, and motivated to manifest the life you are dreaming to have.

You would only use manifesting mantras for minutes a day to receive maximum future results. You may even feel unstoppable at creating anything you desire. Manifesting mantras help you break through emotional blocks and limiting beliefs about yourself. When this manifesting mantra is used on a daily basis, it will open new doors in thinking, feeling and your daily creative self-expression. I intend joy, success, and prosperity to come into my life in a healthy and relaxed way; I intend smooth sailing in my sea of a life and in all my endeavors; I intend to continue healing and moving forward; all under grace in perfect ways.

I intend to love and accept myself more and to create a new and exciting employment opportunity for myself. I intend to live a life filled with joy, abundance, success and peace as I purse my new career path. I intend to be happy, successful and wealthy as I follow my heart and embark on my new creative venture. I intend for my life to be filled with joy, success, health, prosperity and abundance and to pass it on.

Manifesting Thoughts Effortlessly |

Thanks, Christine. I wish I could join all of you! I intend to open my heart and eyes to new pathways for fullness of life. When the Universe inspires; I will act. I intend success and prosperity as I follow a new path in my life and create my new career as an artist. I intend to support and love my husband in the ways he needs most to help heal his pain and open his heart to a new life path. I intend to provide for and cherish my family as I learn and grow stronger from the present trying times.

I intend to find some direction for my marriage, find a plan to work on it or find the courage to end it. I intend to sell my house soon so that I can move into an apartment closer to my job. I intend for my partner to move back in with me soon. I intend for us to focus on where the next phase of life will take us as we heal from the pain of the past eight months. Thank you, Christine, for all the inspiration. I LOVE your blog. I made my first vision board today. What a wonderful experience!

I intend wealth, health and prosperity for my family and me, living in a state of joy and peace. I intend to a healthy body, to be my perfect weight. I intend to listen. Thank you so much Christine. I intend to attend one of your retreats in Blessings to you all. I intend to focus on the important things in life, declutter my life, live in the now. I intend to enjoy time alone, time with my kids, time with my husband equally. I intend to do something creative every day. I intend a beautiful, loving, joyful, lasting and supportive marriage with a man who loves deep and wide, accepts beauty in its many forms, laughs often and effortlessly, and moves through fear and toward peace.

A man who will hold my hand, hold my head, and hold my heart. I intend to be open to ways to step more fully and authentically into my art and music. I intend to love openly and attract healthy relationships.

Law of Attraction and Action - How to Manifest Effortlessly

I intend success and abundance as a new career path opportunity becomes mine. I intend true love to come to me so my heart can feel whole again. I intend to live in a place that supports my creativity as a weaver, knitter, writer and beadworker,with my husband, Doug, and our animals. I intend to balance my desires for who I want to be and what I want to do with the plan that the Universe sets before me. I intend to be content in the present moment. I intend wealth, abundance and success as we start our business, travel and find our perfect house.

I intend to find a job that makes me happy, and to make choicesthat allow me to wake up feeling inspired and excited about my life. I intend taking control of my finances, my sexuality, my spirituality, my creativity and my home. I intend letting go of the past and the fear of failure and disapproval. I intend gigantic artistic success as I finish writing my solo show, and intend great opportunities and financial fortune as a result of its premiere in I intend to feed my soul and not waste time feeling as if I have no time; rather enjoying each moment as it passes, savoring it.

Uplevel Your Income. Author Christine Kane. Didier Kabore Reply. March 25, I intend to manifest more wealth happiness and Love in December 21, Matin Reply. June 7, I intend to find and marry my suitable husband effortlessly. January 14, January 4, I intend to manifest 50, euros very soon and bump into my soulmate! July 1, February 27, Daisy Reply. July 31, Michele Reply. July 7, Linda Pitchford Reply. June 5, I intend to breakthrough the veil of unbelief in myself, others, and my God.

Ikepo Adedeji Reply. April 9, Becky Hunter Reply. April 6, I intend to work hard but also to allow solutions to come to me. Liz Reply. January 10, Debra Reply. December 30, December 28, Dawn Reply. December 7, November 27, Neil Reply. November 26, Carita Reply. November 22, Rachael Reply. November 21, November 19, Debbie Dunn Reply. November 18, November 17, I intend to release fear, and to allow prosperity, clarity, and ease into my life. November 16, Dannelle Reply. Betsy Reply. Mahi Reply.

I intend to prepare to the best of my ability for every exam i will ever face. Tracy Reply.

November 15, Bijana Devo, ND Reply. I intend to create a successful business doing meaningful, balanced healing work. LMaxwell Reply. November 14, Sonia Reply. Heidi Reply. Johnna Reply. Nancy Tripp Reply. Stephanie Reply. Patti Reply. Thanks for your prayers! I intend to allow abundance, release fear, and radiate love. Thank you! Allison Reply. Thank you Christine!

Marsha Reply. Sheila Reply. SdS Reply.

Manifesting Thoughts Effortlessly

Thank you, Christine! And thank you to all the wonderful folks at your retreat. Louise Reply. I intend success and prosperity as I start my new business on Monday. Thank You as always Christine. Hope you all have a fabulous retreat. Kate Reply. This is my second post. I intend to have peace of mind and to be there for myself. Suzie Reply. Kelsey Reply.

November 13, Sue Reply. I intend to reach a healthy weight.

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I intend to create love and laughter in my life. Steph Reply. I intend success and prosperity as I transition to meaningful, fulfilling and creative work.


Thank you much. Sukie Reply. It is so. Bettie Reply. Jess Reply. Thanks so much for doing this, Christine! Hope everyone has a wonderful, inspiring retreat! Amy Reply. I intend to sell my house and make a profit by January 1st. Sandy Reply. I intend to have enough time to do all I need and want to do. Andi Reply.

Maren Reply. And a life as loving and fearless and beautiful as I intend that book to be. Anna Reply. Have a wonderful retreat! Elaine Bailey Reply. I intend: 1. Gwen Reply. Keena Reply. I intend perpetual enormous prosperity and great health, for myself and my family! I intend for many new blessings to come to Christine and all of us involved in her circle. Faith Reply. Lisa Reply. Thanks Christine, I will join you in spirit Friday. Diane Reply. Thanks for continuing to do this Christine! I intend to become focused, organized and declutter my home!

Kristin Reply. Deb Reply. I intend fulfilling work in writing and photography. I intend a harmonious family life, with happy children and partner. Sam P Reply. To love and nurture myself and my friends and reap the happiness that brings in return. I intend prosperity to wash over me and fill all the cracks, until I float happily along. And I intend creative opportunities to come at me from every direction. Thank you so much.

Barbara Reply. November 12, Karin Reply. Hi Christine— I intend to prosper financially and improve my art over the next five years. Carolyn Reply. I intend to regain my financial security through the success of my new business. Deanne Reply. Angela Reply. Thank you, Christine. You are indeed an inspiration. The Other Mimi Reply. I intend to continue to build a rich, full, creative life that I love.

All the best. Erin Reply. I intend to continue my one-week old habit of meditating everyday for 15 minutes! I intend to forgive others, forgive myself and be more open to romantic love. Lucy Marsh Reply. Kris Reply. Charity Reply. Nicole Reply. JL Reply. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. The Aura Video Station Version 5. An aura is an energy field that radiates out from your entire body.

7 Steps to Manifest Anything You Want -- Including Money

People have auras of varying intensity and color, which trained mediums attempt to feel, see and decipher. We happen to live in a very blame-oriented culture. We live in an age of law suits, protests, debates, stereotyping and finger-pointing. Many of us have become very comfortable with getting upset at the actions and behaviors of the people […].

The Key to Effortless Manifestation.