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Labourer dies after electric pole falls on him. So why is this important? What if you go to a church that preaches topical sermons week in and week out? Or if you go to a church that uses a verse as a springboard to talk about an issue? Well it is helpful to remember that it is God who has designed both us and our spiritual growth plan.

God has seen fit to arrange things where the child of God is to be equipped by the preaching of the word of God. Consider 2 Timothy 3. All Scripture is inspired by God and profitable for teaching, for reproof, for correction, for training in righteousness ; so that the man of God may be adequate, equipped for every good work. Preach the word. Not preach about the word, preach around the word, or tell stories about the word…but preach the word!! The man of God is supposed to work hard to rightly divide the truth 2. What do you do if the Bible is not preached?

So point being, I have a lot to learn and one of the great avenues for growth according to God is the preaching ministry of my church. God has given gifted men to teach Eph. This is the whole point of Ephesians 4 4. So if you want to go to a church where the pastor has wax on his fingers from tickling ears each week, delivering sermonettes for Christianettes, massaging your conscience by telling you what you want to hear then you will be miserable. You will be miserable because if you are a Christian you want to be like Christ. Biblical preaching builds strong Christians.

These products of faithful exposition will be able to deal with the trials that God brings to refine your faith and make you complete Rom. If you are not being fed meat you will be ill equipped to fulfill your responsibilities to train your own children. The priority for the Christian is to be taught the word of God that they may be built up in the truth of God according to the likeness of the Son of God all to the glory of God.

Here is part 3 of the the look at how to live a miserable Christian life. The goal here is obviously not to be miserable but to be filled with heavenly joy by being good stewards of all that Christ has given us. The first 2 post may be found here part 1 and here part 2. It is interesting the way God has done things. He has saved sinners and then commanded them to work out their salvation Phil.

We are to be progressively growing into the likeness of our Master. This obviously implies a current state of practical imperfection. God has been pleased to give his saints the word of God to be learned and applied, specifically within the context of the church of God. This practice serves to chip away fleshy barnacles and mold Christ likeness in accordance with his word. However, if the Christian is opposed to correction, bowing up in pride to it, they will become angry and bitter.

This is why the Proverbs repeatedly show us the deadly downfall of refusing correction:. Proverbs He is on the path of life who heeds instruction, But he who ignores reproof goes astray. Proverbs Whoever loves discipline loves knowledge, But he who hates reproof is stupid. Proverbs A man who hardens his neck after much reproof Will suddenly be broken beyond remedy. In fact this action is the result of having a heavenly perspective Col.

If we give and receive correction within the framework of the gospel humility and dependence then we will be on our way to growing into Christ likeness.

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It is this that brings joy, resistence to correction brings misery. Another great way to be miserable as a Christian is to not serve. This kind of goes with number 4 being selfish. Remember that as a believer you have been bought with a price 1 Cor. So if we selfishly paganly, idolatrously, sinfully…etc..

This is ugly and makes misery. Serving in the body has a supernatural effect. When you serve biblically you grow in love and appreciation for the Savior. When you neglect service you grow in self-focus, self-dependence, and ultimately self-worship. This will truly make you miserable. As Christians we talk so much about faithful evangelism whether this be our struggles with boldness and clarity or just basic obedience. But the bottom line is that Jesus commands us to do evangelism Matt.

He also says that he is going to be there with us in this context. So when we neglect evangelism we neglect this joy. We neglect the spiritual exercise of reminding ourselves of what sin is, who God is, who Jesus is and the reality of hell. It is imperative to preach the gospel to yourself everyday to remember what a sinner you are and what a Savior Jesus is. Evangelism is just another opportunity for you to hear this, to remind your own heart of this great salvation. But not only this…people actually get saved when Christians evangelize!! God has ordained that eternal life come through the preaching of the gospel Rom.

God is only saving people through the gospel. Therefore if you tell people it they may get saved!!

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This is considerable!! Think of the joy that is in heaven over one sinner who repents Lk. There is heaven wrought joy in the heart of the evangelist has he proclaims the message of life to dead sinners, knowing that if God wills they will be called forth from the cave of death like a spiritual Lazarus. However, if you and I neglect this discipline we pursue the less than desirable path.

There is such joy in speaking the truth about God; this brings God pleasure and the Christian joy. Fasting from the gospel will bring spiritual malnutrition to your soul. Preach the gospel to yourself, preach it to others, just say it!! It is powerful Rom. I know that there are myriads of others, however, these have been some common ones that I have encountered. Not many Christians will deny that God is sovereign…cofessionally anyway. There are of course those who believe that God does not know the future or cannot control the future open theists. I am not talking about this group here.

Instead I am referring to those who affirm that God is in control Ps. A common way that we do this is by worrying. Rarely do we find ourselves worrying about what has happened in the past unless it is the present or future consequence of the action. Instead we worry about what will happen in the present and in the future. Jesus diagnosis this problem by saying that it is due to a lack of faith and is a characteristic of unbelievers Matt. This really is the issue. When we are worrying about events or circumstances we are reacting with a faithless self-absorption that is upset because we have realized that we are not sovereign.

How To Live a Miserable Christian Life | Monergism

And to make matters worse, we just marinate in this posture of anxiety, refusing to trust and depend upon the God who is sovereign and good. Jesus tells us to seek the agenda of God, even delighting in it Matt. This is a good word for my heart. Instead of having my heart race and my stomach turn in knots for a lack of personal sovereignty my soul should be comforted by the reality that God is indeed sovereign. One of the most underappreciated aspects of Christianity, I feel, is the diversity of backgrounds and life stories that populate the collective church of Jesus.

Upon salvation Christians sever their enlistment in the army of Satan Eph. However, Jesus does not give everyone a uniform and a lunchbox and tell us all to walk, talk, and look like a certain guy or girl. Instead we are told to hate sin and love Jesus. We are all to be looking more and more like Jesus everyday as we look less and less like Adam. But something funny happened on the way to glory…some folks get pretty upset when church people do not look, talk, and play like them. This is crazy. You and I are not the Savior, Jesus is. Sure we are to be examples of godliness and others are to follow us as we follow Christ, but we are not to expect and demand everyone to be us.

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Instead enjoy liberties in Christ, enjoy the diversity in the body, and enjoy the world that God has made. Do all of this while hating sin and loving Jesus. Christianity is about Jesus not us. I do pray that this has been helpful.

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Jesus prayed that we would have his joy Jn. Skip to main content. Search the Directory of Theology. Try to Repay Jesus for the Cross 2. Neglect the Bible 3. Neglect Prayer There is truly nothing that brings more joy to the human heart than to know and live in the reality of being forgiven in Christ and enjoy the delicious fruit of grace. Try to Repay Jesus for the Cross The sure-fire way to short circuit joy in Christ is to undervalue him and overvalue yourself.

Neglect the Bible The Bible is the means of grace by which God communicates himself to his children, even shaping our minds into conformity to him Rom. Neglect Prayer In prayer we find ourselves verbally submitting to divine sovereignty, professing agreement in divine goodness, massaging our hearts to understand divine holiness, while also clinging to divine grace.

Be Selfish 5. Go to a church that does not preach expositionally Yesterday I began a look at how to live a miserable Christian life. Be Selfish This is really the seed for everything. Go to a church that does not preach expositionally Expositional preaching is simply to explain the authorial intent of a given passage and make appropriate application. So what is Timothy to do? Resist Biblical Correction 7. Neglect Service in the body of Christ 8. Neglect Evangelism Here is part 3 of the the look at how to live a miserable Christian life. Resist Biblical Correction It is interesting the way God has done things.

Neglect Evangelism As Christians we talk so much about faithful evangelism whether this be our struggles with boldness and clarity or just basic obedience. Do not neglect this practice, for where evangelism is lacking so to is joy. Deny the Sovereignty of God Deny the Sovereignty of God Not many Christians will deny that God is sovereign…cofessionally anyway. Think that every Christian must look and act like you One of the most underappreciated aspects of Christianity, I feel, is the diversity of backgrounds and life stories that populate the collective church of Jesus.

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