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  1. Intellectual Giants on Human Origins
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  3. MYSTERIOUS WORLD: Autumn The Legend of Atlantis Part III: Edgar Cayce's Atlantis
  4. Atlantis and the Edgar Cayce Readings

May 05, Jessi rated it it was amazing Shelves: spirituality , nonfiction. I read a first edition published mid sixties? Intuitively, most of us realize that what's taught in the history books at school is BS, and this is a whole new can of worms Where did humanity come from and what are we doing here?! A question that all major religions tackle and that science tries to "rationalize" to the point of obliterating all possibility in favor of what's ac I read a first edition published mid sixties?

A question that all major religions tackle and that science tries to "rationalize" to the point of obliterating all possibility in favor of what's acceptable "on the books" of academic record Accounting for the extremely high accuracy and success rate of Cayce's medical intutive readings, and the number of things in his files that have "come true" to light over the years, the possibilities within this book are well worth examining View 2 comments.

Apr 06, Natacha Pavlov rated it it was amazing Shelves: spirituality. This book briefly covers readings given by Edgar Cayce--America's greatest psychic--on entities having previously existed in the lost land known as Atlantis. According to Cayce, there were 2 phases that led to the destruction of Atlantis. Cayce also believed that many A Fascinating!! Cayce also believed that many Atlantean entities were being reincarnated through people living in the United States, keeping in mind these were readings given in the 's for a span of 21 years.

Comparisons were drawn between the technologically-advanced Atlantean society and America's own growing power, with potential benefits as well as dangers to society highlighted. Regardless of one's belief in the existence of such a society, the book is an interesting and very quick read. I might even feel like it's almost too brief for such a mysterious and complex subject, but I suppose those interested in further study can simply consult all Edgar Cayce readings on the matter.

View all 3 comments. Feb 29, Natalie rated it liked it Shelves: paranormal , non-fiction. I found this book to be a much quicker read than Many Mansions, which I had read several years ago. There were a few things I found intriguing in this book. His theory that we had originally been created by God as spiritual entities, and eventually found our way into material earthly bodies as humans evolved was very interesting- it was an angle I hadn't even considered before. His claims that there were three "eras" of Atlantis also was interesting. The fact that most of them knew about its eventual destruction and fled before the end to other lands also made sense- especially Egypt.

Intellectual Giants on Human Origins

Cayce did have one outrageous claim that I'm not sure I agreed with- that humans were around 10 million years ago. That, to me, seems a little far-fetched- but if there is indeed scientific evidence to back it up, I'd roll with it. I really would have liked to see more detail- how all these inventions were made, what materials they used, etc.

The machines were described, but instructions to replicate them would probably put all the skeptics to rest- so why didn't he do that? Do I believe that Cayce was everything he said he was? That he was really tapping into the other side and past lives? Or was he simply a good story teller who was consistent and had a fantastic memory? I really don't know. I do believe it is entirely possible that a place such as Atlantis really could have existed- and there isn't much evidence since it was destroyed ten thousand years ago.

If our civilization as we know it were to end today, what evidence would there be of our existence ten thousand years from now? It's certainly something to think about. Jan 11, Lauraley Dilgard rated it really liked it. Any book on Atlantis, I feel I once lived there reading about it feels like I'm reading about home. Dec 23, Aline rated it it was amazing Shelves: non-fiction , inspirational , spirituality , It says multiple times that they had great communications with what seemed like far distances.

Did they had something like the internet!!!?? And I read a while ago that Obama!

See a Problem?

Weird, but not surprising. Since the book came out they also found a cave below the Sphinx through an opening in one of the paws. I think this was in the 80s? Okay, now I got that out, I remember when I got a book about lost cities as a child and I read about Atlantis for the first time, I was immediately fascinated. That fascination is still going on today. I wondered for some time now if I had a past life there too? For anyone interested in lost civilizations in general this might be interesting for you too. In regards to this I also want to mention that a lot of things I read or heard in videos, what the oldest civilizations say how mankind came to earth, adds up exactly with how Cayce said the Atlanteans came to be!

Nov 06, Linda Brunner rated it really liked it. This is a small paperback peppered with transcripts of Cayce readings interspersed with commentary by a member of the Cayce family. I've been a student of Cayce's work most of my adult life and I never grow tired of it because there is so much there. To discover. And apply. If we are indeed many of the Atlanteans back again to learn the lessons that they did not, we have got a long long way to go.

As a species, the greed that in many ways precipitated their downfall is in full eviden This is a small paperback peppered with transcripts of Cayce readings interspersed with commentary by a member of the Cayce family. As a species, the greed that in many ways precipitated their downfall is in full evidence daily here in the U. If the leaders cannot lead, we must start from the bottom up. Apr 30, Hydroxia Gryphon rated it really liked it. I believe that they definitely work in conjunction; and Schoch's scientific findings back up the readings and information revealed by Edgar Cayce.

I almost fell out of my seat when I read the part about the Sphinx being much older as proven and theorized also by Schoch! I also can see many similarities as to what was reportedly happening in Atlantis before extraordinary destruction s , and how human history SOOO glad I read this just after reading Dr.


MYSTERIOUS WORLD: Autumn The Legend of Atlantis Part III: Edgar Cayce's Atlantis

I also can see many similarities as to what was reportedly happening in Atlantis before extraordinary destruction s , and how human history repeats itself. I am reminded of Roman history and also contemporary occurances happening in these United States. This was a nice read because I don't feel like it was all "fluff". Overall it is very thought-provoking! Jan 22, Dennis rated it it was amazing. This book culls together various readings of past entities with incarnations of lives on Atlantis, which was not so much a place as an era in the foundation of humanity.

The readings have references to Atlantean land and Poseida land.

Brilliant ! Edgar Cayce's Story of the Mystical Maya - Dr Lora Little

Mu, Oz, and Lemuria are mentioned in later Atlantean time. It draws from those readings a picture of life with aircraft, submarines, electronics, and nuclear power. There were giants and dwarves. People had lifespans of hundreds of years. Since two major catastrophic events occurred, one can imagine why there is little to no evidence left of Atlantis' existence. Nov 03, Steve rated it did not like it Shelves: non-fiction. Well, the first book I've rated one star. In my view a book needs to be one or more of three things - entertaining, informative and interesting. This is none of those. I came to it with an open mind - you kind of have to given the subject matter.

It was always unlikely to be entertaining. I can't honestly say it was ever going to be so grounded in fact as to be informative. But I did expect it to be interesting. It wasn't. Its not helped by the stilted language of Cayce's readings themselves, Well, the first book I've rated one star. Its not helped by the stilted language of Cayce's readings themselves, but the author's style isn't much less so. Its also not the most balanced examination of the subject matter - though perhaps to be expected from Cayce's son.

Atlantis and the Edgar Cayce Readings

Apr 19, Elentarri rated it really liked it Shelves: paranormal. Freaky and very interesting. This is a compilation of all the readings Edgar Cayce did regarding Atlantis along with commentary by the author. Relevant additional information made publicly available is also included to "verify" the details of the readings.

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Aug 11, Christopher Sharp rated it it was amazing. There aren't enough words to describe Edgar's contribution to the human race. What he lived every day the rest of us can only dream of. Why modern history chooses to ignore Atlantis and all of the facts that point straight to it I will never understand. Jun 22, Katie Baltrush rated it it was amazing Shelves: religion-philosophy.

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  8. The seems to have figured out through religion what Graham Hancock figured out through archeology. Mar 11, Rose Beyke rated it it was amazing Shelves: reference. I just find Edgar Cayce so thought provoking. May 11, Robert rated it really liked it Shelves: para-psychology , religion-spirtuality. Fascinating book. Much of the material makes much more sense to us in than it did in the 's before atomic power, lasers, genetic engineering, clones, robots, etc. Khnum is depicted on a relief at Esna creating humans on a potter's wheel while the androgynous Thoth writes the years the humans will live behind him.

    Interestingly the Temple of Esna was dedicated to an anonymous androgynous creator god and androgynous Khnum is depicted with six fingers. Author provided. Several professionals have been exploring this strange case as well. In the Israel Exploration Journal, Volume 57, , Irit Ziffer explores the idea of androgynous creator deities in his thought-provoking paper, "The first Adam, Androgyny and the Ain Ghazal two-headed busts. Androgynous two-headed statues from Ain Ghazal.

    Ziffer makes a strong case that the two-headed statues represent androgynous creator deities. Another curious twist is that some of the statues have six fingers and toes, famously associated with the Biblical giant of Gath. Six toed foot from Ain Ghazal Statue. Source Richard D. The four eyes and four ears may stand for a doubled face. Thus, the prototype androgynous human, containing both sexes, was defined through the two-headed person, claims Ziffer. What we have here is quite stunning, some of the oldest statues ever discovered represent a worship cult of deities who were androgynous and possessed six fingers and toes.

    Remember, the statues of Ain Ghazal are over years older than the Bible. In Part 2 we discover more ancient examples of androgyny and six-fingered giants and gods through history. Hopefully, this information will strike the reader as profoundly as it has me and you will be open to entertain seemingly heretical notions about the past.

    He is also co-author of Read More. This results in larger living organisms such as the Sequoia giant Redwood trees of California and could result in extra digits or even extra arms like Kali the Hindu goddess. These are the rulers of Earth, they wrote much of the Old Testament and here is where the six fingers fit in. Did you ever wonder why measurements in the English ruler are in base 12 essentially rather than base 10 like in the metric system?

    Normal diploid humans we are diploid humans with 2 sets of chromosomes have ten fingers and this system is what one would expect to use. The English ruler is 12 inches to a ruler and three rulers to a yard. This ruler is actually a representation of the hands of God. They are not Gods or aliens but merely tetraploid humans who have six fingers and two hands thus base 12 would be a much easier mathematical base system from which to operate for them.

    The trinity or groups of three see Triangle of U theory in my book also make up a yard with three rulers. It also is part of the or the Beast for a complete matriarchal system where women occupy all three positions of power. That is also why there are twelve tribes of Israel, twelve to a dozen, to a gross, twelve astrological signs with the thirteenth sign being the Hidden One, the Serpent Bearer or Ophiuchus. That is also why the number thirteen is bad luck because it represents these people who may do you harm if you fail to obey. This is not magic or supernatural or dealing with spirits, it just plain simple biology for those that can comprehend how polyploidism works with living organisms like the queen bee who is also a tetraploid and the ruler of her hive.

    Secrets of the Pink Kush by William H. Bradshaw, provides all the information about polyploidism in all living organisms including humans as well as metaphysics, nature, the occult, religion and some other topics. It also provides a fairly comprehensive accounting of their history from their initial beginnings in Europe, and how they came about, to Atlantis and up until our modern times. It includes their plan for humanity which is referred to as the Atlantean conspiracy or Luciferian conspiracy or Venetian conspiracy or Orion conspiracy which we all know as the New World Order.

    I will guarantee you, as a scientist and truthful person, that what I have stated here and documented in my three volume text books, entitled Secrets of the Pink Kush by William H. Bradshaw, is the truth. We are not to have this knowledge because they are afraid of us overwhelming them as we have done in the ancient past. I am the first person to ever completely solve this ancient mystery which is referred to as Mystery Babylon or the Eleusinian Mysteries from the Cult of Demeter. I do however, explain their end game and some of the means.

    William H. Bradhaw, Dipl. Quite interesting and as usual - there's a ROME cover-up afoot to keep the Hidden Archaeology - Geneology-Creation of mankind buried and a siniiter propaganda written and preached to humans that favors Christain Mythos. Man didn't simply evolve from monkeys in Africa - and claiming mankind has one single ancestor rooted in the African savanas is preposterous. There were multiple failed genetic links homo sapiens evolution - were they experiments that ultimately provided other mutations or simply works to see what developed and then let die off as it was determined it was a dead end.

    Experimentation - is what. To etherial formless GOD's who are ageless - time itself doesn't exist. It was clearly a research and development center - as well as an astronomical clock. The evidence is slowly being pieced together - as this article illustrates - that the true origins and seeding of the planet by Other Worldly Beings is factual. Opening your mind and letting go of old " falsiities " relating to our origins can only be enlightening to the human anima.

    Ancient Origins has been quoted by:. By bringing together top experts and authors, this archaeology website explores lost civilizations, examines sacred writings, tours ancient places, investigates ancient discoveries and questions mysterious happenings. Our open community is dedicated to digging into the origins of our species on planet earth, and question wherever the discoveries might take us. We seek to retell the story of our beginnings. Skip to main content. Login or Register in order to comment. William Bradshaw wrote on 28 September, - Permalink.

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