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In principle, miniaturized bioactuators can be implanted directly at the sites of inoperable tumors and metastases where they function as a "pH clamp" and thereby can reconstitute normal physico-chemical conditions. Drug application could be precisely controlled by an integrated microprocessor. Our paper summarizes the current state of development of microsensor-based feedback bioactuators and outlines possible applications in biophysical cancer treatment.

This book collects about 15 papers most of them by one single author on Einstein and the history of general relativity GR and the foundations of relativistic cosmology. The matter not only deals with Einstein and his times, but also with pre-GR ideas, and with the interplay of Einstein and his colleagues opposing as well as supporting personalities. As the title indicates, all papers are written in German, but they include comprehensive Abstracts both in German and English.

The book is illustrated with quite a number classical - but also some far more original though not less beautiful - photographs and facsimiles of documents. The book is edited very well, though the style of references is not quite homogeneous. There is no Index. Hentschel covers Einstein's argumentation for the existence of graviational redshift, and the initial search for empirical support. The error analysis of observational evidence supporting relativistic light deflection is discussed in a paper by P.

In particular, H. Duerbeck and P. Flin - in their description of the life and work of Silberstein, who was quite sceptic on the significance of the observational verifications a la Eddington - include the transcription of two most revealing letters by Silberstein to Sommerfeld and to Einstein In the first letter, Silberstein clearly shows his scientific maturity and integrity by scrutinising the observational evidence supporting light deflection, presented at a joint meeting of the Royal Society and the Royal Astronomical Society.

The second letter, which is more a personal letter, includes lots of political references and connotations. Some of Einstein's political views are also revealed by D. Herrmann on the basis of his own correspondence with E. Straus, a collaborator of Einstein's. In a consequent paper, S. Grundmann gives remarks on Herrmann's contribution and illustrates Einstein's attitude towards Marx, Engels, Lenin and Stalin. Schemmel discusses Schwarzschild's cosmological speculations, and wonders why some people do immediately grasp the meaning and consequence of newly proposed doctrines, whereas the bulk of the contemporaneous scientists respond in a rather low profile.

Jung reviews Einstein's contribution to cosmology, leading to the Friedmann-Einstein and Einstein-de Sitter universes with a detailed Appendix on the Friedmann-Lemaitre cosmology , and also presents the cosmological work of Selety, and his correspondence with Einstein. In a subsequent paper, H. Schmidt comments on Einstein's criticism on de Sitter's solution of the Einstein field equations.

Controversies with Einstein are elaborated by G. Singer on Friedmann and by K. Roessler on Lemaitre. Renn and T. Sauer discuss Mandl's role in the publication history of Einstein's papers, notably Einstein's short paper on gravitational lensing. Finally, the book concludes with a contribution by D. Herrmann about the relationship between Einstein and Archenhold Observatory where Einstein gave his first Berlin popular lecture in , the transcription of H.

Treder's public address at the Einstein memorial plaque, and an inventory list of about 50 Einstein memorabilia - monuments, busts, plaques - compiled by W. This book is based on ideas approached in a historical context from the individual perspective of the authors. It is a real treasure trove of information and basic references on the history of GR, and it also covers quite some grounds with mathematical equations. For many tracer experiments, prior determination of interaction between solid medium and used tracers is of major interest in order to achieve efficient, economic and successful field experiments.

In the present study, three different types of batch experiments were performed with three fluorescent dyes Na-Fluorescein, Amidorhodamin G and Tinopal CBS-X and three different rock types sandstone, claystone and limestone , to determine distribution coefficients and reaction kinetics. All three rock types were analysed for organic carbon content, specific surface area and mineralogical composition to identify the main sorption mechanisms. For all tracers, different sorption properties were found depending on the type of rock. Only Na-Fluorescein showed sorption albeit limited in contact with the sandstones.

Regarding reaction kinetics, in most cases, thermodynamic equilibrium conditions were reached after two weeks. Reforms and Innovations in Estonian Education. Baltische Studien zur Erziehungs- und Sozialwissenschaft.

Volume This collection of papers provides a small overview of educational research in Estonia. The papers in the collection treat school reforms since the renewal of independence in , new approaches to teacher training, the implementation of a child-centred approach in school, the achieving of educational aims and other actual topics in education. In urban areas of the Swiss Alps the use of geothermal energy from several hundred meters depth becomes increasingly important.

For this mainly open systems have priority. This work presents the first insights in the prospection and characterisation of the so far unexplored, utilizable, and abundant Aquifer of the Arosa Dolomites. Besides the use of established methods and techniques, such as seismic measurements, an exploration drilling, borehole geophysical measurements, and pumping tests, the application of the KARSYS-approach for geological and conceptual hydrogeological 3D-modelling of the aquifer is illustrated. In addition, the development of a viewer for 3D-visualization of drillings is documented.

The hydrogeological and metrological approaches allow a lithological facies differentiation of the Arosa Dolomites, and a differentiation of the fractured and karstified areas within the aquifer. The results represent the basis for advanced findings optimizing and risks minimising exploration and drilling planning, and for sustainable utilization planning.

Studien zur Erwachsenenbildung, Band These 17 articles on different subjects of the broader theme "lifelong learning" represent the latest results of the discussions of the Vocational Education and Culture Research Network. An introduction Klaus Harney et al. This collection includes eight papers authored by Germans on adult education programs in Cleveland, Ohio, and eight papers authored by Americans about adult education programs in the Federal Republic of Germany as well as German and English introductions to the collection.

The following papers are included: "Neue Wege in der…. Describes the purpose, structure and application of this monolingual verb lexicon, which indicates the morphosyntactic environments of the most common German verbs. Mention is made of the forthcoming valence lexicon. The book is for teachers and textbook writers. Learning to read foreign technical texts requires a a minimum vocabulary and b effective drill.

The following are suggested: translation, question-answer method, definition exercises, exercises to develop skill in the use of reference works, schematic presentations and tables, annotating and making reports and summaries. In areas where the geological subsurface is used for storage of gases or fracking, there is a risk of saline formation water entering protected aquifers.

The impact of such potential leakage therefore needs to be evaluated at relevant sites to develop practical monitoring concepts. Three-dimensional numerical simulations and a sensitivity analysis are performed to determine the influence of aquifer parameters, ground water flow, aquifer morphology, leakage rate and NaCl-concentration of the intruding water on the propagation behaviour of saline water.

The simulations show that saltwater migrates along the bottom of the aquifer, and that groundwater flow can dominate the transport of chloride. In this case the spreading of denser water is not influenced by the aquifer's morphology. This innovative technology evaluation report ITER summarized the results of an evaluation of a surfactant-enhanced extraction technology. This evaluation was conducted under a bilateral agreement between the United States U. Nichtinterventionelle Studie bei erwachsenen Patientinnen mit leichter bis mittelschwerer Akne.

Kompressionstherapie - Versorgungspraxis: Informationsstand von Patienten mit Ulcus cruris venosum. Bislang existieren kaum wissenschaftliche Daten zu dem Versorgungsstand und fachspezifischem Wissen von Patienten mit Ulcus cruris venosum. Zudem ist deren korrekte Auswahl und Anwendung angesichts der langen Bestandsdauer der Ulzerationen zu hinterfragen. New insights into the biography of Gottfried Kirch. New biographical results of Gottfried Kirch, the most outstanding astronomer around in German lands, are outlined on the basis of newly found sources and the first-time inclusion of additional letters from his correspondence, which comprises letters.

In addition, new details about his family are revealed, especially about the older children Gottlieb, Heilmann and Theodora, the offspring from his first marriage. A third section deals with the possibilities which are to be expected from a systematic evaluation of Kirch's correspondence. Only about out of letters have been used for historical publications until now. Comparative investigations on the physiological capacities in the euryhaline amphipods Gammarus locusta, G. In order to assess the adaptations of these species to the abiotic conditions of their environment, the following criteria were examined: oxygen consumption in relation to ambient salinity and temperature levels, respiratory responses following osmotic stress, resistance capacities to oxygen deficiency, resistance to aerial exposure and the simultaneous presence of hydrogen sulphide.

Covering the range from marine to typically brackish-water inhabitants, the 5 species show adaptive responses in the above-mentioned order. Respiration is less intensely modified by external factors, and oxygen consumption decreases. Accompanied by faster rates of acclimation to new steady states of performance, resistance capacities increase. The significance of the findings obtained is discussed in relation to the environmental requirements of the amphipods considered.

Based on breeding experiments, the sex-determining systems reported thus far in Gammarus species are outlined. As demonstrated in G. A preponderance of males was noted when offspring were raised under long-day photoperiods, whereas females prevailed under short-day conditions. In terms of the critical daylength, the light per day was estimated as being between 13 and 14 h Elbe estuary population. Feminizing microporidians Octosporea effeminans, Thelohania herediteria , which are transovarially transmitted, can interfere with the system of sex determination and sex differentiation of the host.

As reflected in various G. Furthermore, intersexuality can be induced by changing environmental factors. Microsporidian species have no influence on sex differentiation in G. Patterns of relative electrophoretic mobilities of proteins and the distribution of allele frequencies at polymorphic gene loci can be utilized for species diagnosis and for the evaluation of the relationships between different taxa, particularly at and below the species level. As exemplified by studies on several gammarids from marine, brackish and freshwater environments, inter- and infraspecific gene-enzyme variation is described.

Electrophoretic investigations on natural populations of the euryhaline amphipods G. In Talitrus saltator- and Talorchestia deshayesii-populations the extent of variability based on micro-and macrogeographic aspects is illustrated. The large-scale genetic divergence is demonstrated by comparison of samples obtained from the Baltic, North, Atlantic and northern Mediterranean Seas.

Viele Wurzeln der modernen Umweltwissenschaften liegen jedoch im Kalten Krieg. Zur Klaerung zweier zentraler Begriffe Drilling-Testing. On the Clarifications of Two Central Concepts. It is shown that drilling tends to become contaminated with elements of testing. The two activities are defined, and suggestions are given for designing drills free of testing.

The limiting sensitivity to be reached is estimated. Beitrage zur Padagogischen und Rehabilitationspsychologie. Volume 1. Witruk, Evelin, Ed. This book contains selected contributions from the international workshop Learning, "Adjustment and Stress Disorders--with special reference to Tsunami affected Regions" organised by Evelin Witruk and the team of Educational and Rehabilitative Psychology at the University of Leipzig in January The book contains new results and the….

Contributions to the History of Astronomy, Vol. The contributions deal with astronomical concepts, historical observatories and biographical studies. Newly found copies of Copernicus' principal work are described, the development of the concepts "sphaera" and "orbis coelestis" from ancient times via Copernicus to Kepler is investigated. The concept of harmonical cosmology of Kepler and A. Kircher is analyzed in a major paper. A rediscovered letter by Kepler is interpreted. Einstein's thoughts about Friedmann's cosmological papers are presented. Biographical sketches on Philipp Feselius , Ferdinand Adolph Freiherr von Ende , Wilhelm Ebert and Karl Julius Lohnert are supplemented by an analysis of the social background of the important Astronomers of the 20th century.

The claim that Jupiter's moons were described already years before Galilei is contradicted in a discussion. The book concludes by short communications, obituaries and book reviews. Groundwater is the largest and oldest continental biome. However, in the German and EU legislation, groundwater is still considered an abiotic resource rather than an ecosystem.

On the other hand, the German Water Act WHG, Wasserhaushaltsgesetz mentions groundwaters along with other water bodies that carry the status of ecosystems. Addition of the terms "good ecological status" and "groundwater ecosystems" into the German and EU environmental water laws is recommended. Groundwater habitats and species should be subject to impact assessment and included into the FFH directive and German nature conservation laws. There is no technical or legal argument for the discrimination of groundwater ecosystems and species in environmental legislation.

The authors argue for the legal equality of ground and surface water, and propose the adaption of the existing legislation according to ecological requirements. Bessel , with the Mecklenburg ordnance survey , with previously unknown letters by C. Gauss , with the merits of the Leipzig astronomer G. Jahn, with the internationality of the Astronomische Gesellschaft, and with early, previously little noted works on the expansion of the Universe.

Most papers in German, one in English. Short contributions and book reviews conclude this volume. Most papers are written in German. Main papers have English abstracts. The contributions span a time interval of more than years. There are biographical investigations on Georg Joachim Rheticus, C. Heym, investigation on a reprint of a chapter of the principal work of Nicolaus Copernicus, on Christoph Scheiner and the "camera obscura", and, with respect to the history of timekeeping, on the "big Nuremberg clock".

However, both the public and the potentially affected labour force often adopt sceptical, and sometimes even hostile attitudes towards investors from these countries. This article shows that apart from a few exceptions investors from the BRIC countries are generally better than their reputation precedes. An important conclusion drawn in this paper is that investors should not be received with stereotypes. Rather, it is necessary to perform deeper investigations into their strategies and the specific investment goals in each case. This is all the more necessary to ensure that investments from BRIC countries do not conflict with the domestic firms' interests or of their personnel.

In fact, they can assist to increase the competitiveness of German firms, and as such not only prove beneficial for the workforce but also for Germany as a business destination. Die Ergebnisse sind hinsichtlich der Entwicklung von Probennahmestrategien von Bedeutung. Investigation of sites with groundwater contamination usually involves interpolation of point-based results across the aquifer under consideration.

The range of autocorrelation thereby decides whether the quality of interpolation will be sufficient. While there are investigations on the regional km scale, only a few publications exist for correlation lengths at a local 10s to s of m scale. This study investigates the accuracy of interpolation at the example of the BTEX-contaminated aquifer in Zeitz by means of variogram analysis and interpretation of.

Simulation turbulenter Konvektion in Supernova-Explosionen massereicher Sterne. Contents: 1. Die numerischen Verfahren. Die Ergebnisse: Einblick in explodierende Sterne. Experimental design, limitations and application boundaries are discussed and methods are compared against each other. The quality of the predictive methods strongly depends on the experimental design and the sample type. In contrast to the retail sector in metropolises and medium-sized towns, its counterpart in rural regions is far less examined and described in scientific geographic literature.

As many rural communities face similar challenges e.


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Next to "hard" facts, as for example accessibility and parking spaces, less tangible themes like quality of stay, multicontextuality or service as well as comprehensive concepts like city marketing or place branding take on greater significance. Examines the mechanisms involved in changing from direct to indirect discourse, taking as a starting point research findings in linguistic pragmatics, which involve the practical application of speech symbol use between speaker and hearer. Asks whether theories of knowledge representation provide a basis for the development of theories of knowledge structuring in instruction.

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Discusses codes of knowledge, surface versus deep structures, semantic networks, and multiple memory systems. Reviews research on teaching, external representation of cognitive structures, hierarchical…. Passages from three selected samples of textbooks are used to show what requirements are made of textbooks in the social sciences. Some hints are given to the teacher for converting reading suggestions into instructional material. Short texts from Karl Marx are also suggested. Due to climate change, but also because of the demographic change and financial constraints in many municipalities, the future of cities is a currently much-discussed topic.

Conflicts over land-use are inevitable: As densification is an essential principle in growing cities, the pressure on open green spaces rises. Climate Change and water-management as well as mobility-issues and air-quality confront municipalities with new challenges, in terms of open space planning and greenery in the city. It is necessary to save the existing green in these days of budget-shortage and other priorities in communities. Municipalities have to raise new strategies to strengthen the awareness of the value of green in public and in the local business. Urbanisation processes increase land-use conflicts and ecosystem destruction globally.

Especially in China, a country with an outstanding urbanization rate, city governments are challenged by environmental and health problems. Urban green spaces - subsequently defined as urban biodiversity and ecosystem services - can minimize numerous environmental risks and at the same time contribute to the citizens' well-being and quality of life. In this highly relevant field of nature conservation, geographical perspectives are required - in science, politics, policy, planning and practice.

Briefkasten oder Brieftaube? Zur Auswahl der Lexik in amerikanischen Deutschlehrwerken fuer die Grundstufe. A comparison of four college-level elementary German textbooks reveals significant differences in the numbers of vocabulary entries in each textbook. Further comparison of three of the textbooks with the basic German vocabulary lists provided in "Kontaktschwelle Deutsch als Fremdsprache" and in "Das Zertificat Deutsch als Fremdsprache" reveal in….

Draws on Wilhelm von Humboldt's typology of the active human being to debate the questions whether and how individuals can produce their social and political world. Discusses, with reference to Marie Condorcet and Immanuel Kant, procedures of the public that are necessary prerequisites for actions aimed at forming the world. Discusses the relationship between planned languages and specialized technical languages, with particular reference to Esperanto, and analyzes its significance for several aspects of Eugen Wuster's the founder of terminology science work.

Kooperatives Lernen lernen? On the Discussion of the Japanese Educational System. Suggests a reconsideration of the criticism of Japanese competition against the background of the Japanese educational system's highly developed learning culture. Considers some of the basic aspects of group-oriented communal learning in school, while also cautioning against a "monocausal" culturalism. Discusses American journalism--specifically the syndicated columns. To show their usefulness for English teaching, Art Buchwald's "Unqualifications" is described and the text interpreted.

It is suggested that for humorous aspects and language deviations be stressed; for Grades irony, American technology and education. Text is in…. Porosity is a fundamental parameter in hydrogeology. The empirical method of Beyer and Schweiger allows the calculation of hydraulic conductivity and both the total and effective porosity from granulometric data.

However, due to its graphical nature with type curves, it is tedious to apply and prone to reading errors. In this work, the type curves were digitized and emulated by mathematical functions. The latter were implemented into a spreadsheet and a visual basic program, allowing the fast automated application of the method for any number of samples.

Zur Afuwertung der Kultur- und Landeskunde. A Survey of the Literature. Eight recent monographs and collections on area and culture study in foreign language teaching are discussed and compared. The focus is on the various authors' definitions of the topic culture, civilization, realia, etc. Mentioned also is the function of area study in the course. Robust boosting via convex optimization. Um die Eigenschaften der entstehenden Klassifikations- oder Regressionsregeln zu analysieren, ist es sehr wichtig zu verstehen, ob und unter welchen Bedingungen iterative Algorithmen wie Boosting konvergieren.

Plattformbasierte Dienste als technologische Notwendigkeit im disruptiven Marktwandel. IT wird dabei mehr und mehr zum Wettbewerbsfaktor. In diesem Zusammenhang erweisen sich die daten - und entwicklungsspezifischen Synergieeffekte plattformbasierter Dienste als zentraler Mehrwert einer innovationsgetriebenen strategischen Marktpositionierung und damit als technologische Notwendigkeit.

Hydraulische Optimierung des Reaktionsraumes um einen Infiltrationsbrunnen zur unterirdischen Enteisenung. In subsurface iron removal SIR , oxygen-enriched water is injected into an aquifer to create a reaction zone. Aside from the hydraulic properties of the aquifer, groundwater quality often varies with depth so that in vertical wells the dissolved oxygen distribution reaction zone may not correspond to the dissolved iron concentration which may result in a lower efficiency coefficient.

Therefore, measures to hydraulically optimize the formation of the reaction zone through a non-conventional injection were investigated. A high-resolution groundwater flow model was calibrated based on tracer and pump tests and used to plan the optimized injection for a SIR-pilot well with two screen segments. An optimized injection appears to be possible through the inactivation of well screen sections using packers.

This scenario was used to plan the operating regime for a SIR field test, which is presented in Part 2. Verbindungsprogrammierte Steuerung.

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CAD in der Praxis. Geology of ultra-high-pressure rocks from the Dabie Shan, Eastern China. Geophysikalische Daten wurden entlang einer ca. Diese reflektionsseismischen Daten zeigen, dass die Kruste aus drei Lagen besteht. Ein flaches tomographisches Geschwindigkeitsmodell, das auf der. Focuses on motives leading women in the new German Laender to participate in further education and on gender-related barriers to further education.

Shows that women accept the need for further education, hoping to improve their job situation but knowing that their efforts will have a limited effect on employment chances. Heinrich Bruns, director of the Leipzig University Observatory, was working on theoretical geometrical optics, and applied this to practical questions. His correspondence with opticians of the Zeiss Company in Jena gives evidence of their mutual regard and inspiration. Konzeption, Entwicklung und Evaluierung eines Messsystems zur sortenreinen Klassifikation von fluoreszenzcodierten Kunststoffen im Rahmen des Kunststoff-Recyclings Conception, development and evaluation of a measuring system for the classification of fluorescence coded plastics within the framework of plastic recycling.

The use of modern terminology hinders to understand historical astronomical texts and often misleads the reader. Therefore, this study tries to reconstruct the ideas of the way the planets seem to move against the sphere of fixed stars in a non-teleological manner, that means in the original view and with original terms. The study proceeds historically and explains: 1 Aristotle's system of homocentric spheres being hollow spheres of ether turning equally round the earth in the centre of the world, a number of which makes the apparatus of the movement of a planet which produces its apparently unequal motion.

The space which they take up in all is surrounded by an inner and an outer concentric spherical surface and makes the sphere of the planet. It was particularly Kepler who recognizes that as a result celestial physics requires a complete change. He did not think any more that the apparent unequal way of a planet indirectly results from the combination of several equal movements of etherial partial and entire spheres. His planets move their true and real way caused directly by the joint effect of two corporal forces moving the planets both around the sun and to and from it, which latter makes the planet's speed indeed naturally unequal.

For this "real way" he coins in late the specific term "orbita" the modern "orbit", the German "Bahn". This term then little by little replaced the former non-specific, general description of the apparent or real way as "via, iter, ambitus, circulus, circuitus" etc. This way Kepler marks the paradigm change of astronomy caused by himself also terminologically.

Reports on the introduction of video recorders at various branches of the Goethe Institute. The characteristics of video are compared with those of films, tapes and printed matter. Video's advantage is that through it authentic, unprepared material can be presented, and it provides strong motivation. With the end of the Iranian-American hostage crisis in late Beira and Port Louis.

Literaturunterricht als Erziehung zum "rationalen Handeln. Using Richard Wright's novel "Black Boy" as a model to work on, the author illustrates a 4-dimensional approach to the teaching of foreign literature: 1 scientific definition of the goals, 2 making a teaching plan, 3 defining methods, and 4 actual use on a teaching model.

Jahrhunderts zu befassen. This year more than 60 doctoral students and postdocs from over 25 different groups working in German university hospitals or research institutes attended the meeting to discuss their latest findings in the fields of neuroimmunology, neurodegeneration and neurovascular research.

All participants appreciated the stimulating environment in Motzen, Brandenburg, and people took the opportunity for scientific exchange, discussion about ongoing projects and already started further collaborations. Like in the previous years, the symposium was regarded as a very well organized platform to support research of young investigators in Germany. This outstanding paper deals with the function of Schwann cell neuregulin as an endogenous factor for myelin repair.

The award is endowed with Characterization of the response to zinc deficiency in the cyanobacterium Anabaena sp. Zur regulators control zinc homeostasis by repressing target genes under zinc-sufficient conditions in a wide variety of bacteria. This paper describes how part of a survey of duplicated genes led to the identification of the open reading frame all as the gene encoding the Zur regulator of the cyanobacterium Anabaena sp.

All binds to DNA in a zinc-dependent manner, and its DNA-binding sequence was characterized, which allowed us to determine the relative contribution of particular nucleotides to Zur binding. A zur mutant was found to be impaired in the regulation of zinc homeostasis, showing sensitivity to elevated concentrations of zinc but not other metals. In an effort to characterize the Zur regulon in Anabaena, 23 genes containing upstream putative Zur -binding sequences were identified and found to be regulated by Zur.

These genes are organized in six single transcriptional units and six operons, some of them containing multiple Zur -regulated promoters. The identities of genes of the Zur regulon indicate that Anabaena adapts to conditions of zinc deficiency by replacing zinc metalloproteins with paralogues that fulfill the same function but presumably with a lower zinc demand, and with inducing putative metallochaperones and membrane transport systems likely being involved in the scavenging of extracellular zinc, including plasma membrane ABC transport systems and outer membrane TonB-dependent receptors. Among the Zur -regulated genes, the ones showing the highest induction level encode proteins of the outer membrane, suggesting a primary role for components of this cell compartment in the capture of zinc cations from the extracellular medium.

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Um von Daten zum optimierten Prozess zu gelangen, sind vier Stufen notwendig. Probleme aus der Physik. Das beliebte Arbeitsbuch "Probleme aus der Physik" bietet nun auch zur Neu hinzugekommen ist ein Kapitel zur nichtlinearen Dynamik. Der Kanalisationsbau ist auch immer ein Ausdruck der Kultur eines Volkes gewesen. So kann festgestellt werden, dass im Zusammenhang mit der Hochkultur eines Volkes auch der Kanalbau ein vorherrschendes Thema war.

Der Kanalbau steht auch in einem engen Zusammenhang mit dem Wasserleitungsbau. Werner Heisenberg zum Geburtstag: Pionier der Quantenmechanik. Lange Zeit war er gemeinsam mit Bertrand Russell als Autor der Principia Mathematica unter Mathematikern und mathematischen Logikern deutlich besser bekannt als unter Philosophen. Balassa - Samuelson -Effekt, Nr. A Classical Argument. Part C. Research at East-German Universities. Beratung zur automatisierten ProzeBsteuerung und rechnergestUtzten Hans Peter Mensing.

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Berlin: Siedler Verlag, Quellen zur Geschichte des Parlarnentarismus und der politischen Partein. New York: Penguin, Steiner , Jirg. European Democracies. New York: Longman, Taylor, A. The Origens of the Second World War. Verbunden mit dem Tunnelprojekt war auch der Bau einer 80 km langen Hoch Zu dieser Zeit war es das gr66Bte hydro-elektrische Projekt, das. Dabei erlaubt der schnelle Wechsel zwischen den unterschiedlichen Beobachtungsarten z.

Damit kann dann u. Bei der Landessternwarte Heidelberg lag die Leitung des Projekts. Dornheim, J. Reale Aufgaben der Automatisierungstechnik sind im Allgemeinen sehr komplex. Dabei handelt es sich um Berechnungswerkzeuge und Expertenwissen z. Bildschirmmaske gefragt. Softwareprodukten installiert werden. Nichtperiodische zeitkontinuierliche Signale. Allgemeine Sprachfaehigkeit und Fremdsprachenerwerb.

Diskussions beitraege aus dem Institute fuer Bildungsforschung, No. This study investigates the theoretical plausibility and empirical validity of the assumption that all performance in a foreign language can be traced back to a single factor, the general language ability factor. The theoretical background of this hypothesis is reviewed in detail. The concept of a unitary linguistic competence, interpreted as an…. Networking as a Seismograph for Social Development.

Miftelzu- wachs profitieren mochten. Je st5rker eine Landesvereinigung Modellprojekte akqui- rieren muss, urn die eigene Funktionsf5higkeit Denn 5hnlich wie die Krankenkas- sen stehen andere Institutionen und Bereiche wie Sozialversicherungstrager, die Arzteschaft, Institutionen des Sports. Ahrns et al. The optimized injection regime was adopted conceptually in a pilot SIR test.

An inflatable packer was used to manipulate the outflow distribution. The packer was inflated before the injection phase then evacuated with a vacuum pump before pumping while remaining inside the casing. Cycles with conventional injection were performed first and iron breakthrough was monitored in the pumped water. Although the study site was unfavorable for SIR because of the unfavorable low alkalinity pH in the re- and infiltrate decreased down to 4. This was not considered in the simulation and iron concentrations were above the limits commonly used in practice.

However, the overall use of an optimized injection will still be presented. On the contribution of Heinrich Bruns to theoretical geometrical optics. With consideration of his correspondence with scientists of the Zeiss Company in Jena This paper describes the works of Heinrich Bruns, director of the Leipzig University Observatory, on theoretical geometrical optics, which followed an outstanding tradition in Leipzig.

Bruns and his pupils did not stop at theoretical considerations, but applied their findings to practical questions. Bruns' correspondence with opticians of the Zeiss Company in Jena, so far known only fragmentarily, gives impressive evidence of their friendly relationship characterized by mutual regard and stimulation. Willkommen, Mr. Chance: Methodologische Betrachtungen zur Gute empirischer Forschung in der Padagogik, diskutiert vor allem an der neueren Untersuchung uber Gewalt von Heitmeyer u.

Heute werden die Melodien auf elektronischen Chips gespeichert und sind per Schaltuhr in beliebiger Reihenfolge abrufbar. Das Glockenspiel Aber nur, weil eine Schaltuhr kaputt war. Es hat Maria L. Ich stelle mir vor, da kommt gerade die Parabelgleichung, und - zack - schaltet die Schaltuhr den Fernseher ab. Oder ein wissenschaftlicher Film auf Phoenix Schaltuhr [online]. German words that begin with s.

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