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This measurement is not very accurate since the Greenwich plane does not go through the actual sea level.

What is latitude and longitude? - Definition from ihosaxupoxyd.tk

The history of the longitude has been contributed upon by great minds in the fields of astronomy, map making, and navigation over many centuries. This information was and still is important. For example, in safe ocean plotting, a means of defining the longitude and latitude was very much needed. The process of finding precise measures took centuries and the contribution of very great scholars.

The earliest works recorded on research on the longitude was in the 3 rd century BCE by Erastosthenes. His work was later build up by one Hipparchus in the 2 nd century BCE. The 11 th century revealed a great mind by the name Al-Burini who discovered that the earth rotated on its axis, a discovery that forms the basis for the modern belief of how longitude and latitude are related.

In the pursuit of greatness, nations had to invest in overseas trade, settlements, and outposts. For this reason, the need for identifying the location of their ships in the sea using its longitude was of high importance. Nations like France, Spain, and the Netherlands offered great prizes towards the solution of the longitude issue. One of the earliest solution to the longitude problem was based on time gaps.

The method involved sailors determining the local time by using the sun as a reference point in comparison with their local time.

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This method solved the challenge of mechanical clocks not working at sea due to humidity and the motions at sea. Britain's Charles II started the Royal Observatory in so as to find out the longitude of places in order to aid navigators. The year of was a great year for the longitude research. As a motivation, two solutions were created at the same time.

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A clock maker by the name John Harrison made the first relevant contribution through his creation of the Marine Timekeeper H4. This instrument was later renamed the Marine Chronometer. The other contributors include John Hadley, and the German astronomer Tobias Mayer, who perfected the earlier astronomical catalogues and instruments to be used in the Lunar Distance method. The Royal Observatory remains a testing point for marine scholars and astronomical observers.

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These efforts contributed highly to Greenwich becoming the referential Prime Meridian. Each degree of longitude apart is separated by 60 minutes and a minute is in turn divided into 60 seconds.

Longitude ★★★ 2000

This position can also be written as a decimal fraction as such An intersection of a specific longitude and a specific latitude is then used to calculate the position of a place on Earth. Categories :.

Cancel Save. They run from West to East.


They run from North to South. Lines are parallel to each other. Lines are not parallel to each other but converge at the poles. The lines are not of same length. Lines are of the same length. The equator is the only great circle.

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Has many great circles as any opposite pairs of lines make a great circle. Lines are called parallels.