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  1. Winter in Armenia
  2. A Winter in Armenia: Things to do and Places to Visit
  3. Top 10 Things To Do in Armenia During Winter
  4. Winter wonderland in Yerevan

The stories are connected to one of the greatest kings of Armenia. From here we can clearly see the mount Teksar.

Winter in Armenia

In the morning we will go down to Vorotan Gorge, where we will see several abandoned villages with huge houses carved out of the rock. After seeing all these you can easily imagine how people once lived in the caves. Old Khndzoresk — a village spread over about 3kms at the slopes of the deep gorge, was one of the most populous villages of Syunik region. In the 20 century the settlement was moved to the top of the cliff.

A Winter in Armenia: Things to do and Places to Visit

One can reach Old Khndzoresk only by the long rocking suspension bridge, passing over a deep gorge. The bridge itself is a landmark and attracts not only tourist, but the local people as well. The ropeway is passing over the Vorotan River Gorge and connecting two villages — Halidzor and Tatev. At its highest point over the gorge, the car travels m above ground level.

After we will move to the famous Carahunge. The gorge where the monastery is situated is known for its steep red cliffs, towering behind the monastery.

Top 10 Things To Do in Armenia During Winter

In Soviet times the championship of rock climbing passed here. Noravank is also known for its bas-relief where the image of God is. Starting our journey from a pagan temple of Garni, which is one of the most famous monuments of pagan period and is dedicated to the god of sun Mithras.

The pagan temple remained intact even after the adoption of Christianity in After observing the temple we will go down to the gorge of river Azat, where a natural monument is situated known as Symphony of Stones. These are vertical, upright cliffs, huge number of hexagonal basalt columns of volcanic origin. In Armenia, the start of cold months is also an opening of khash season which has Armenian origins and occupies an important place in the national cuisine. It is prepared from beef feet and the scar and cooked during the whole night. The result is thick fragrant broth served with garlic and Armenian national bread lavash.

For Armenians, it is a real ritual that gathers all the relatives and friends around one table. The city is decorated with all sorts of garlands and lights, and in the center, at the Republic Square , a huge beautiful fir-tree is set. Before the lights on this main Christmas tree are turned on, a huge number of people gathers on the square and after the countdown the fir-tree lights and the firework begins.

Immerse yourself in the colorful atmosphere of the New Year in Yerevan and get a lot of vivid impressions!

Winter wonderland in Yerevan

As it is known, Armenia is the first country in the world that adopted Christianity in as the state religion and exact since this important date the celebration of Christmas has become widely spread in the country. Armenians celebrate it on the 6th of January and the day before on the eve all the churches held Christmas service. The believers bring fire from the church and in the evening lay the festive table with fish and rice dishes. If you want to experience the full beauty of the Christmas celebration in Armenia and learn Armenian traditions, then it is best to go to Echmiadzin — the religious center of all Armenians and the residence of the Catholicos of the Armenian Apostolic Church.

It is already several years that the Northern Avenue of Yerevan holds wonderful colorful Christmas fair.

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For those who like skating there is a good news: there are 2 well-equipped ice rinks in Yerevan where you can rent skates and have a good time. One of them is situated near the Opera and Ballet Theater. It is a wonderful swan lake that in winter turns into the big rink with nice music and festive atmosphere. If you wish to get away from the summer heat then Lake Sevan is the best option for you. Lake Sevan is a lot cooler than Yerevan.

Top things you can do at Lake Sevan are:.

Armenia January 14 2019 (Snow) (Winter)

The city can be seen Christmas ready, like the streets, squares, shops, entertaining centers everything is decorated. The Holiday mood invites everyone.

Armenia is different from other countries as the New Year is celebrated first and later the country celebrates Christmas on January 6 most probably. If you ever visit Armenia around New Year and Christmas here are some cool things you can try:. Your email address will not be published. Cuisine 2. Ice skating 3. Christmas Bazaar 4. Temple Garni 5. Things to do at Lake Sevan 6.

Things to do in Yerevan There are a lot of aspects which winter season in Armenia exposes, aspects which are hard for you to embrace in the summers. Top things to do Authentic Armenian Cuisine With New Year celebration right across the corner nook , Armenian cuisine takes on completely extraordinary colorings and flavors. Enjoy Ice skating If you have already visited Armenia, you might know that every year near Swan Lake which is not that far and located near the Opera house transforms into a jolly rink and people of all ages try to learn ice skating on the same spot.

Explore Christmas Bazaar If you want to buy some Christmas gifts and present it to your close ones then do not forget to visit the Christmas bazaar which is located on the Northern Avenue in the center of Yerevan. Geghard Monastery II. Garni Temple III. Yerevan Cascade IV.