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The Brats admire Stanton for his acting gifts—but they have befriended him for his ability to relate to them as kids, sometimes partying with them all night and sleeping till noon. Stanton lives up in the hills above Hollywood, in a house from which one sees nothing but trees and hawks. That would have been great. It was a hot spring night in Westwood, perfect weather for moviegoing, and the leader of the Brats wanted to see Ladyhawke , which stars Matthew Broderick. And so, with three minutes left, Estevez marched down the nearest street in search of a phone.

He walked down to a parking lot and heaved a sigh of relief. Of course, he was told, and when he arrived, the manager and the ticket taker welcomed him to the theater and told him how much they loved his movies. Estevez, who is only five foot six, stands as a vivid prototype of the Brat Pack he seems to lead.

Barely 23 years old, he is already accustomed to privilege and appears to revel in the attention heaped upon him almost everywhere he goes. He has a reputation in Hollywood as a superstud: Dozens of girlfriends, many of them groupies, latch on for brief affairs; his romance with actress Demi Moore who is also in St.

He is living the life that any American male might dream of—to be young, single, and famous. But the Brat Packers are smart, and Estevez, perhaps the smartest of all, recognizes that with his fame and fortune comes a responsibility to preserve them. His career began at eighteen, with an afternoon television special, Seventeen Going On Nowhere. By the time he had made his fourth feature, The Breakfast Club , he was Returning to his condo in Malibu after the making of The Breakfast Club.

Estevez wrote a screenplay called Clear Intent. Hinton novel called That Was Then, This Is Now , has since been made into a movie with Estevez as the star and will be released this fall. But Clear Intent was surprisingly sophisticated, and when he showed it to Hughes, the reaction was so positive as to assure him a career as screenwriter.

Only five years ago a Chicago-based humor writer, Hughes now has a multi-million-dollar deal with Paramount Pictures for his next several projects; one of them, Hughes said, may be Clear Intent. He can act, he can write, he can direct. Clear Intent is the story of two L. Who will play the garbagemen? Coincidentally, the man set to direct the film version of the book is Joel Schumacher—the director of St. McInerney showed up at the Hard Rock at around P.

Estevez was wearing a T-shirt and chic black sport jacket with flecks of color. Nelson was wearing a gray jacket, a dark tie, a gray pullover, and a shirt almost hidden from view. It was 65 degrees, but he did not appear to be sweating. They all shook hands, with McInerney looking slightly mystified that he had been invited. The coat-check girls recognized the movie stars and waved the group in without collecting a cover charge. Nobody seemed interested in talking to McInerney.


The Brat Pack: Where Are They Now? | ihosaxupoxyd.tk

Nelson walked up to one of the loudspeakers and started dancing directly in front of it. But no one was dancing with him, and it was too dark for anyone to notice that there was a movie star dancing with a loudspeaker. So after a few minutes, the anonymity appeared to be too much for him; he sat down with a dejected look and started complaining about what a horrible club it was. Then he suggested they leave. Across the street was the Imperial Gardens Japanese restaurant. Late at night, the Japanese restaurant mysteriously disappears, and a punk club takes its place.

A long line snaked through the entranceway and out the door, and two large bouncers stood at the foot of a long staircase to the club, not letting anyone inside. But the rest of the people in line began to notice him and Judd Nelson, and a murmur reached the bouncers. And so Estevez put away his shame and headed over.

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Moments later, he waved his group toward him; the manager stamped their hands, showing proper awe. McInerney, somewhat of an expert on nightclubs—his book is filled with tales of late-night New York crawl—remarked upon entering the crowded club that there did not seem to be a VIP lounge on the premises. Estevez nodded and bemoaned the hordes around the bar. The Brats will be coming to New York this month to promote St. Each new Brat Packer movie carries with it an increased burden—if it is not a success, the young unknowns starring in the hit movie of the momentmight come up from behind and replace them.

And that would mean the end of the kind of ensemble efforts that created the Brat Pack. His name is being tossed around for one of the leads in Bright Lights, Big City —Tad Allagash, a suave young gadabout. Estevez and Nelson did not, however, learn anything about the character from talking to McInerney the other night. After summoning him to their late-night cruising, and shouting a few comments to him over the din at the Imperial Gardens, the Brat Pack took off and left McInerney at the club.

He walked back to his hotel by himself. Pizza stand in Westwood, the home of UCLA and, seemingly, the capital of the generation that buys all the movie tickets. There is an enormous movie theater at practically every intersection in Westwood; movies that have long since closed elsewhere are still playing here. So for Emilio Estevez to show his face in this neighborhood was to invite the stares of countless fans, and as he wolfed down his slices, the rest of the customers watched in silent respect.

Estevez looked up expecting a fan, but the man he saw standing above him was another member of the Brat Pack—Timothy Hutton. What are you up to?

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How about you? The Brat Pack whispers that Hutton has made a near-fatal mistake; he has made movies that have failed at box office. For one of the pack, this is a mortal sin—because what makes you a member, what makes you a Brat, is the ability to be in a position where Hollywood needs you more than you need Hollywood. Cruise, Hutton, and now Estevez, with his plans to be a screenwriter-director, all stand as inspiration to junior members of the Brat Pack yearning for a place in the sun, for the clout to pick and choose among the hundreds of parts now available for actors under the age of They are competing, too, for the attention the media has heaped upon the Brat Packers; and it is no coincidence that Estevez and Cruise share the same press agent, Andrea Jaffe of the PMK agency, who guards their reputations with the same zealous fervor she devotes to such elder clients as Farrah Fawcett—keeping their reputations clean but also keeping them hot.

And yet that is precisely what they do. For actors so imbued with the ensemble spirit, the Brat Pack members are out for themselves. The crowds had arrived at the Hard Rock. It was about 11 P.

The Brat Pack Then and Now

The small circle of stars had expanded to include several young actors of their acquaintance, not to mention the dozens of girls who continued to hover near the table. One of the young actors was Clayton Rohner. He seemed to have most of the credentials necessary to join the Brat Pack: the kind of looks, attitude, and presence that suggested acting talent. He seemed especially ebullient—and the reason, no doubt, was that he was celebrating his first starring role in a movie, something that might bring him closer to the exalted status of his friends.

And so, when a young girl of about sixteen approached him with a pen and slip of paper, asking him for an autograph, Rohner looked immediately at his more famous friends with a skeptical grin. They all smiled and denied it. Which one? I know one of them did. You all would not have guessed some of these. Some imitative words are more surprising than others. How to use a word that literally drives some people nuts. The awkward case of 'his or her'. Test your knowledge of words related to the season of longer days and vacations. Test your knowledge - and maybe learn something along the way.

Build a chain of words by adding one letter at a time. First Known Use of brat Noun 1 circa , in the meaning defined at sense 1a Noun 2 , in the meaning defined above. History and Etymology for brat Noun 1 perhaps from English dialect brat coarse garment Noun 2 by shortening. Learn More about brat. Resources for brat Time Traveler! Explore the year a word first appeared. From the Editors at Merriam-Webster. Dictionary Entries near brat brassy brassy bass brast brat Bratislava bratling Bratsk. Statistics for brat Look-up Popularity.

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