An Indescribable Unknown

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  1. Divergence: Indescribable Fear
  2. Indescribable in a sentence (esp. good sentence like quote, proverb)
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Divergence: Indescribable Fear

I feel like this affair which is more than friendship and more than love would continue forever. I learned she is married and I am also in a long-term relationship. Yet, somehow it feels right. Last night, I was out with my friends. I was frightened and angry with myself. I thought it was over for me because I was crossing the platonic lines. I was relieved. Love cannot be boxed and labeled. It finds ways and means to express itself.

It is unconditional and vast.


The more we try to describe it the more abstract it becomes. Follow BobEditor Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Skip to content. Where Love Is, Luck Follows! Every year they inspire me and confirm in me my love to animals.

On her side, Yadira and Wendy, age 16 and 17, attend high school in Angangueo town.

Indescribable in a sentence (esp. good sentence like quote, proverb)

We are now starting to be experienced cooks! The colony decreases perceptibly at El Rosario Sanctuary from day to day. Pairs are all over, meter after meter. Males glide or spiral down finally hitting the ground loudly at landing. Berlin is divided like our world, like our time, like men and women, young and old, rich and poor, like all our experience.

Will there be a common future? And what of the present?

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In, with, for, about Berlin. And to what end? The sky above it is the only clear thing you can understand.

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Now what I want is starting to emerge: namely to tell a story in Berlin. That requires objectivity, distance, or, better yet, a vantage point. Everything else is prehistory. If history occurs, it will begin in Berlin. Yes, angels. A film with angels. The genesis of the idea of having angels in my Berlin story is very hard to account for in retrospect. It was suggested by many sources at once. One day, in the middle of Berlin, I suddenly became aware of that gleaming figure the Angel of Peace, metamorphosed from being a warlike victory angel into a pacifist.

The Indescribable Unknown

With wings and with no flying?? I spoke to Peter Handke about the project, and he agreed to be involved, provided it was the kind of film you could pull out of your hat. When God, endlessly disappointed, finally prepared to turn his back on the world forever, it happened that some of his angels disagreed with him and took the side of man, saying he deserved to be given another chance. Angry at being crossed, god banished them to what was then the most terrible place on earth: berlin. An introductory passage might go something like that. But there will be no introduction.

All will gradually be brought out in the film and make itself felt. The presence of the angels will explain itself. The angels have been in Berlin since the end of the war, condemned to remain there. They have no kind of power and are only onlookers, watching what happens without the slightest possibility of taking a hand in any of it.

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Previously, they had been able to influence things; as guardian angels, they could at least give whispered counsel, but even that is now beyond them. Now they are just there, invisible to man, but themselves all-seeing. They have been wandering around Berlin for forty years now. They can sit next to an old woman on a bench in the Tiergarten and hear her thoughts, or stand behind a solitary train driver on the underground and follow his thoughts.

And if anyone lies, the angel can right away hear the difference between the thought and the spoken word. People are unaware of their presence. Sometimes a child will catch a glimpse of an angel, and immediately forget it again. A grown-up can see them only in dreams, but on awakening he will forget them and dismiss them as a dream. The years have gone by for our angels in Berlin imperceptibly, in a recurring rhythm.

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  5. They have seen almost two generations grow up and die, and soon it will be a third. They know every house and tree and shrub. They see beyond the world that manifests itself to people today. They can see it as it was when God turned away from it and they were banished, at the beginning of Behind the city of today, in its interstices or above it, as though frozen in time, are the ruins, the mounds of rubble, the burned chimney stacks and facades of the devastated city, only dimly visible sometimes but always there in the background.