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Despite her cold personality, she is still considered to be as attractive by others such as Yoshizawa.

Locust: After The Rain - Hard Wax

She is fond of cute items and fashion magazines, making her a feminine character albeit the harshness on the surface. She is also diligent and goal-oriented in sports and love.

She is athletic and a fast runner. Akira lives with her single mother. She visits her father from time to time, though such meetings involving her relatives as well turned out to be distant.

Coltrane - After the Rain

She is considered as a promising top athlete in the women's Track team at her school, but due to an Achilles tendon injury during a race, she was forced to give it up. She harbors vague regret and bitterness about leaving the track and field club, therefore she consciously tries to avoid anything related to it, including her teammates. This spirals into a mild depression as she finds her sense of purpose and future to be in a fog. The restaurant manager, Kondo noticed her sitting by the window, gazing outside and lost in her thoughts, and offers her a coffee on the house which he presented with a magic trick.

Akira, surprised by both the trick and his kindness, finds her weariness immensely lifted and she inexplicably becomes attracted to him. After that, she decided to work part-time as a waitress at Garden, all in an effort to distract herself from her present situation. She becomes buddies with Nishida Yui at work. Eventually, Yoshizawa joins as a kitchen crew, acting on his infatuation with Akira. At first, Akira learns that Kondo is married and has a son from the assistant manager, Kobo to her dismay, but then immediately it was revealed that he is in fact, a divorced man.

One day, a customer left his handphone behind and she decides to chase after him, which made Kondo in awe of her running speed.

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This reactivates her old injury though, and the anxious Kondo comically prays beside her, stating that he bears no intention of sexual harassment and wraps his arm around Akira's waist to help her up. He drives her to her regular clinic. Akira is embarrassed by Kondo's concerned scrutiny on her foot when she had to remove her socks for the doctor's inspection, and she blushes, promptly asking Kondo if he was needed at the restaurant instead. Then, Kondo mentions that she probably needed her uniform afterwards and would entrust it to Yoshizawa, as he believed him to be her boyfriend.

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Akira becomes infuriated and angrily breaks the misunderstanding. A few days later, Akira is still recuperating and bored of having nothing to do, she goes out for a walk in crutches.

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Coincidentally, she encounters Kondo along the way. He is happy to meet her en route to paying Akira's mother a visit to apologize for the injury, as he is bad with directions. They decide to relax at a nearby cafe, and Akira blushes hard on spending time with him. As Kondo returns from getting some drinks, he notices the image of Akira sitting by the window to be familiar in his memory, and points it out to Akira while brushing it off.

"After The Rain" lyrics

In a turn of events, Akira confesses to him that she likes him. Kondo is astounded and shocked by her sudden confession, and not suspecting it to be romantic in nature at all, he laughs in a joyful mood and thanks her for her words. The next morning, Akira lies on her bed with a fierce expression, with Kondo's reaction in her mind all day. Sidelined and aimless, the track-obsessed student finds herself waiting for the rain to stop one evening in a family restaurant when the friendly, middle-aged manager gives her a coffee on the house — and her crush begins.

After The Rain

As for Kondo, he is clearly aware of how inappropriate a relationship with Tachibana would be, but her attention does help him remember — and revive — his own youthful dreams of becoming a writer. In the meantime, stream this one on a rainy day with a cup of coffee or two. Click to enlarge. Anime , After the Rain , Ayumu Watanabe.