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People: A World Portrait

Twitter icon A stylized bird with an open mouth, tweeting. Pinterest icon The letter "P" styled to look like a thumbtack pin. Height varies a lot around the world — and some countries have a definite lead. Scroll down to see the nations with the tallest people on earth.

Scroll down to see the 25 countries which literally came out on top. An average person from New Zealand is An average Bulgarian is A Bulgarian man is A Bulgarian woman is An average Montenegrins is Men in Montenegro are on average Women in Montenegro are on average The average Irish person is The average Irishman is The average Irishwoman is The average person in France is The average French man is The average French woman is The average person in Belarus is An average Belarusian man is The average Belarusian woman is Ukrainians are an average Australians are Australian men are Australian women are An average Norwegian is Norwegian men average out at The women measure out at Canadians also take good care of their environment and are peace loving in nature.

The country and its people as a whole focus on the positive aspects of life, support multiculturalism and share strong community bonds. Quite surprisingly, the people of Finland, a country with severely cold weather and dark Arctic winters, are much more happy than the residents of many other developed countries of the world which offer more warmth and sunshine-filled days to their citizens.

Several factors are considered to be responsible for the happiness of the Finnish people. Economic stability and security, high wages, honest governments, low levels of corruption, and high literacy rates keep the people of this country relatively stress-free. Very few Dutch complain about their work life as they know how to balance their work and personal life extremely well.

The short working hours and the high rates of minimum wage ensure the Dutch spend quality time with family after working hours. Dutch children are also considered to have the best childhoods with a healthy home environment where parents are open and communicative and performance pressures are low. Switzerland , the beautiful Alpine country in Europe is also one of the happiest countries in the world. The average life expectancy at birth of the citizens of this country is as high as The Swiss have high levels of income and low working hours, allowing them to enjoy plenty of quality time with friends and family.

Love of nature and the urge to spend time outdoors is believed to nurture the feelings of optimism among the Swiss people. The people of this country also enjoy excellent health and other infrastructural facilities that allow them to live a healthy and comfortable life.

The country also maintains high environmental standards providing its citizens with plenty of clean air and clean water and little to complain about. A little artisan Swiss chocolate doesn't hurt either. Another cold and dark country of the Northern Hemisphere, Iceland is full of happy and warm glowing faces. The population of Iceland enjoy a great number of privileges, peace, and social security and are both healthy and wealthy.

World report on disability

Iceland is also the only NATO country with no standing army. Iceland has one of the highest GDPs in the world, a booming export business, high per capita income and high minimum wage rates. The Icelandic women are also highly regarded and socially very secure. White House.

25 Luckiest People In The World

Timothy Geithner, secretary of the Treasury. He has seen the horror. And if we can trust him with the economy, can't we trust him with a puppy? Random House.

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Philip Roth. A prick? But how many great artists are still great — leaner, harder, madder, different — at sixty? Now, how many are at seventy-six? Department of Justice. Patrick Fitzgerald, U. LeBron James. How many superstar athletes seem to enjoy it?

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  6. The man is pure heart. Nigel Parry. Shepard Smith, Fox News anchor.

    World population

    An anchor you want to watch, with a touch of the madness of Rather. Getty Images. Robert Downey Jr. Wikimedia Commons.

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    Jon Huntsman. The former Republican governor of Utah and our new ambassador to China. A politician who redeems the word. The New York Times.

    How Many People Live In The World?

    Gail Collins, columnist.