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  1. Braised Pheasants in Madeira
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  4. Roast Pheasant Recipe - Hank Shaw's Recipe for Roast Pheasant

Serve with new potatoes and softly fried leeks and enjoy. As pheasant recipes go, this is good one.

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Put the bacon and oil in a frying pan and cook over a med heat for a couple of minutes. Add the birds to the pan and cook them for a few mins on each side to brown the breasts. Put them in a casserole with the bacon.

Braised Pheasants in Madeira

Add the onion to the pan and cook for a couple of mins. Add the garlic and celery and fry for mins. Bring to the boil, season well and spoon into the casserole. Put the lid on and cook in the oven for 45 mins. Take the lid off, baste the pheasants and cook for another mins, until the meat is tender. Leave for 10 mins before serving.

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Sprinkle with parsley leaves and serve with potatoes and leeks. For ease of serving, take the birds out of the dish and when cool enough to handle, take the legs, breasts and all the meat off the bone. Heat your oven. Give yourself at least 15 minutes of preheating, and up to a half hour. Oil the bird. You can do this with olive oil or you can smear butter all over it. Crack some black pepper over the bird. Roast the pheasant uncovered for 15 minutes at your high temperature.

Leave your oven door open to speed this process. Optional step : Baste the bird with either butter or a glaze. When I do this, I like to use a boiled-down combination of butter and maple syrup. Return the pheasant to the oven and roast uncovered for 30 to 45 minutes. A little pink in the juice — and in the bird — is what you want. The higher end of this cooking time will give you a well-done bird, which I try to avoid but many people prefer.


Explore nearly recipes for pheasants and other upland birds here on Hunter Angler Gardener Cook! Read More. Hey there. Welcome to Hunter Angler Gardener Cook, the internet's largest source of recipes and know-how for wild foods. I am a chef, author, and yes, hunter, angler, gardener, forager and cook. Follow me on Instagram , on Twitter and on Facebook. This was a winner! I usually cook pheasant smitane style following the joy of cooking recipe stove roast in Dutch oven with sour cream and apples , but I think this may have been better!

The meat was extremely tender and very flavorful. I even did this with a bird out of my deep freeze shot and cleaned a year ago which is hardly ideal conditions. Let fully thaw and then brined per instructions. High temp with bird only. Then I added to the roasting pan redskin potatoes, Brussels sprouts, and brocolli.

Roast Pheasant Recipe - Hank Shaw's Recipe for Roast Pheasant

Served with a pinot noir. Was exceptional. I currently have the remains going in my stock pot. Had one pheasant and filled in with four chicken thighs. Brinef for a day and a half. Dried for a day.

Had to bake longer than the recipe but that might of been because oven was opened so much. Best birds ever. Pheasant was amazing, the chicken was amazing. I love this method. Will share it with the family who bagged the bird. So glad I found you. Never cooked pheasant in my 75 years! A friend shot, dressed and gave us 2. No juniper berries so used rosemary. Otherwise followed your excellent directions to a T! Brined for 4. They were delicious! Cooked 3 birds and followed the recipe using the butter and maple syrup option.

Cooked for 40 minutes after the initial 15 minutes of temp.

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